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Lightning Talk: FME 2012 Tips and Tricks


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Lightning Talk: FME 2012 Tips and Tricks

  1. 1. Interactive Tips & TricksA Quest…Mark StoakesManager, ProServices April 2012
  2. 2. A Quest… …for the FME Lizard’s name Help the FME Lizard solve some FME questions.  Multiple guess questions are coming
  3. 3. Planning the trip Route planning  Get the Great Circle Route from Vancouver to the destination 1. Since there isn’t a Great Circle (Loxodrome) transformer, should I first… a. Give-up and use ArcGIS instead b. Create a Great Circle custom transformer by myself c. Write some Python or TCL code d. Checkout the FME Store e. Ask a friend if they’d create something for me
  4. 4. Possible Sitings… Reconnaissance  FME Lizard has photographed several sites. He wants to load the images as FGDB attachments 2. To create a Esri Geodatabase with complex structures (attachments, domains, subtypes, relationships) should he… a. Give-up and use ArcGIS instead b. Use an FME template c. Checkout the FMEpedia for a Geodatabase example d. Use FME to reference an XML Workspace template e. Use the XMLTemplater transformer
  5. 5. FME & Geodatabase Attachments3. What configuration steps are neededto load attachments using FME? a. Create the tables using ArcGIS or XML Template b. Load the origin feature class (POI) c. Load the destination table (attached images) d. Set relationship attributes e. Load the relationship table Select one or more
  6. 6. Photo sharing  Lizard can also submit his trip photos to FME Server using the notification services that have been configured.Thanks for submitting your photo to the demosystem! Your photo has been added to thecatalog. To see the photo go to the URL A red pinindicates a location of a photo. Click on thatto see a thumbnail and a link to the completephoto. Each photo is also tagged with whoemailed it.
  7. 7. Planning the trip… …gathering data Gather, QA and load data into File Geodatabase  Boundaries, Settlements, Roads, Hydrology (Shape) Destination FGDB  DEM (DTED)  Imagery (GeoTIFF)  3D structures (Sketch-up) Destination 3D PDF
  8. 8. Planning the trip… …gathering data  Gather, QA and load data into File Geodatabase4. Lizard doesn’t have ArcGIS installed. He wants to know if he can still load data to an Esri Geodatabase. Can he? a. No. He should find some treasure and buy ArcGIS b. Yes. Using the Esri Interop extension c. Yes. Using the File Geodatabase API writer d. Yes. Using an XML Workspace template e. Yes. But he has to install FME 2013
  9. 9. Planning the trip… …gathering data  Gather, QA and load data into File Geodatabase5. Lizard ran the Gather Data & QA workspace but now he can’t find the output FGDB. What’s the best thing to do? a. Wait and ask Don or Dale boss if they know b. Right Click and select “Open Containing Folder” c. Risk using Windows Search d. Contact Safe Support at e. Just use Windows Explorer and start browsing
  10. 10. On the Coast Coastal search… <trkpt lat="16.9682833333333" lon="-88.221325"> <ele>0.000</ele> <time>2012-03-21T17:45:23Z</time>  GPS Tracks to FGDB (API) </trkpt> 6. Lizard is not an XML expert. How should he read an XML-based GPS file? a. XMLTemplater transformer b. XML Reader with xfmaps c. GML Reader d. XML Reader & Feature Paths e. Text File reader + loads of transformers
  11. 11. Interlude…
  12. 12. Road Network  Lizard needs to make sure he can get to all POI’s on his planned route…  Validate the Road Network Identify which roads do not connect to the main network  NetworkTopologyBuilder
  13. 13. Road Network 7. Lizard opened this workspace and pressed F11. What happened? a. He sent us a notification with an image of the workspace b. He opened the Overview window c. He zoomed into the currently selected transformer d. He maximized the workbench canvas to full screen e. He bought a used F11 fighter jet on Ebay
  14. 14. Road Network  FME Transformer QuickAdd8. Lizard needs a “nearest neighbo(u)r” transformer. What should he type into Quick Add? a. NeighbourFinder b. NeighborFinder c. NF d. Depends which side of the Atlantic you’re on e. Depends on your language setting Select one or more
  15. 15. Road Network  Confirm the POI’s are close to a Road  NeighbourFinder Transformer
  16. 16. Caracol search Shortest Path from Hopkins to Caracol  ShortestPathFinder
  17. 17. Final Showdown - Caracol Encounter Build 3D Model  AOI Boundary  DEM  LiDAR  TIN Surface  Satellite Imagery  3D Model
  18. 18. LiDAR flyover9. While acquiring airborne LiDAR of Caracol, Lizard sees multiple returns (he’s not gone cross-eyed!) and needs to pick the correct classification. Which transformer should he use to get the best ground surface: a. TestFilter b. PointCloudSplitter c. PointCloudThinner d. PointCloudGroundSurfaceAcquirer e. PointCloudCoercer
  19. 19. Final Showdown…  Output to 3D PDF
  20. 20. Quest…10. Where did Lizard go on his quest? a. Guatemala b. Mexico c. British Honduras d. Honduras e. Belize f. Costa Rica
  21. 21. The quest is over… …the adventure is just beginning!  Thanks for coming…  Final Prizes & Wrap-up