FME Lightning Talk: Esri Geodatabase Templates


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  • This presentation introduces two subjects.How to use an Esri XML Workspace as an template to create a more complex Geodatabase that includes feature class, Feature dataset, domains, & spatial domain definitionsHow to start with an FME Workspace template and create a final FME Workspace. This is a trend you’ll see on FMEpedia. We’ll create a template (a starting workspace) that illustrates how to map to a well defined data model, Esri Local Government, AIXM, S-57, PPDM and an example of a resulting workspace.The presentation example is based on the Esri Local Government initiative but could be any example that writes to an Esri Geodb.
  • Just a bit on Esri Local Government resources centre. This contains various example apps & datasets to help Local Government users. There are similar resource centres for utilities, navigation etc. The resource centres include Basemaps & Apps. The basemaps have defined styles as well as Apps for ArcServer to make the data available on-line.
  • Esri ArcGIS for Local Government Information Model includes the LocalGovernment.gdb and map/layer designs for symbology & display. The Local Government Data Model covers a wide range of Local government requirements Infrastructure, Land Records, Elections, Public Safety, Planning & Development, Facilities & Campus, AddressAvailable through the Esri Local Gov. ArcGIS Resource CenterFME can use a Esri XML Workspace as a template to easily create a complex Geodatabase. This really simplifies the FME Workspace, in particular it means you don’t have to define the detailed domain/subtypes or feature datasets in your workspace feature type definitions. Example: Open workspace and show where the XML Workspace document is defined in the Esri Geodb writer parameters.
  • So what is an FME Workspace template?It’s a starting point for your own workspace. Usually is a workspace that is set-up to write too (or read from) a well defined data model such as PPDM, AIXM, S-57, Esri Local Government, Esri Utility, etc.Add reader (or writer) - You then add your reader (or writer) to match your formatNew Feature Types - You import your feature types for your specific dataPlaces to Edit Stuff - complete the transformation mappings Lot’s of Red Stuff - transformers may be dependent on your mappings or source data and these should resolve themselves as you add your format and feature types and complete the mappings.
  • Source data:In this example there are two source datasets: election result spreadsheetsSpreadsheets that contain the election voting results. Could be in any format - although it makes life a lot easier if the format is relatively consistentVoting precinct areasShape data that represents the precincts or districts
  • Database template for the LocalGovernment.gdbUse the Esri XML Workspace as a template to create the complex Esri FGDBORYou could write to an existing FGDB
  • Complete the FME Workspace or Spatial ETL Tool template workspace. Add source datasets (XLS & SHAPE)Rename attributes as needed – rename attributes to match the FGDB data modelMap Values – in this case we’re making the table names consistent for the both the XLS & The SHAPE dataMake sure any incomplete transformers (red properties) get resolved by the correct mapping.Useful transformers in FME Workspace templates are:AttributeRenamerAttributeValueMapperSchemaMapper
  • End result –Workspace. Run the workspace to load the Geodatabase- Choose which poling results you want to load
  • Data can be checked in ArcMap or displayed through ArcServer Apps
  • Bundle everything in an FME Template
  • FME Lightning Talk: Esri Geodatabase Templates

    1. 1. Templates & WorkspacesWorkspaces& TemplatesTips n’ tricks for Esri Users April 2012
    2. 2. Agenda Using an FME Workspace template to create a workspace Using Esri XML Workspaces as a template to create a Geodatabase Example: using Esri ArcGIS for Local Government
    3. 3. Esri ArcGIS for Local Government  Basemaps, Apps and Local Government Information Model
    4. 4. Esri ArcGIS for Local Government  Local Government Information Model  Local Government maps use a single information model (data model + map/layer designs):  Infrastructure, Land Records, Elections, Public Safety, Planning & Development, Facilities & Campus, AddressLocalGovernment.gdb
    5. 5. FME Workspace template What’s an FME Workspace template?  A starting point for your own workspace
    6. 6. Example: Local Government Election Results Data Loading Components:  Source Data  Election Voting Results (CSV or Excel spreadsheets)  Voting Precinct polygons for various levels of Gov.  Geodatabase Template  Esri XML Workspace Document (schema only) or  existing Local Government FGDB  FME Workspace Template / Spatial ETL Tool Template
    7. 7. Example: Election Results  Source Data  Election Voting Results (Excel spreadsheets) PrecinctID Name Township WinningParty TotalBallots Candidate1 Party1 NumVotes1 PercentVote1 Candidate2 Party2 NumVotes2 PercentVote218 Dupage 18 Dupage Democratic 751 Lawrence M. "Larry" Walsh Democratic 507 67.51% Dan S. Kennison Republican 244 32.49%19 Dupage 19 Dupage Democratic 538 Lawrence M. "Larry" Walsh Democratic 401 74.54% Dan S. Kennison Republican 137 25.46%20 Dupage 20 Dupage Democratic 657 Lawrence M. "Larry" Walsh Democratic 403 61.34% Dan S. Kennison Republican 254 38.66%21 Dupage 21 Dupage Democratic 484 Lawrence M. "Larry" Walsh Democratic 278 57.44% Dan S. Kennison Republican 206 42.56%22 Dupage 22 Dupage Democratic 343 Lawrence M. "Larry" Walsh Democratic 214 62.39% Dan S. Kennison Republican 129 37.61%23 Dupage 23 Dupage Democratic 574 Lawrence M. "Larry" Walsh Democratic 408 71.08% Dan S. Kennison Republican 166 28.92%24 Dupage 24 Dupage Democratic 609 Lawrence M. "Larry" Walsh Democratic 423 69.46% Dan S. Kennison Republican 186 30.54%25 Dupage 25 Dupage Democratic 392 Lawrence M. "Larry" Walsh Democratic 267 68.11% Dan S. Kennison Republican 125 31.89%  Voting Precincts for various levels of government
    8. 8. Example: Election Results Database Template  Esri Workspace XML schema or  existing Local Government FGDB
    9. 9. Example: Election Results  FME Workspace / Spatial ETL Tool Template Rename AttributesAdd Source Map ValuesDatasets
    10. 10. Example: Election Results  FME Workspace / Spatial ETL Tool Template
    11. 11. Example: Election Results Recorder of Deeds Election Results Will County Dupage County
    12. 12. FME Template Templates are just a ZIP file with a .fmwt extension that contain:  an FME workspace  sample data files  any other resource files (i.e. an FME Workspace template) Double clicking a .fmwt file will open FME Workbench and unzip the sample data so you can run the example.
    13. 13. Beyond Local Government Data How else can FME technology help me? FME Desktop or Esri Data Interoperability Extension  Bring any data into ArcGIS  Share data out to anyone
    14. 14. Summary What we’ve seen:  How to use a FME Workspace template to create a workspace  How to use an Esri XML Workspace as a template to create a Geodatabase  Create an FME Template bundle