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FME World Tour 2013 Interactive Recap


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Published in: Technology
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FME World Tour 2013 Interactive Recap

  1. 1. Interactive RecapApril – June 2013
  2. 2. Were you payingattention today?Here’s a chanceto prove it!
  3. 3. The FME World Tour2013 FME IdolInteractive Recap QuizFME World Tour 2013Grand Interactive Wrap-upMultiple Choice Quiz Game
  4. 4. Let’s start out simple. Really simple!What’s the Splashscreen for FME 2013?“Zipster” the FME RobotIndiana JonesRocket ShipSpeedometerFME SuperheroEaster Island StatueIntro
  5. 5. Which gives you better performance –a Tesla S or FME 2013 SP1?FME can RESTrain the Tesla when if itgets passedFME by farTesla S will let you down just when youneed the performanceTesla is faster of the blocks but FME’sbetter in the long runYou can’t compare Teslas and FME – it’slike comparing Avacados and PineapplesOn the Road
  6. 6. According to our tour of theworld, pragmatica used FME for whatdata analytics exercise?Radioactivity AnalysisRoad Accident ReportingPublic Health ReportingInland Waterway ClearancesFeasibility Studies for Volcano Rocket BasesAround the World
  7. 7. In our Networks talk, which of thesetransformers was listed as a help inAssigning Mile Markers in LRS?LengthToPointCalculatorShortestPathFinderPhaseAngleRegulatorPathBuilderAttributeDecompressorNetworks and LRS Lightning
  8. 8. Our XML Lightning Talk mentioned theXMLTemplater transformer supportssomething new in 2013. What?GeometryJSONXQueryTime and Relative DimensionsListsXML Lightning
  9. 9. FME Server is coming to the cloud.How fast can we launch an instance foryou?9 minutes3 minutes12 minutes12 parsecsFME Server Lightning
  10. 10. Gobierno de la Rioja (Spain) workedwith raster data in FME to classify what?Agricultural Vegetation CoverUrban Heat LossPrecipitation PatternsForestry ProductionAround the World
  11. 11. The new GeometryValidator transformeris capable of making how many differenttests on your spatial data?12101442Geometry Validation Lightning
  12. 12. How many times faster is FME 2013than FME 2012 in a best case…642462675756Hits the road
  13. 13. In the On the Road presentation: Whatnew FME Workbench capability was usedto be set a transformer parameter valuebased on the result of a test?set to Conditional Valueuse a Testerset to If This Then ThatUse AttributeCreatorHits the road
  14. 14. In the On the Road presentation: Whattransformer was used to snap the Tesla"report points" to the Vancouver roadnetwork.ShortestPathFinderNeighbourFinderSnapperTeslaGPSSnapperOn the Road
  15. 15. The StatisticsCalculator group-by allowsthe accumulation of attribute values tobe presented as a summary. This isknown as…A PivotA TranspositionA SwizzleBook ShepherdingData Analytics Lightning
  16. 16. A new XML transformer for FME2013-SP1 is…XMLAppenderXMLReplacerXMLRunnersXMLCreatorXML Lightning
  17. 17. On our tour of the world of FME, wefound that Kansas DOT built an onlinetool for property developers, to evaluatethe effects of their construction onwhat?AirspaceTraffic CongestionHeritage BuildingsMunchkinlandAround the World
  18. 18. When first placed, the sum ofMapTextLabeller INPUT and OUTPUTports is…0 (Zero)141701MapTextLabeller Lightning
  19. 19. One Data Analytics demo showed FMEreading customer accounts from whichCloud Database?SalesforceGoogle Fusion TablesMicrosoft AzureWintermute AIData Analytics Lightning
  20. 20. OK, forget FME for a moment. Safe staffreally like their Sci-Fi shows. Which ofthese isn’t an episode from a Sci-Fishow?Fishy Frisky BusinessStasis LeakThe Lizard-Spock ExpansionCygnus AlphaDeja QGeneral
  21. 21. Lou Manglass’ presentation was aboutgetting which systems to “play nicely”together?Intergraph and EsriMapInfo and EsriMapInfo and IntergraphMapInfo and Esri and IntergraphATLANTA
  22. 22. Brendan Collins’ presentation showedhow they used FME Server to move databetween which systems?Oracle Spatial to ArcGIS ServerOracle Spatial to Autodesk MapGuideOracle Spatial to GeoServerOracle Spatial to Google MapsAUSTIN
  23. 23. Sophie Duan’s presentation showed howFME was being used to create an Excelspreadsheet recording what?System OutagesTransformer InventoryCustomer AddressesMetering StatisticsCALGARY
  24. 24. Bohdan Hrynyshyn’s presentationmentioned the supply of open data inwhich three formats?CSV, Excel, ShapeKML, CSV, ShapeXML, CSV, KMLExcel, CSV, KMLEDMONTON
  25. 25. Jerrod Stutzman’s presentationdescribed how this transformer “savesthe day”…ArcSDEQuerierConcatenatorReprojectorTestFilterOKLAHOMA
  26. 26. Eric Storie’s presentation showed awinter project where FME helped handleGPS tracking data. What was it?Salt DistributionSnow PlowingVehicle TowingChristmas Parade Route MappingOTTAWA
  27. 27. Bryan Bingham’s presentation showedhow he used FME to manage data forwhat assets?Storm WaterWaste WaterDrinking WaterBottled WaterTORONTO
  28. 28. The DGeoShare Unchained presentationsaid it all starts and ends with…..Apple PieBaked BeansSteak and EggsRattlesnake ChiliVICTORIA
  29. 29. David and Amy’s presentation showedhow they used FME Server to move databetween which systems?Oracle Spatial to ArcGIS ServerOracle Spatial to AutoDesk MapguideOracle Spatial to GeoServerOracle Spatial to Google MapsWASHINGTON DC
  30. 30. Congratulations to all the winners!We’re done…
  31. 31. Thank You for Attending! Questions? Please complete the feedback form For more information: Contact: