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FME 2013 Hits the Road


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Published in: Technology
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FME 2013 Hits the Road

  1. 1. FME 2013hits the Road
  2. 2. FME 2013 – So Much Goodness!!!
  3. 3. Introducing FME 2013
  4. 4. FME 2013: Even Faster!Don’t be surprised if you get a bump of 20%
  5. 5. Performance - Build by Build
  6. 6. Best Measured Case: Number ofTimes Faster FME 2013 vs FME 2012
  7. 7. Is FME Faster than……A 2012 Performance TeslaModel S???0-60 in 4.4 seconds…Let’s Find OutBut…
  8. 8. (The tie-in…)“Id like to die on Mars, just not on impact.”- SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk at SXSW
  9. 9. Let’s Build A Tesla Tracking SystemREST API+
  10. 10. But Not This Tesla!!
  11. 11.  Use FME Desktop to author complete workflow totrack and value-add on themovement of Tesla Cars Same techniques apply to anylive sensor Transform Spatial & Non Spatial Deploy to FME Server in the CloudTrack My Tesla
  12. 12. Track My TeslaFME 2013 makes the web easy!Entire workflow is in the cloud FME Server is hosted in the cloud Uses web services in the cloud Uses data from the cloudFME 2013 brings the power of the cloud to you!
  13. 13. Tesla WorkflowWe have a Tesla and we have FME Server!FME Server is running in the cloud on AWSFME Server is using PostGIS 2.0*(in the cloud)* Insert your favorite database here
  14. 14. Real-Time Notifications in Action1.Location & status updatesDBTeslaLocation datastored<topic> = Topic on FME Server
  15. 15. Tesla WorkflowEvents are sent from car to Tesla serverFME pulls data from Tesla server•Speed•Battery State•Location•…FME writes data to PostGIS 2.0All Messages to FME Server are in JSON
  16. 16. Demo 1: FME 2013 makesweb services easy! Retrieving data from TeslaTesla Workflow Part 1Calling web services with no code!!
  17. 17. Tesla Workflow Part 2FME 2013 gives JSON the XML treatment!Demo 2: FME 2013 makesJSON reading easy
  18. 18. Real-Time Notifications in ActionTesla_email<topic> = Topic on FME ServerDaily Summary email
  19. 19. Tesla Workflow Part 3Demo 3: FME 2013 Server Scheduler and Email sendingDaily Email sent to owner showing route travelled
  20. 20. FME Server 2013:All New Web Interface!
  21. 21. Tesla Workflow Part 3
  22. 22. Tesla Workflow Part 4Tesla fans want to be notified when a Tesla is nearby
  23. 23. FME 2013 Server Notification Service
  24. 24. Getting Started with NotificationsFME Server NotificationsTutorial – Step 1 Server NotificationsTutorial – Step 2
  25. 25. FME 2013 – FME Mobile AppsFME Reporter FME Alerts
  26. 26. ... On Multiple DevicesEasily send and receive messages toAndroid and Apple devices
  27. 27. Register for Tesla UpdatesEverything is workspace driven – No Code!!!
  28. 28. Register for Tesla UpdatesEverything is workspace driven – No Code!!!Demo 4: FME Server 2013 makesMobile Alerts Easy!Alert Registration
  29. 29. Receive Tesla AlertsEverything is workspace driven – No Code!!!
  30. 30. Receive Tesla AlertsEverything is workspace driven – No Code!!!Demo 5: FME 2013 Server makesMobile Alerts Easy!Notification
  31. 31. Real-Time Notifications in Action1.Location & status updates2.Subscribe,unsubscribe,location updatesDBTeslaTesla-AndroidTesla-iOSWhen Tesla update is close to device locationthen alert is sent!!!Location datastored
  32. 32. Event Driven WorkflowsTeslaAdd multiple independent actions!Number that run at same timedictated by server size
  33. 33. Tesla Driver POI Notification Notify Tesla Driver when near ‘Point ofInterest’ Points of interest can be anything.CustomersFood
  34. 34. Tesla Workflow Part 5
  35. 35. Expanded Data Support
  36. 36. Expanded Data Support
  37. 37. Expanded Data SupportNew Formats of FME 2013:ODataOGC Open GeoSMS (Beta)OGR Virtual Dataset (VRT)PostGIS RasterRIEGL Laser Scan Database (RDB)RIEGL RDB ProjectSGI ImageSalesforceSocrataSpatiaLiteSun RasterTerrasolid TerraScanX3DZ+F LaserControl ZFSASTM E57Autodesk IMX (FDO)CUZK GML (Czech Republic)Controlled Image Base (CIB)CouchDBFDO Providers (2013)FME Server ConfigurationGeohash (Beta)Ingres Non-spatialIngres SpatialIntergraph RasterKommunGML (Sweden)KuntaGML (Finland)Landmark Z-Map Grid
  38. 38. Loading Customer DataTesla owner wants to locate customers nearby.How do you convert addresses to locations?
  39. 39. No problem!!!!With FME 2013 just use another web service!Salesforce Reader/WriterDB
  40. 40. Salesforce Reader/WriterDBDemo 6: FME 2013 makes working withSalesforce data easy!
  41. 41. Tesla Workflow Part 7: Loading Food DataVancouver publishes data to an ftp site.
  42. 42. Direct http/ftp and Zip File Reading! Just point and go!
  43. 43. Loading Food DataDemo 7: FME 2013 makes readinghttp/ftp data easy!
  44. 44. Tesla Workflow
  45. 45.  What if it never stops raining in Vancouver? Can we quickly simulate flooding using PointCloud processing?Tesla Workflow Part 8: Floods!!
  46. 46. New Transformers for FME 20133DRotatorAppearanceJoinerAppearanceSetterBulkAttributeRemoverBulkAttributeRenamerFeatureColorSetterGeometryColorSetterGeometryPartExtractorGeometryValidatorHTTPMultipartUploaderJSONFormatterJSONTemplaterJSONValidatorListExpressionPopulatorMapTextLabellerMapTextStylerPointCloudConsumerPointCloudExpressionEvaluatorPointCloudFilterRasterGCPClipperRasterHillshaderSolidBuilderStringCaseChangerSurfaceBuilderSurfaceOnSurfaceOverlayerTCPIPReceiverTCPIPSenderVolumeCalculator
  47. 47. Demo 8: Flooding Vancouver
  48. 48.  Let’s get a detailed map of the driver’s behaviour Plot speed, battery, location Highlight areas of concern How do we produce the great labels we’d need?Tesla Workflow Part 9: Report to Dad
  49. 49. New Transformers for FME 20133DRotatorAppearanceJoinerAppearanceSetterBulkAttributeRemoverBulkAttributeRenamerFeatureColorSetterGeometryColorSetterGeometryPartExtractorGeometryValidatorHTTPMultipartUploaderJSONFormatterJSONTemplaterJSONValidatorListExpressionPopulatorMapTextLabeller*MapTextStylerPointCloudConsumerPointCloudExpressionEvaluatorPointCloudFilterRasterGCPClipperRasterHillshaderSolidBuilderStringCaseChangerSurfaceBuilderSurfaceOnSurfaceOverlayerTCPIPReceiverTCPIPSenderVolumeCalculator* Extra cost item
  50. 50. MapTextLabeller (extra cost transformer)
  51. 51. Demo 9: Report To Dad
  52. 52. Demo 9: Report To Dad
  53. 53. Demo 9: Report To Dad
  54. 54. Direct Zip File Writing! Just add .zip or hit the button
  55. 55. Conclusion FME 2013 Provides a POWERFUL platform forquickly manipulating and transforming data Cloud deployment extends the power and reach Whether your data is old or new, static or live,CAD or Cloud, FME 2013 makes it easy tomaximize its value Because of this presentation, we can write off the cost of the Tesla ModelS as a business expense. Thank you!
  56. 56. Thank You!