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20150402 smb inno boot gatt


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20150402 smb inno boot gatt

  1. 1. Presentation Radboud Innovatie BootCamp 2015 Rob Lips Nijmegen, 2 april 2015 GATT Technologies BV GATT-Patch Strategic or Financial investors? GATT™ synthetic polyoxazoline (POX) platform for surgical sealants and hemostats GATT-Tape GATT- Patch
  2. 2. Agenda From POX polymer to medical device business opportunity 14 April 2015 GATT Technologies BV 2 About GATT Technologies BV The GATT-Patch product opportunity The GATT-Patch industry opportunity Strategy and financing
  3. 3. Johan Bender MSc Prof Harry v Goor CEO, founder clinical partner serial entrepreneur About GATT founded with a clinical ambition 14 April 2015 GATT Technologies BV 3 “The GATT technology platform will enable medical device tapes and patches with specific properties optimized for the targeted clinical application” GATT Technologies BV : founded in 2011 by Johan Bender The unmet need : anastomotic leakage: 3-15% with mortality 2-3% The ambition : the GATT-Tape
  4. 4. About GATT GATT-Tape : technology and successful proofs of concept 14 April, 2015 4 Approved PEG (Polyethyleneglycol ) sealant products DuraSeal: CoSeal: Successful Proofs of Concept GATT-POX advantages over PEG  strong adhesion on wet tissue water tight < 1-2 minutes  GATT-Tape production Hot Melt Extrusion POX poly(2-oxazoline)s has additional benefits:  stronger adhesion  better tuneable functionality  non-brittle PEG POX + End and side chains + Versatile synthesis GATT Technologies BV
  5. 5. GATT-Tape needed milestones and financing 14 April, 2015 GATT Technologies BV 5 GATT Technologies BV Strategic Partner GATT Tape Technical Proof-of-Concept X M€ GATT Tape Pre-Clinical Studies GATT Tape Clinical Studies Milestone CE GATT Tape Market intro first Sales 0.X M€ X M€* X M€ X M€ 2015 2016 2018 * intended innovation loans 0.XM€ Financial Investors Subsidies/Loans Financial Investors ?
  6. 6. The large hemostatic and sealant market trend to (semi) synthetic medical devices 14 April 2015 6 product costs adhesion strength Hemostats Sealants *time to hemostasis medical device medicine 2005 Mechanical hemostats (1-10 min.)* PEG sealants (<2 min.)* GATT Technologies BV Fibrin powders (<3 min.)* Fibrin gels (<3 min.)* Fibrin spray sealants (<5-10 min.)* Fibrin patches (<3 min.)* POX GATT-Tape (seal)
  7. 7. POX GATT-Tape (seal) The product opportunity clinical need for cost-effective, high-end hemostats 14 April 2015 7 product costs adhesion strength Hemostats Sealants *time to hemostasis medical device medicine Fibrin patches (<3 min.)* 2005 Mechanical hemostats (1-10 min.)* 2014 PEG patches (<2 min.)* GATT Technologies BV POX GATT-Patch (<1 min)* GATT-Patch > equal/better than Baxter Hemopatch 2017
  8. 8. GATT-Patch cost effective solution in expanding market segment 14 April, 2015 8 The opportunity: Baxter HemoPatch slipstream BAXTER, recently introduced the Hemopatch (a sealing hemostat):  PEG-collagen based  hemostatic medical device  competitive pricing  The GATT-Patch will have equal or better characteristics than the BAXTER Hemopatch  Especially on the faster time to hemostasis (< 1 min.) and at least equal cost effectiveness.  The GATT-Patch will be an attractive and profitable completion of the product portfolio for most of the major vendors  expensive  time to hemostatis 3 min. The targeted GATT-Patch product GATT Technologies BV
  9. 9. The industry opportunity market shift to cost-effective, semi-synthetic medical devices 14 April 2015 9 product costs adhesion strength Hemostats Sealants *time to hemostasis medical device medicine Fibrin patches (<3 min.)* PEG patches (<2 min.)* POX GATT-Patch (<1 min)* 1 Mechanical hemostats (1-10 min.)* 2 GATT Technologies BV
  10. 10. The industry opportunity targeted companies and confirmed interest 14 April 2015 10 1. Market players with expensive fibrin hemostats:  a competitive high end “sealing” hemostat, is a must for their sales channels  the GATT POX technology will allow for a complete competitive, cost-effective hemostat portfolio 2. Market players with traditional mechanical hemostats:  enables shift of portfolio and expansion of business to attractive high-end GATT-Patch industry target Matrix: GATT Technologies BV
  11. 11. * <= level as PEG << lower than Fibrin The product opportunity Profitable turnover 14 April, 2015 11 Value chain Turnover The turnover potential for the GATT-Patch is estimated at 50-150M€ at a targeted 10-20% share in the high end market. First sales will start at the end of 2017 with a targeted sales turnover of 10-20M€ after 5 years GATT Technologies BV
  12. 12. GATT-Patch BV Strategy: separate legal entity with full business ownership 14 April, 2015 GATT Technologies BV 12 GATT Technologies BV  IP  POX technology platform  product development  supply of activated POX Strategic Partner  approved carrier + know-how  production  co-investment  (distribution) GATT Patch BV  business and product owner  exclusive rights on hemostat technology large OEM partners distributors* *independent and/or from strategic partner product supply
  13. 13. GATT-Patch BV deal construction for partnership GATT-Strategic Partner 14 April, 2015 GATT Technologies BV 13 GATT Technologies BV Strategic Partner GATT Patch BV Technical Proof-of-Concept GATT-Tech 100% X M€ GATT Patch BV Pre-Clinical Studies GATT-Tech 90% Partner 10% GATT Patch BV Milestone CE Clinical Studies GATT-Tech 75% Partner 25% GATT Patch BV Market intro operational sales endorsement studies GATT-Tech 50% Partner 50% 0.X M€ X M€* X M€ X M€ 2015-Q2 2016-Q2 2017 * intended innovation loans 0.XM€
  14. 14. GATT-Patch Strategic or Financial investors? GATT-Tape Financial Investor GATT- Patch Strategic Investor GATT Technologies BV Rob Lips