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Philippines community-based early warning


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Philippines community-based early warning

  1. 1. Establishment of Community Based Early Community-Based Warning System along the Agos River in Infanta and General Nakar, Quezon (Philippines) National consultation on Strengthening Climate Resilence (SCR) Initaiative May 18-19, 2010 SEAMEO INNOTECH, Quezon City, Philippines DEMOSTHENES G. RAYNERA Deputy Coordinator SOCIAL ACTION CENTER Prelature of Infanta
  2. 2. The Sierra Madre Mountain Th 2004 C l it The Calamity… …brought 20,000 metric tons of , , mountain soils in Real, Infanta, Gen. Nakar (Quezon) and Dingalan (Aurora). …approximately 3 meters above-sea- level flashflood KANAN RIVER Agos River …4 – 5 million cubic meters of timbers, logs and uprooted trees. …188,332 has. of 255, 501 has. land KALIWA RIVER area was badly affected. Displaced People: 135,000 Confirmed Dead: 1,462
  3. 3. Objectives Strengthen risk management capacity of the barangays/communities along the Agos River by forming, training and strengthening response units and developing contingency plans. Installation and operation of an Early Warning System.
  4. 4. Coordinate efforts with the MDCCs of the Municipalities of Infanta and General Nakar and other organizations and With KABALIKAT and BARCOM institutions to establish social support networks i l t t k on disaster risk reduction.
  5. 5. Li k Link ith with i tifi scientific agencies like PAGASA*, Manila Observatory and UP NIGS* to receive accurate and scientific data of climate forecasting. Relay climate forecasts to the communities to prepare for the farm and determine crop to be planted. planted *Phil. Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Service Administration *University of the Philippines National Institute of Geological Science
  6. 6. Outputs Installed and operation of weather and measuring instruments Measured water levels and water fl d t flow i th in the Agos River Site selection and installed of radio base communication. communication Provided two way radio and communication skills.
  7. 7. Capacitated the BDCC with various skills such as disaster preparedness and g y contingency planning, Search and Rescue and First Aid. Reactivation of 16 Barangay Disaster Coordinating Council in Infanta and General Nakar, Quezon Partnership with the MDCC of 2 municipalities
  8. 8. Early Warning  Fax Message / Telephone/E-mail System Special forecast from PAGASA OCD Fax Message Telephone/Email Water level Control Base MDCC measuring station g Station Intelligence Disaster g Analysis Unit Rainfall Observation Observation of river -B D C C conditions -Local Disaster/ Preparedness Team •Color C l •Force of flow Localized/Indigenous EWS •Sound developed •Debris Movement •Movement of Current M t fC t COMMUNITY •Water level
  9. 9. Project Sites FLOOD WATCH POINTS: Pagsangahan Cacawayan Bungko Pinaglapatan General Nakar Infanta Manual Rain KANAN RIVER Gauges: B G Banugao and Cacawayan Kiko Watch Point (KM3, Magsaysay) (KM3 M ) KALIWA RIVER
  10. 10. “Early Warning System provides a useful  framework for increasing awareness,  frame ork for increasing a areness   comprehensive data collection and  analysis as well as formulation and  l ll f l d implementation of intervening  p g measures to create a more secured and  resilient communities. resilient communities.”