Hazards resilience


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Hazards resilience

  1. 1. Hazards ResilienceWhy Being Prepared for Coastal Storms is Important to San Antonio and You!
  2. 2. Outline A little bit about us Why is this relevant to San Antonio? Types of Hazards Online Tools New Technologies Resilience Index
  3. 3. Mission-Aransas NERR Coastal Training Program What does the CTP do?  Provides coastal decision-makers with the most relevant scientific data to foster informed management decisions Who do we work with?  Local governments, state agencies (Texas GLO, TPWD), non-profit groups, regional organizations What topics do we cover?  Anything and everything!  Disaster response planning, bird conservation, coastal access, water quality
  4. 4. Texas Sea Grant and Coastal Planning Who is Texas Sea Grant?  improve the understanding, wise use and stewardship of Texas coastal and marine resources through research, education, and outreach  extension agents and specialists live in coastal communities where they educate, engage and inspire the public in relevant issues related to environmental quality, hazard resiliency, marine fisheries, seafood quality, marketing and economics, coastal community development, marine policy, marine education and aquaculture Why a coastal planning specialist?  Provide urban planning expertise and assistance to communities who lack planning capacity Where do you work?  Five County Region: Calhoun, Refugio, Aransas, San Patricio, Nueces What do you do for communities?  Anything and everything related to urban planning  Land use planning assistance, comprehensive planning reviews, GIS mapping, meeting facilitation, etc.
  5. 5. Coastal Hazards inSan Antonio
  6. 6. HURRICANESIN SANANTONIOHurricanes may not be atypical concern for inlandcities and communitiessuch as San Antonio, butconsider this:
  7. 7. FLOODING IN SAN ANTONIOFlooding doesn’t just occur asa result of hurricanes.Flooding can occur during anymajor rain event, especially ifyou’re located in thefloodplain.Remember the flooding fromjust last month?
  9. 9. Hurricanes and severe Little warning andthunderstorms can high damage ratesoften produce make preparationdangerous tornados. essential! TORNADOS
  10. 10. EVACUATION SCorpus Christiand surroundingcoastal areasevacuate to SanAntonio firstMassive influx ofpeople if anevacuation alongthe coast isnecessary
  11. 11. POPULATION GROWTHPopulation in Texas More people in an areais expected to increase by 59% means more peopleover the next 15-20 years. located in harm’s way!
  12. 12. Online Data and Tools
  13. 13. BEXAR COUNTY DATA http://map.b exar.org
  14. 14. Google Earth View historical data to show how San Antonio has changed3D Street View of buildings andstructures in the San Antonio Area
  15. 15. Other Online Tools CanVIS  Provides the ability to add objects to data layers to visualize policy and management decisions National Weather Service Weather and Hazards Viewer  Allows managers to monitor storms and fire weather and visualize outcomes Historical Hurricane Tracker  Shows the track and strength of every hurricane for a specified area FEMA Floodplain Mapping Tools  Shows locations of floodplain zones down to specific addresses FEMA US Multi-Hazards Tool  Estimates losses from hurricane winds, earthquakes and floods
  16. 16. New Technologies
  17. 17. Hurricane by Red Cross App• One touch “I’m safe” messaging to family members• Location-based NOAA weather alerts• Mapped locations of Red Cross shelters• Checklists for family emergency plans and evacuation plans• Toolkit with flashlight, strobe light, and audible alarm• Hurricane safety informationAvailable forboth iPhone andAndroid
  18. 18. OTHER APPS
  19. 19. weTable
  20. 20. Analysis Wizards ArcGIS Extension Dynamic ChartsMultiple Scenarios Interactive Controls Optional Fly-through 3D Intuitive Interface
  21. 21. GIS CHARMCommunityViz White Board Technology weTable
  22. 22. Resilience Index
  23. 23. COASTAL COMMUNITY RESILIENCE INDEX• Developed by the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Program with funding from the Gulf of Mexico Alliance• Community self-assessment that allows communities to gain an understanding of where they stand with regard to hazard resilience• Provides scores of low, medium, and high
  24. 24. COMMUNITIES IN TEXASPort AransasRockport, TXAransas County, TXIngleside, TXCorpus Christi, TXUpcoming:Fulton, TX