Lind Turton - Global Action Plan North Hants 05/05/2011


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Lind Turton - Global Action Plan North Hants 05/05/2011

  1. 1. Increasing Business Potential by beingSmart and Green with Global Action Plan Linda Turton Global Action Plan
  2. 2. Global Action Plan– Founded in 1993 with the mission: To enable, empower and encourage people to live sustainable lifestyles– Only UK charity to have programmes endorsed by the UNEP– Third Sector Excellence Award 2006 and Ashden Award 2008 winners– Supported thousands of businesses & public sector bodies
  3. 3. Organisation based approach
  4. 4. Drivers for SMEs• Cut costs D R Jones, Building Contractor - First year savings of £10,000
  5. 5. Some QuotesTV Production company goes greenDiana Hunter inspires Outlines employees to go green.“ We inform and update staff on our CO2 savings from all our practices, and at the moment weve saved the equivalent of 90 trees and 9,300kg of CO2! ”Diana Hunter, Head of Production at Outline Productions.“The best organisation to engage people in environmental change is Global Action Plan”Jonathon Porritt, Chair, Sustainable Development Commission
  6. 6. EMS Easy• Simple method to achieve ISO 14001• Easy implementation – average 10 days of workforce time• Significantly reduced documentation and easy to combine with other systems (such as IS0 9001 & 18001)• 15-18 months down to 4 months• Visual & engages staffTraining:• 1 day fast-track session – equips you with the tools• Follow on implementation support – helps you make the changes
  7. 7. EMS Manual Everything on 2 pages
  8. 8. ID Cards
  9. 9. Carbon Tracker
  10. 10. 4,000,000 SMEs without an EMSThe tools are available………..Who are they supplying?Who is going to help them?What can Global Action Plan offer?
  11. 11. Our Business Support ServicesClimate for Change workshops: Providing youwith knowledge and tools to help make changes• EMS Easy – A full-day certificated workshop that will help you implement a simple and effective Environmental Management System, to help you achieve ISO14001.• Green ICT – A suite of workshops to make your ICT set-up more efficient and future-proof (this is a preventative measure eliminating excess and unnecessary energy use and capital expenditure). We will guide you through the principle of Green ICT, as well as helping you to set up a cloud computing infrastructure and configure your organisations web presence with your own business domain name if you don’t already have one.• Specialist Workshops - A range of half-day session dealing in more depth with specific topics relevant to your business: Running Environmental Campaigns, Legislation & Waste, Transport, Green credentials, Innovation and training to help you track your savings using our ‘Carbon Tracker’ tool.
  12. 12. Climate for Change Implementation: Ongoingsupport to help you implement the changes(in person/email/telephone):• Write an Environmental Policy – We help you write an environmental policy that is right for your company, allowing you to be contract-ready.• Environmental Audit - An environmental audit at your premises that could make considerable financial savings – in 2011 a SME in the tourism sector discovered they could achieve savings of £2,800 and 21 tonnes CO2 per year.• Employee Engagement – ensuring your staff are on board and delivering your company’s vision• Join an Online Network - Be part of an online members-only collaborative network with likeminded businesses to share knowledge, develop new products and processes and meet potential buyers.• Ongoing support customised to your company comes as standard! Talk to us if you want something specially tailored to your business needs.
  13. 13. Linda TurtonBusiness Programme; or Training and EMS Specialist Clair 020 7420 4444; 020 7420 4409 direct to Clair