Sustainability in Ceilings


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Sustainability in Ceilings

  1. 1. Armstrong Ceilings Sustainability Seminar
  2. 2. Overbury & Morgan Lovell Sustainability Programme Neil Pike Sophie Hutchinson Steve Smith
  3. 3. • What is Sustainability?• Our sustainability programme• Armstrong ceilings presentation
  4. 4. PEOPLE PLANET PROFI T SIX TOTAL COMMITMENTS1.Health & Safety 3.Energy & Carbon 5. Procurement2.Training & Education 4.Waste 6. Employment
  5. 5. What is it?• “Sustainability” means different things to different people• The majority of construction personel still associate sustainability with ‘environmental & energy’ initiatives• Many of our clients are extremely advanced in their sustainability programmes which embrace: Community Energy EnvironmentalProcurement Social Charity Health & Safety Staff Wellbeing
  6. 6. What is our sustainability vision?100% recommendedTherefore we need to develop a flexible sustainability framework which enables us to deliver for ourClients – Staff - Suppliers
  7. 7. What are our key sustainability drivers?1.Provide our clients with new sustainablealternatives2.Engage with our suppliers and tradecontractors to develop sustainableinnovations3.Challenge the status quo of how weprocure and deliver our projects
  8. 8. Overbury aspire to developing our Overbury are committed toenvironmental management to minimise progressively improving the waste, enhance energy efficiency and health and safety of our reduce our environmental impacts in employees and assisting those everything we do. who work on our sites or interface with us to do the same Overbury recognises that talented people are the key to success. We are committed to looking after our staff to create a effective work-life balance. Overbury’s office and site activities Overbury have developed a impact on local communities. We are sustainable supply chain over many committed to working with years. We are committed to communities to enhance employment offering ethically sourced products opportunities and developing a better and services for our clients. environmental.
  9. 9. Sustainable Integrated education working Moving boundariesEngaging local suppliers Enhanced communication Radical problem solving Changing Sharing attitudes Technology
  10. 10. • Discover the variety of free and practical support the school will provide, helping you to become more competitive• Learn why Morgan Lovell and Overbury are involved in the school and the benefits we see for your company• Gain an overview of Sustainable Construction and what our aims for the future and how we see companies like yours becoming industry leaders in terms of sustainability• Put your questions to the Schools Project Partners and keep ahead of the competition.
  11. 11. A dates for your diaryTuesday 11th December – Clear visionlightingTuesday 29th January – Mitsubishi AirConditioning