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Sustainex 2013 - Profit through Environmental Management Resource Efficiency STEM Anne Mason (PDF)


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Sustainex Presentation

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Sustainex 2013 - Profit through Environmental Management Resource Efficiency STEM Anne Mason (PDF)

  1. 1. Sustainex  Anne  Mason    
  2. 2. WHAT  IS  THE  STEM  PROJECT?   Sustainable  together  Through  Environmental  Management   £1.12m/€1.34m   Part-­‐financed   by   the   European   Union’s   European   Regional  Development  Fund  through  the  INTERREG  IVA  Cross  border  Programme  managed  by  the  Special  EU  Programmes  Body  
  3. 3. WHAT  IS  THE  STEM  PROJECT?   OperaRonal  from  2004   Worked  with  over  300  SMEs   Saving  them  over  £554,000  collecRvely   Sustainable  Business  Networking  Programme  
  4. 4. Armagh  .  11  Cross  Border                Councils  
  5. 5. WORKING  WITH  BUSINESSES   Aim  to  work  with  220  businesses   20  in  your  council  area  
  6. 6. The  STEM  Team    Anne  Mason  Project  management  Officer  Barbara  Buick  Business  Support  Officer  Gerard  Enright  Project  Officer  Jennifer  Hargan  EMS  Officer    Carrie  Gordan  EMS  Officer    Helen  Cranney  Project  Officer    Therese  Hamill  EMS  Officer  Anna  McNally  EMS  Officer  Adele  Robinson  Project  Support  Officer  
  7. 7. HOW  CAN  WE  HELP  YOUR  BUSINESS?  We  want  to  work  with  your  business  to  help  you  idenRfy  cost  savings  in  your   Energy   Waste   Water  We  aim  to  save  each  businesses  £2,850/€3,420  
  8. 8. EMS  –  What  is  it?  •  PracRcal  tool  -­‐  To  help  organisaRons  understand  and  manage  their  impacts  on  the  Environment  •  Framework  -­‐  To  conRnually  improve  environmental  performance  (managing  negaRve  impacts  and  helping  to  increase  resource  efficiency)  •  Process  –  Through  which  organisaRons  can  engage  with  employees,  customers,  clients  and  other  stakeholders  
  9. 9. When  would  you  need  a    cerRfied  system?  •  Being  asked  for  it  by  customers  •  Demonstrate  compliance  to  expand  your  business  opportuniRes    •  Meet  legal  obligaRons  to  win  greater  stakeholder  and  customer  trust    •  Enhancing  reputaRon  …helping  demonstrate  conformity  with  supply  chain  requirements  
  10. 10. BS 8555 Implementation ProcessISO  14001    Cer+fica+on  Phase  6  • Formal  Documented  EMS  Phase  5  • Checking  Audi+ng  &  Review  Phase 4  • Implementationand Operationof the EMS  Phase 3  • DevelopingObjectives,Targets andProgrammes  Phase 2  • Identifying andEnsuringCompliancewith legal andother req’s  Phase  1  • Commitment  &  establishing  the  baseline  
  11. 11.                  Two  OpRons:   Savings  OpRon   We  help  idenRfy  cost  savings  in  energy,  waste  &  water,  you  are  not  required  to  have  your  system  cerRfied   Systems  OpRon   As  pers  savings  plus  we  help  implement  an  a  cerRfied  EMS  i.e.  BS8555  
  12. 12. Our  Savings  Approach  How  do  we  do  it……    We  assign  an  Environmental  Officer    Up  to  5  days  site  specific  support    They  will  conduct  a  baseline  assessment    They  will  iden@fy  relevant  environmental  legisla@on    Focus  on  Energy,  Waste  and  Water    Iden@fy  cost  savings  and  provide  you  with  the  guidance  to  implement  changes    Aim  to  save  an  average  business  £2,850/€3,420  
  13. 13.  We  will  assign  you  an  Environmental  Officer   Up  to  5  days  site  specific  support   They  will  conduct  a  baseline  assessment  report     Focus  on  Energy,  Waste  and  Water   Aim  to  save  an  average  business  £2,850/€3,420   Assistance  with  identifying and ensuring Compliance with legal and otherrequirements Develop objectives targets and programmes Assistance with developing an Environmental Management System foryour business  Our  Systems  Approach  
  14. 14. How  long  would  it  take  to  get  a  cerRfied  system?   Typically  6  months  +   Largely  depends  on  the  organisaRon   Level  of  commitment   Size  and  nature  of  the  business   Legal  compliance  
  15. 15. How  much  would  an  audit  cost?  Examples  of  costs:-­‐  based  on  a  business  requiring  a  1  day  audit  BS8555  phase  3  -­‐  £650  per  day  RegistraRon  fee  £100  WE  WILL  SUPPORT  AUDIT  COSTS  BY  50%  UP  TO  A  MAXIMUM  OF  £500/€600  per  annum  
  16. 16. Networking  &  Clusters   Sustainable  business  networks   Provide  and  facilitate  networking  opportuniRes  
  17. 17. Networking  &  cluster  s  •  Energy  •  Renewables  •  Water    •  Waste  •  Systems  •  CollaboraRve  Tendering    •  CollaboraRve  purchasing  
  18. 18. How  Much  does  it  Cost?   Two  year  programme   £200  per  annum  
  19. 19. Who  can  apply?   Your  business  needs  to  be  an  SME   Less  than  250  employees   Less  than  €50m/£42m  annual  turnover   Less  than  €43m/£36m  balance  sheet   Located  in  one  of  the  11  parRcipaRng  council  areas   Have  a  combined  annual  resource  spend  of  £20k/€24k  on  Energy,  Waste,  Water  (excluding  road  fuel)  
  20. 20. Sectors  involved  in  STEM  •  Manufacturing  •  Food  Processing  •  Nursing  Homes  •  Hospitality  •  Packaging  •  Leisure  •  Engineering    •  ConstrucRon  •  DistribuRon  
  22. 22. THE  CUAN  Case  Study  
  23. 23. The  Cuan  The  Cuan  Licensed  Guest  Inn  is  a  family  owned  and  run  hotel  located  in  the  conservaRon  village  of  Strangford  (near  Downpatrick)  Co  Down,  N  Ireland.  Involved  in  first  STEM  project  
  24. 24. Why  did  they  sign  up?  •  Reduce  costs  •  Reduce  their  environmental  impact  •  Achieve  an  accredited  Environmental  Management  Systems  
  25. 25. Steps  taken  •  Staff  training  for  all  staff  members.  •  The  use  of  Rmer  plugs    •  The  introducRon  of  energy  management  procedures.  •  IntroducRon  of  simple  waste  management  steps,    – These  included  the  provision  of  an  extra  bin  beside  the  wash  up  area  into  which  all  paper  napkins  were  put  reduced  the  amount  of  waste  going  to  landfill  by  35%.    – A  glass  recycle  bank  was  also  purchased  for  all  non-­‐returnable  bolles  and  a  recycling  outlet  for  cardboard  was  sourced  
  26. 26. Outcome  First  guest  house  in  the  BriRsh  Isles  to  be  cerRfied  to  BS  8555  phase  3  as  a  result  of  their  work  with  the  STEM  team.    Owner  Peter  McErlean  and  his  staff  have  made  significant  improvements  in  energy  and  waste  management  which  have          resulted  in  annual  cost  savings  of:-­‐    •  £723  in  electricity,  •  £425  in  heaRng  oil    •  and  £550  in  gas    
  27. 27. CROZIERS  Case  Study  
  28. 28. Case  Study:  -­‐  Croziers    Quarry  based  in  Armagh,  parRcipated  in  the  first  phase  of  the  STEM  Project  2004-­‐2007.    They  supply  aggregate  to  ConstrucRon  &  road  building  industries:-­‐  -­‐  Surface  dressing  -­‐  Asphalt  &  Bitmac  Surfacing  -­‐  Road  construcRon  -­‐  Drainage  
  29. 29. Why  did  they  sign  up?  •  Acknowledged  their  acRviRes  may  have  significant  impact  on  the  environment.    •  Croziers  were  commiled  to  minimising  their  impact  through  adopRng  policies  on  restoraRon  and  apercare  pracRces.  •  They  needed  to  demonstrate  their  environmental  pracRces  
  30. 30. Steps  taken    •  Water  –  Metered  &  monitored  on  a  monthly  basis    –  Collect  rainwater  to  be  used  in  dust  suppression,  washing  aggregates  and  wheel  washing  onsite  •  Electricity  –  InstallaRon  of  variable  speed  drives  on  all  machinery-­‐  EducaRng  staff  on  energy  reducRon  through  training    –  Avoiding  using  machinery  during  peak  Rmes  •  Waste    –  Recycling  were  possible    –  Paper/cardboard  –  Oil  –  PlasRc  Bolles    –  Metal  Baleries  &  –  PlasRc  Wrapping    
  31. 31. Outcome  •  Implemented  BS8555  Phase  3,  including  the  use  of  environmental  performance  evaluaRons  through:  • IdenRficaRon  of  environmental  aspects  • EvaluaRon  • IdenRfy  objecRves  &  targets  and  on-­‐going  adherence  •  Achieved  30%  reducRon  in  energy  usage,    and  significant  reducRons  in  water  and  waste  
  32. 32. CURRENT  PROJECTS  InnovaRve  ways  to  save    
  33. 33. Kitchen  Bakes    -­‐  Came  on  board  STEM  Project  to  invesRgate  alternaRve  sources  of  energy  to  assist  with  reducing  their  energy  bills  
  34. 34. Kitchen  Bakes    How  STEM  are  helping:  InvesRgaRng  Solar  Panels  as  alternaRve  -­‐  Return  on  investment    -­‐  SoluRons  with  the  shortest  payback      -­‐  SoluRons  that  will  last    -­‐  Funding  available    -­‐  Grants    -­‐  Interest  free  Loans    available  
  35. 35. Furniture  Link  Rainwater  HarvesRng  Systems  •  Rainwater  harvesRng  (RWH)  is  the  collecRon  and  use  of  rainwater  falling  onto  buildings  which  would  otherwise  have  gone  down  the  drains,  been  lost  through  evaporaRon,  or  soaked  into  the  ground  
  36. 36. Opportunity  Large  roof  area  for  rain  water  harvesRng    Economic  &  environmental  benefits:  •  Typical  charges  for  mains  water  are  currently  between    £1  and  £2  per  cubic  metre  and  are  expected  to  rise  in  the  future  –  reducRon  in  water  drawn  from  the  mains  water  supply.  •  Where  water  is  discharged  to  a  sewer,  &  associated  costs,  reducing  mains  water  use  will  ensure  addiRonal  savings  can  be  made  for  them.  •  RWH  can  reduce  dependence  on  a  supply  from  rivers  and  groundwater  sources  •  Reduce  localised  flooding    
  37. 37. Food  for  thought..  Waste  =  a  resource  you  have  paid  for        and  are  now  throwing  away  AND  paying  to  do  so!  
  38. 38. ApplicaRon  forms  available  today  Come  see  us  at  Stand  11    Thank  you  For  further  info  contact  us  on  Or  call  us  on  028  3751  5810