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SAP HANA Timeline


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This Timeline shows SAP HANA's history, from it's development, to key achievements and customer adoption up until the first SAP HANA Anniversary. It's amazing what has been accomplished in such a short period of time and it will be interesting to see how SAP HANA will change the way we work.

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SAP HANA Timeline

  1. 1. SAP HANA Timeline 1 Year Anniversary 1972 2010 First Global Go-live SAP Smart Meter Analytics available First SAP HANA app SAP HANA becomes the SAP BW on SAP First B1 analytic on Extreme SAP HANA SAP founded on the SAP HANA released to customers deployed in the cloud fastest growing product in HANA General SAP HANA customer scenarios: genome SAP CO-PA Accelerator available Availability philosophy of SAP’s history … And maybe in analysis, real-time Customer Charitra BMVT Beheer BVBA streaming data real-time business the history of the entire Achievements: 2009 customer community launched analysis in capital Forms special team to focus on enterprise software industry market, personal 354 customers, creating a super-fast new SAP HANA scale-out 1970s Announces BW on HANA, energy management 148 implemented database performance test First BW Extended Mixed Edgar Codd writes Colgate co-innovation with SAP HANA HANA for In-DB Predictive Analysis, projects on 100 TB data, 16 nodes Workload benchmark Relational Model for SAP BusinessObjects BI SolMan integration 8 new SAP HANA cluster, 0-2s response, results on SAP HANA 16 customers with Data Management OnDemand, powered by without caching, applications: 2006 Launches “Recalls from HP more than 10,000x SAP HANA materializing, tuning in the cloud, Research begins at Hasso Plus”, SAPs first 1 billion records performance mobile, on-premise Pioneering work on Plattner Institute (HPI) with first First member of the "100K consumer mobile improvement interaction and SAP HANA project First Go-live with structured Club" for SAP HANA app on SAP HANA over disk-based 10 SAP HANA collaboration by Doug + unstructured data customers running Starts SAP HANA New records added databases start-ups Engelbart Releases BI Accelerator SAP HANA General 100,000x faster than with Venture Capital Fund; every 5 min (1 mil/hr) demonstrate 64,000+ end users hardware appliance with 1st wave of 10 Availability their previous database start-ups signed up 65,990 query solutions in-memory database running on 2,000 Amazon Web functionality navigation steps/hr Alan Kay at Xerox PARC First Telco Go-live yodobashi First BI SAP HANA Services instances rethinks human B1 Analytics powered SAP HANA available OnDemand, computer interaction, 2005 by SAP HANA for SME Zero think time 1,791 trained from 6 appliance partners powered by First In-memory programming and Acquires Transact In Memory SAP HANA between queries consultants DB cluster in the cloud networking (P*TIME) customer First healthcare for Big Data. Petascale First EMEA Go-live customer farm: 100 TB RAM, 2000 100 nodes, 4000 Product Early History cores HANA Performance: Introduces TREX (Text Retrieval Ivan Sutherland writes and information EXtraction) for One platform for Sketchpad program to text search OLTP + OLAP, build Graphical User Interface and Object First LATAM Go-live structured + Hitachi SAP HANA unstructured, Oriented Programming 1998 appliance available fresh + Big Data SAP unveils liveCache, foretelling the response times No tuning John McCarthy possible with an in-memory No indices describes Advice Taker database engine SAP HANA SP3 No materialized views for common sense First APJ Free SAP HANA for No caching approach to using logic Go-live with data 1980 developer trial on Disk-based relational databases NONGFU Go-live on BW on AWS Cloud SPRING HANA in 10 days 33 SAP solutions architecture emerges CO. LTD. powered by SAP HANA Seminal “As We May Think” SAP HANA SP4 Big article to make bewildering Data platform: 100 TB benchmark on 16 amount of knowledge Predictive analysis, node IBM X5 accessible via a memex by R and Apache Hadoop 20x compression Vannevar Bush integration, BW Query: 300-500ms First BW on HANA Go-live Text analysis Ad-hoc query: 800ms-2s SuccessFactors Insert rate: 770,000 announces their records/sec First customer to on-demand HR Bulk: 1 GB/min use SAP HANA for solution powered Data Services: 2.5 TB/hr genome analysis by SAP HANA Scale out to 500 TB in main memory for real-time of Big Data1946 - 1980 1980 - 2010 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 May June August September October November January February March April May June Status quo is not enough. Experience the renaissance of computing. Run SAP HANA. © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved.