Innovationin mobilephones


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This power point presentation is being done in order to fulfill the course which is Teknologi & Inovasi.

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Innovationin mobilephones

  1. 1. Innovation in MobilePhones by Ng Ru Yi A 128778
  2. 2. • Nokia Morph concept phone is using nanotechnology which enables materials and components that are flexible, stretchable, transparent and remarkably strong.• Users should be able to transform their cell phone into different shapes.
  3. 3. • Korean mobile phone manufacturer Pantech recently organized a contest in which students from Korean Universities were asked to create design concepts for cellphones that can be made available by 2010. This phone is called Cell Dot Cellphone featuring a very minimalist overall look and feel, plus it’s seriously slim.
  4. 4. • Designed by Seunghan Song, this "window phone" concept will reflect current weather conditions on the screen.• To input text, you just blow on the screen to switch modes, then write with your finger as a stylus.
  5. 5. • Taking its inspiration from Samsung’s Flexible OLED, the Wild Fold concept is basically a foldable mobile device, created by Mac Funamizu.• He keeps the classic neat design, straight lines and all, that remind us of the Glassy concept phone.
  6. 6. • The visual sound mobile phone is designed by Suhyun Kim, a student from the Pratt Institute.• Visual Sound Mobile Phone Concept Design is a device created for the deaf.• The phone will act as a voice-to-text converter, so whenever the disabled received a phone calls, the conversation will be transformed into a texts displayed on the transparent screen.• It featured a modern and futuristic technology where there are two pillar-like holder where you can scroll out the touch sensitive and translucent screen where the disabled can interact with.• To respond to the calls, Visual sound mobile phone concept provided a qwerty touchboard where the disabled can type their thoughts in.
  7. 7. • Intel Link is what they call “a folded iPad” or simply a very hot concept smartphone, created by Mark Law and David Law (who are twins) for Particle Design.• The idea is to hook up smartphones, computers and notebooks using a dual screen phone as their link, thus the name of the device.• Intel Link is based on an unique interactivity and can be considered some sort of companion for other portable or desktop computers.• The fact that it incorporates two displays comes in handy big time and there’s even the opportunity of inserting the concept phone into some laptops with special slots for it, that transforms the handset into some sort of touchpad.
  8. 8. • Kamil Izrailov in the form of Mobikom designed this phone.• The ingenious gadget is a conceptual cell phone and tablet computer clubbed in one.• These square-shaped elements can be fasten to each other with the help of micro- locks.• Joining the blocks together will give birth to a phone or tablet, as per a user’s whims and fancies.• The back of each element has special markings, which will make it easy for the user to assemble the device.
  9. 9. • Kirk Schneider has designed a Morph phone.• He wants to use the existing flexible circuit board technology and flexible touchscreens, but also cover them with a durable, pliable hybrid plastic.• This is a “memory material” that will adapt to your pocket and the shape of your body.
  10. 10. • The Second Life Mobile Phone! It is designed by Japanese designers Cho Sinhyung and Jeon Jungjae.• By using the transparent gadgets idea, these young whizzes used this technology to create an android phone along with the technology of E-Ink which allows the phone to incorporate a double display.• The AMOLED screen spectacle is on when the phone is on active mode and on standby; it switches to the E-ink ‘Eco’ mode to save on battery. This mode uses very little of the cellphone’s energy.• The phone’s E-ink display wanes and the screen loses color and becomes clearer as the battery becomes weaker. This not only saves the battery life as it dwindles but also let you know when you ought to begin using your phone more judiciously.
  11. 11. • Kambala is a mobile phone that transforms to a earphone.• The earpiece clip will come out when we "pop" the center piece.• One of the cool thing about this is that the earphone will actually change its colour to suit with our skin tone when we clip it to our ears!• Multilayered Polymer which hosts all the electronic components that used in its construction and a continuous flexi-screen with plenty of sensors makeup the surface.• It has the ability to transmit the image on the inside of the phone to the outside.
  12. 12. • Double-Dose of Glass Phone Style Design by Designer Mac Funamizu. This phone isextremely prone to fingerprints.
  13. 13. Thats all folks! Thank you...