Marketing Plan : Futuristic Cell phone


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Marketing and Business Plan of a Futuristic Cell Phone.
Describes the 4Ps of Marketing Mix and elaborates the critical success factors of this New and Futuristic Product.

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Marketing Plan : Futuristic Cell phone

  1. 1. Marketing PlanBRIGHT CONCEPTS INC. © ―serve profit earn profit‖ KALYANI MUDLIAR 1289 ROHAN SOLANKI 1310 NILESH PANDEY 12
  2. 2. Executive Summary• Our product : SCROLL• A cell phone created in mind to cater the need of people to provide best possibilities and means of contact and communication.• Purpose of Design (Vision): To provide maximum mobility and portability in the palm of your hand• The concept of the phone is based on providing best access to information.
  3. 3. SCROLL: Our next GEN futuristic cell phone
  4. 4. Features•Two layer screen – A Fibre LiquidCondensed Display(LCD) and a touchscreen.•Nano technology used in battery forconverting sunlight to charge – norequirement of plug—in charge.•9.5‖ High Definition detachable screen.
  5. 5. •8 mega pixel camera at the back and a 5 megapixel camera for video calls.•16GB in built memory and a micro SD slot forexternal memory card expandable up to 64GB.•Main dimensions: •130 x 35mm main shell •130 x 280mm open internal screen•Wireless Rug that acts as a emergency charger .
  6. 6. •The SCROLL with its detachable screenthat’s a dream for the messenger freaksand businessmen who need to type tediouspresentations on their cell phones toprovide it in their offices.•This cell phone would provide a 9.5‖screen in the pocket, ease ofcommunication and mobility.•Instead of carrying an I-pad you couldcarry a cell phone that’s sleek.
  7. 7. Market AnalysisResearch & Development• Today’s Smart phone market is a wide market and plays a vital role in technological upliftment.• Analyzing the market situation our team came up with the idea of SCROLL : A NEXT GEN PHONE through various research strategies comprising of surveys, current market trend, public reviews and SWOT analysis.
  8. 8. • Based on all the research conducted our product is designed to: ▫ Satisfy basic consumer needs of mobility & ease of communication.• It is packed with additional functions like: ▫ Viewing movies ▫ Quick browsing video links ▫ Convenience to use a large screen located inside the phone in a collapsed state.
  9. 9. •The SCROLLs 9.5” High Definition screen providesthe ability to view HD movies on the go with itssuper large expandable screen.•The SCROLL has an inbuilt memory of 16GB thatassures the users to have everything at every timein the pockets, from pictures to movies, importantdata to games, its all in it.
  10. 10. Product Life CycleSales and Profits Periods/Stages 1. Development 2. Introduction 3. Growth 4. Maturity
  11. 11. Competitor Analysis• Our main competitors are : ▫ Samsung ▫ Apple ▫ Nokia• Critical Success Factors : ▫ Unique Features of the Phone ▫ USP of Mobility and Portability in the palm of your hands.
  12. 12. Marketing Strategies• Our product is new to the market and also our firm is new.• No fixed price norm.• Use Skimming Pricing Policy.• Our product is priced at Rs. 40,499/-.• Reasons : ▫ High End Features ▫ High Cost of Promotion ▫ Appropriate Target Market ▫ High Cost of Production ▫ Recover the costs so that there is a stable platform for the firm to establish it self
  13. 13. • Target Market : ▫ Urban ▫ Individuals looking for Function ability and Mobility in their cell phones. ▫ Businessmen ▫ Young Professionals ▫ Youth ▫ Creamy Layer class• Targeted the urban market through various distribution channel’s & product’s heavy promotions
  14. 14. • High Promotion Costs are to be incurred.• Reasons : ▫ To inject the product in the market ▫ Communicate our product to the potential buyers. ▫ Urban Target Market ▫ New company, New product, and a very competitive Smartphone market.• With these promotional strategies, we are expected to gain a steady and profitable market platform• Promotional Strategies to be used : ▫ Television ▫ Newspaper ▫ Radio ▫ Sponsorship’s ▫ Promotional activities ▫ Sales marketing
  15. 15. •Promotionviz. hoardingsand bill boardson busystreets.•Company andProductadvertisementon street sideinformationboards.
  16. 16. Contingency Plan• Our competitors are the smart phonemanufacturers.• Therefore we are also planning to come upwith lot of options in future with a widevariety of cell phones from Greendecomposing cell phone to WeatherPredicting cell phones.
  17. 17. To Conclude…Glancing on the cell phonefeatures, pricing and promotionalstrategies used, we look forwardto have great success and hopethat it will sustain the marketfulfilling both customer needsand gaining exceptional profits. “Scroll,It is nothing but a laptop in your pocket”