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Meet The Fluff Gang


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An introduction to the children's e-book "The Fluff Gang" written by Rosemary J Peel.

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Meet The Fluff Gang

  1. 1. Meet The Fluff Gang
  2. 2. Contents Meet The Author The Story The Characters More Titles By The Author
  3. 3. Meet The Author My name is Rosemary Peel. I love to write stories for children. I have published several books and seven of my children’s e-books are available to download (some of them for free) at Smashwords. Mostly my children’s books are suitable for early readers aged from six upwards. I have a husband, two grown up children and four grandchildren and my family is everything to me. They are the inspiration for all my writings and have always been supportive.
  4. 4. The Story The Fluff Gang Book is written in verse and tells the story of ten fluffy friends. They have lots of fun together and often get into scrapes. Each verse can stand alone as an individual story but together they become a series of tales that take the reader through a year of their adventures from spring to winter.
  5. 5. The Characters Nelliphant Squiggle Pengi Nosirus Kerry Puscus Peebee Tuppy Herbert Fang Meet The Gang There’s Nelliphant and Squiggle Pengi and Nosirus, Kerry the Koala, And a cat that’s called Puscus, Peebee and little Tuppy, A crocodile named Fang, Herbert Hippopotamus: The members of the gang. They are the very best of pals; They ‘re always found together, Come wind, or rain, or hail, or snow ; No matter what the weather.
  6. 6. Other Titles By The Author The Blackbird That Couldn’t Sing Honk the Donk A Prickly Problem PC Mouse The Butterfly That Lost A Spot They’re Not Real, Grandma All these e-book titles can be downloaded (some of them for free) at Smashwords .
  7. 7. Nelliphant Nelliphant generally takes care of the rest of the Fluff Gang. She is the oldest and wisest of the fluffy toys and like a mother to them.
  8. 8. Squiggle Squiggle is Nelliphant’s best friend. She is only small and is very sweet, but sometimes a bit foolish.
  9. 9. Pengi Pengi loves to set off on his own in search of adventures. But he always returns home to his Fluff Gang friends. His best friend is Peebee the polar bear.
  10. 10. Nosirus Nosirus is a small, blue rhino. She is very loving and takes care of all the creatures living in Nelliphant’s garden.
  11. 11. Kerry Kerry the Koala comes from Australia and is so happy when her friend Katy Kangaroo comes for a visit.
  12. 12. Puscus Puscus loves to sing. He is also sometimes naughty and likes to climb trees and catch birds. The rest of the gang have to keep a careful eye on the wayward cat.
  13. 13. Fang Fang may look fierce, but he isn’t. He loves all his friends and looks after the younger ones.
  14. 14. Herbert Herbert lives in a large, muddy puddle in Nelliphant’s garden. He loves to wallow in the mud. He and Fang are best friends.
  15. 15. Tuppy Tuppy is a mischievous little puppy. He is always getting into trouble and sometimes Nelliphant has to ground him. But he doesn’t really mean to be naughty and is always very sorry afterwards.
  16. 16. Peebee Peebee is a very large polarbear. She helps Nelliphant look after the gang. She takes care of little Tuppy. Her best friend is Pengi.