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Family- When you and your kin, can't


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Family- When you and your kin, can't

  1. 1. The problem with toothpaste
  2. 2. A. From conflictto complement.
  3. 3. Romans 12:16 “Live inharmony with each other.Don’t be too proud to enjoythe company of ordinarypeople. And don’t think youknow it all! ”
  4. 4. We are different in three areas:1.How we relate to each other.Introvert-Extrovert
  5. 5. 2. How we see life.Spontaneous- Systematic
  6. 6. 3. How we make decisions.Facts- feelings
  7. 7. B. From selfishto selfless.
  8. 8. Romans 12:10 Be devoted toone another in love. Honor oneanother above yourselves.
  9. 9. It is well to remember that theentire population of the universe,with one trifling exception, iscomposed of others.Andrew J. Holmes
  10. 10. At the root of every sinful act,every hurtful word, everyinappropriate thought lies onecommon denominator:Selfishness.
  11. 11. Hi sweetheart! You are more thanwelcome. I know how hard it is, but IPROMISE you that God is the best fatherever and he’s never going to cancel plansor not have time for you, okay? You aresuch an awesome girl and you need tokeep on being that way because there areso many people who love you.(Brooke to Briana)
  12. 12.  God calls us to selflessness, the act of sacrificingone’s own interest for the greater good.1.Before marriage: “Scientists find that cohabitationcuts down on commitment. The message of livingtogether is "Id really like to take just a part of you rightnow, maybe sometime later Id take every part of you".The relationship DEFINES itself by a holding back oftotal commitment.(The Ring Makes All The Difference)
  13. 13. “Has sex outside marriage made yourlife better or just more complicated?”Ortberg, John (2012-08-07). Who Is ThisMan?: The Unpredictable Impact of theInescapable Jesus (p. 144). Zondervan.Kindle Edition.
  14. 14. “Meeting the right personwithout first becoming the rightperson is a recipe for anunhappily-ever-after ending."Are you the person you arelooking for is looking for?Stanley, Andy
  15. 15. 2. During marriage:Hebrews 13:4 Marriage should behonored by all, and the marriage bedkept pure, for God will judge theadulterer and all the sexually immoral.
  16. 16. Steering Clear, p. 31-34:a.Basic Selfishnessb. Living in fantasy.c.Boredom and lack of purpose.d.High risk takers.e. What I have is not enough.f. Soft on yourself and hard on others.g. Pride and low self-esteem: a paradox.
  17. 17. C. From crisisto Christ.
  18. 18. *Tamar-had issues with in-laws, noluck in marriage.*Rahab- was a prostitute.*Ruth- immigrant, widow.*Manasseh- blood-thirsty king.*Jacob- deceived his own father.*His family called him crazy. Did notbelieve in Him.
  19. 19. Which teaches us twothings:1. Jesus’ family had issuesyou can relate to.
  20. 20. 2. Jesus’ family had issuesthey needed to be redeemedfrom.
  21. 21. Acts 16:29 The jailer called for lights and ranto the dungeon and fell down tremblingbefore Paul and Silas. 30Then he broughtthem out and asked, “Sirs, what must I do tobe saved?” 31They replied, “Believe in theLord Jesus and you will be saved, along witheveryone in your household.” 32And theyshared the word of the Lord with him and withall who lived in his household.
  22. 22. Acts 16:33 Even at that hour of thenight, the jailer cared for them andwashed their wounds. Then he andeveryone in his household wereimmediately baptized. 34He broughtthem into his house and set a mealbefore them, and he and his entirehousehold rejoiced because they allbelieved in God.
  23. 23. Mathew12:48 Jesus asked, “Who is mymother? Who are my brothers?” 49Then hepointed to his disciples and said, “Look,these are my mother and brothers. 50Anyone who does the will of my Father inheaven is my brother and sister andmother!”