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Magazine cover

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Magazine cover

  1. 1. Magazine Cover
  2. 2. AudienceAn extract from the ‘empire’ website says “Empireis the UK’s premier movie destination, providingindispensible insight into film both blockbustingboth classic online and in print. Empire’sunparalleled access has led to world beatingexclusives such as the first look at heath ledger’sjoker, to extraordinary access to Steve Spielbergand George Lucass backyards in the run up toIndiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystalskull. “Another fact that they provide, coupled with afigure is that 76% of the audience is male, as wellas the magazine being predominantly aimed atupper to middle class people- the people with thelarger amounts of disposable income for spendingon, say, trips to the cinema.
  3. 3. Main Cover lineThe main cover line is used tostand out on the shelf andcatch the eye of a passer by Coverlineswho has heard things about thenew bond and was interested These coverlines are on theto know more. Also aimed at front cover so as to showdiehard bond fans, as they people that the magazinewould be inclined to buy the contains other informationmagazine to find out more apart from just that of theabout their hero. new bond film- and the target sign at the top draws the readers attention to what is written underneath. There is the classic ‘on set with’ which provides the audience with Barcode insight into the goings on behind the scenes in movies.
  4. 4. Main ImageThis main image appeals to men because of the image of‘James Bond,’ the man that all men want to be, muscular,good looking, a hit with the laydezz and a successful spy witha license to kill. Women will see this magazine cover andimmediately be attracted to the person on the front and wantto purchase the magazine to see more pictures of their heartthrob.The image they have chosen seems like a still from the filmbut has the main character looking directly at the camera.This will attract people to the magazine just as much as otheraspects of the front cover, as it is all an attempt to gainpeoples attention in order for sales to be made.
  5. 5. There is an incredible amount ofinformation stored in the top third ofthe magazine cover. We see the name The cover line is something thatof the magazine, also called the Date line & cover price goes together with the Main cover‘masthead,’ which is in bright red This is on the front line in advertising the main storyletters so as to catch peoples’ eyes, the cover so that people displayed on the front cover. It is inwriting is of a certain style which is who collect can have a a blue font to contrast thesimilar to that of the way a comic book reference point, but masthead.hero’s name would be written in acomic, and is a contrast to the back also so as to see theground so as to stand out. price when in the Cover line shop.Top third Website The website is clearly displayed so as to encourage people to go Tag line Masthead online and see for Usually a self proclaimed themselves the stories statement of excellence, and content but maybe so that people will in a way that is more believe that it’s a better convenient for them; on magazine than its rivals. a computer. The magazine will lose money from not selling the magazine but will also gain website hits which will be followed up by money from advertisers.
  6. 6. Publishers• The publishers of empire are a German company called ‘Bauer’ who operate in over 15 countries worldwide. Has gone from humble beginnings to a worldwide publishing empire comprising of over 280 magazines in 15 countries with 6,600 employees and an annual turnover of €1.79 billion.• The publishers for ‘sight and sound’, a magazine which in the past been the subject of criticism, of elitism, Puritanism and upper-middle-class snobbery, produced by the British Film Institute.• Total film is a British film magazine launched in 1997 offering readers the latest news and articles on Film DVD and Blu-ray. It’s publishers are ‘Future PLC’ who in 2006, was the sixth-largest in the United Kingdom. It publishes more than 150 magazines in fields such as video games, technology, automotive, cycling, films and photography.
  7. 7. Our magazine • AudienceOur magazine would be predominantly aimed at people of ages 25 through to40, as this would include the age of people who have a regularly paid job whichgenerates enough disposable income to accommodate a ‘casual’ trip to thecinema, and would want to read about our film in a magazine first, for they areselective as to what they spend their money on.This would be encompassed by the categories ‘ABC1’ but with a look atstudents as well, because even though they are lacking in the incomedepartment, they are accustomed to being up to date with the latest film info,and even if they cant afford a trip to the cinema, they will want to know what themost recent cinema news is, and a very reasonable £4 on a magazine isaffordable.
  8. 8. Our magazine• Publisher I feel that our magazine would want to be on the publishing lists of a company like ‘future PLC’ as they have a lot of experience with film and other media magazines, but as our magazine would also include features from indie wood and art house cinema alike, it wouldn’t be for the likes of ‘Bauer’ who are more in the Hollywood Blockbuster department.