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GoodBye Resume, Hello Visual CV

  1. 1. Robyn Shulman, M.Ed. Greetings from Robyn!
  2. 2. This Is Who Robyn is On Paper(However, she finds it rather boring)... Don’t You?
  3. 3. So, Here is her story...
  4. 4. Graduated With Honors From: Degrees &Northeastern Illinois University1997 Certifications National-Louis University 2005
  5. 5. Certification & Degrees Northeastern Illinois University B.A. Elementary Education, K-9Middle School, ESL, Language Arts, Social Science National-Louis University M.Ed.Curriculum & Instruction
  6. 6. What Does Robyn Do Now?She launched and currently manages the website & content of ED News Daily
  7. 7. She Provides Career and Academic Advising To Teachers... She Is Both A Private Consultant And A Consultant For Gateways To Opportunity. It’s True.. She Teaches Wordpress & Social Media Classes.... And She Loves To Write... ....And Create
  8. 8. She Creates Slide Share Presentations To Inspire And Make Others Smile
  9. 9. Robyn Was Personally Asked To Participate in Slide Share’s Publishing Program via Linkedin.... Love it!
  10. 10. What Makes This Educator Unique?From Rick Ackerly, Founder at her article: You Care Too Much: A Teachers Experience On Dealing With Bullying)“Thank you, Robyn. Snapshot of a great teacher...not a usual one, and it should be a requirementthat all teachers deserve to be your colleague.”
  11. 11. Her Passion For Education, Her She Agrees With HimSelf-Motivation & Her Voice That IsWaiting To Be Heard Via a Larger Audience..... She Has Taken Every Opportunity And Used It To Make A Difference How?
  12. 12. What Has She Done?• She waitressed her way through undergraduate school• She was the first person in her family to earn a college degree• She taught elementary school for 5 years• She became an ESL teacher and advocate• She taught ESL to adults• These things are great, but what has she done differently?
  13. 13. What Makes Robyn A Different Educator?Robyn... • Was chosen by her former graduate professor & department chair to develop, launch and manage the first graduate advising program in the history of National Louis University. • Successfully provided academic and career advice to over 2,500 teachers who were receiving an ESL and/or Bilingual endorsement or an M.Ed. • Increased NLU’s enrollment on campus over 50% (ESL & Bilingual courses) and off campus over 200% (cohorts out in the field). • Speaks Spanish proficiently. • Has a great passion for supporting ESL/Bilingual students. She created an online Illinois approved CPDU course for teachers in Illinois. She built the site and developed the curriculum. The course/workshop can be seen at: http:// • Manages a Linkedin group for ESL/Bilingual teachers and education career advising. You can visit the group here.
  14. 14. Robyn Is Also An Artist & Web Designer...They didn’t know... Until this year... Current Projects, Publishings & Honors Ahead
  15. 15. Robyn’s passion for education is so great, she launched her own online magazine.... • Robyn launched ED News Daily in May 2012. • Robyn’s articles have been published on Linkedin Today, Reading Horizons, Xavier University News, BG Patch, WeAreTeachers, The Niles Bugle, Chicago Now and more....(Please contact her for further details). • In July of 2012, ED News Daily was asked to partner with • Robyn’s guest bloggers have included superintendents, professors, principals, CEO’s, academic advisors and more. Her magazine has had over 40,000 page-views since mid-May. • After the launch of ED News Daily, Robyn was highlighted on as a featured educator & writer.
  16. 16. A Great Honor of Participation: The “American Dream Project” hosted by Xavier University Alongside participants such as Jesse White, Tim Schigel, and Stuart Aiken, Xavier University interviewed Robyn about her lifes work and dedication in the field of education. To date, this interview, part of the "American Dream Project," is the only permanent video registration of American Dreamers. This interview will be released in the fall, and shared with thousands of students in the future. For more information, visit the American Dream Project Here: programs/ (With IllinoisSecretary of State,Jesse White...BeforeRobyn’s interview)...
  17. 17. Chicago Now The Educator’s DiaryRobyn is a blogger for Chicago Now, which is owned by the Chicago Tribune. She has a blog entitled “The Educator’s Diary,” where she shares stories, teacher information, student tips, and anything and everything related to education. Please visit her blog at:
  18. 18. Published Work Edudemic Linkedin TodayThis poem, “A Day In The Life Of A Teacher” has spread around the world!Xavier University News Echelon Resources Reading Horizons ED News DailyFHYTimes The Niles Bugle BG Patch Smashwords: We Are Teachers Author of Ebook: Linkedin Basics Chicago Now (Owned by Chicago Tribune)
  19. 19. What Does She Do In Her Spare Time? She Paints......And.....
  20. 20. She Designs Wordpress Websites....
  21. 21. Robyn aspires to help change this...... By Using:
  22. 22. Her Written Word, Her Mind, and Her Creative and Technical Art Talent Robyn wants to write, create and contribute to an institution, organization or company making a difference in the lives of others.Her Mind Her Motivation Her Experience Her Talent Her Passion
  23. 23. Thank You For Taking Time To Watch This Presentation How To Contact Robyn: Email: Twitter: Linkedin: Read Her Articles & See More Work: Web Design/Art: Visit ED News Daily: http://www.ednewsdaily.comVisit Chicago Now: