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JDS Academy Sharefest #3

  1. 1. Sharefest #3April 9, 2013
  2. 2. Connect with UsJDS Academy SharefestApril 9, 2013
  3. 3. Connect with UsInstagram + Analytics
  4. 4. Connect with UsInstagram
  5. 5. Connect with UsInstagram: School Account Photo to go here Photo to go here Photo to go here
  6. 6. Connect with UsInstagram: Class Pages
  7. 7. Connect with UsInstagramQuestions?
  8. 8. Connect with UsAnalytics
  9. 9. Connect with UsAnalytics
  10. 10. Connect with UsAnalyticsQuestions?
  11. 11. Thank you! Connect with Us @eHillel eHillel.orgFrom early childhood through Grade 12, Scheck Hillel Community School inspires students to becomeexemplary global citizens with enduring Jewish identity through an innovative curriculum enriched by co-curricular experiences. All of this is set within a nurturing, international community united by core values.Scheck Hillel is one of the largest Jewish day schools in the nation, Florida’s first Jewish InternationalBaccalaureate® (IB) World School and the country’s only Jewish – and South Florida’s only private –2011 Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.
  12. 12. Learning While Learning to Care Like our Page, Support our School: Friendraising and Fundraising Through Social Media Presented by Lander Grinspoon Academy Northampton, Massachusetts Linda Minoff, Executive Director Deborah Bromberg Seltzer, Director of Judaic Studies
  13. 13. LGA on Facebook before JDS
  14. 14. Social Media Goals for the Year1. Increase visibility in order to increase our admissions reach2. Encourage current parents to look to FB for current important information (culture shift – migrate communication from paper and email to FB where appropriate)3. Use social media to enhance our fundraising reach
  15. 15. Social Media and Admissions
  16. 16. What Makes a Post Interesting?
  17. 17. Value-Added PostsTikkun Olam Efforts
  18. 18. Increasing the Number of Likes  Pushing people to FB through our weekly emails  Training parents to look to FB for current info (such as school closings)  Tagging other organizations (Y, Survival Center, shuls, Mayor’s office, etc.) in our posts  Our Hanukkah “Like” campaign: in one day we went from 136 to 190 likes (the goal was 180).  By the end of December we were at 204
  19. 19. Integrating Various Media Channels to Reach the Broadest AudienceThe Fundraising Campaign: Teach Your Children Well  Rolled out on 1 Nissan, ended just after Pesach  Used Pictures and Video to Make the Case  Tied fundraiser to Pesach through various themes  Used Crowdrise, Broadcast Emails and Facebook to create an echo chamber  Board members as team captains  Encouraged sharing of posts and emails
  20. 20. The Plan18 board members, each with a goal to raise $1800 •  Ask 18 people to give at least $18 $324 •  Ask each of them to ask 5 to give $18 1620 •  Total raised by each board member $1944 •  Total raised by entire board (18) $34,992 •  $10,000 match by Avi Chai 10,000 •  TOTAL FOR FUNDRAISER $44,992
  21. 21. What worked and what didn’t  Board members as Team Captains - spotty –  Better to use Connectors, FB Yentas, Mavens –  Be realistic about what people (yes, even Board members) will and will not do  Integration with broadcast email – very successful  Use of videos and pictures – very successful –  Videos and photo albums were shared a lot, lots of virality  Challenge Match was a huge incentive
  23. 23. INTEGRATING MULTIPLE CHANNELS•  Your website should be the HUB for all of your school’s communications and messaging•  Social Media channels are different but establish and promote the same content.•  Effective and efficient communication and messaging creates “content synergy”
  24. 24. THE WEBSITE IS YOUR SCHOOL’S “HOMEPLATE” •  Gann utilized its homepage news and Twitter feed to help share and promote our unique Exploration Week program.
  26. 26. DON’T REINVENT THE WHEEL.•  Reuse, repurpose or recycle content for your school’s newsletters, blogs etc.•  For example, see the Exploration Week collage embed in newsletter•  Content doesn’t ALWAYS have to be words, words and more words…•  Sometimes, PICTURES and VIDEOS can tell a better story
  27. 27. TWEET-A-THON with 140 CHARACTERS OR LESS…Get Your Story Out There •  Establish your # hash tag in advance •  Get the “conversation” going to ignite community involvement •  Repost messages that exemplify your school’s mission and positively promote your school’s image
  28. 28. FACEBOOK CAN BE YOUR NEW BFF•  Using Facebook as a “landing page” is a great way to share your school’s events•  Make a photo collage. As seen below, comments on page are from alumni reflecting on their past trips.•  Link back these postings to your website to share other upcoming events or more info about your school
  29. 29. INSTAGRAM AS A PICTURE BOOK•  Use Instagram as a visual archive.•  Sync your social media channels with Instagram for easy sharing•  “Showing” a story rather than “telling” the story is often much more memorable
  30. 30. YOUTUBE: YOUR SCHOOL’S 30 SECONDS IN THE SPOTLIGHT •  YouTube videos are a great way to visually engage your audience •  Videos don’t always have to be professionally filmed •  Using a recorded Skype interview is a great way to get supporters to talk about your school and add credibility to your messaging.
  31. 31. WRAP-UP.1. Your website should be the HUB of all your school’s communications 3. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Remember The R’s…Reuse, and messaging Repurpose and Recycle content2. Utilizing multiple social media channels will help get your story out 4. “Showing” a story rather than “telling” the story is often much there more memorable
  32. 32. QUESTIONS?
  33. 33. Building FacebookOne Step at a Time
  34. 34. Social Media History  Non-Functioning School Page  Active Account and Channel  Operating without Social Media Policies –  Privacy and Protection Discussion –  Addressing Parental Concerns  Multiple School Associated Facebook Pages –  Merged “Places” and “Pages”
  35. 35. “Social Media Experiment” Like Campaign
  36. 36. “Social Media Experiment” In order to increase our “likes” we put together a “Like Campaign” for our Facebook page. When we got back from the Academy in October we only had 5 likes on our page. We now have 133 likes. We didn’t hit our goal of 300 but we increased exponentially!
  37. 37. What Worked?
  38. 38. What Didn’t Work?
  39. 39. Social Media Goals  Incorporate Website, Flickr and YouTube Channel into our Facebook posts  Blog  Faculty Member of the Week  Increase “Likes”
  40. 40. Social Media FundraiserKick Off is Monday, April 15th
  41. 41. Questions/Comments
  42. 42. NEXT WEBINAR:April 17, 1-2pm eastern:Evaluating Shiny ObjectsAnd… remember your blog posts!