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Higher Education & Social Media Instruction


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A look at the lack of social media courses in higher education. Higher education needs to prepare our students to find the right job using the right tools. We need courses in career development, specifically focused in on areas such as Linkedin. My proposal to help!

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Higher Education & Social Media Instruction

  1. 1. Dear Colleges & Universities, Are you teaching your students how tonetwork and use social media professionally to find career opportunities? ì   Written  By:  Robyn  Shulman,  M.Ed.  
  2. 2. According to CNN Money.... CNN Fortune states:Universities are failing at teaching social media  
  3. 3. According to Dr. Ward.. "Digital and social skills can be applied across majors and discipline not just in a social media class. Faculty must change how they research, learn, communicate, and collaborate and model this behavior in all their classes and for their students.” Dr. Ward, I couldn’t agree with you more. You can read about Dr. Ward and all of his amazing work here:
  4. 4. Higher education is behind in social media for career purposes.. when it needs to be front and center.. According to CNN Fortune: Higher ed., however, has been painfully slow to step up and fill the knowledge gap. When courses on social media are offered, they tend to be stand-alones or electives rather than integrated into a larger curriculum. This is a problem.. Networking and social media are the main tools used to find, recruit and hire new employees.. Check out the stats ahead è
  5. 5. According to, a recent survey from Jobvite found that 93percent of job recruiters tap into LinkedIn to find qualified candidates,up from 87 percent last year and 78 percent in 2010.   Source: recruiters-are-looking-at-you/
  6. 6. Linkedin Stats: *  161 million members *  2 million company pages *  4.2 billion searches in 2011 *  22% of traffic from mobile (last week of March) *  More than 1 million groups *  35% of students search for jobs on LI, 700% increase since 2010 Source: for-2012/
  7. 7. Why Does This Matter?According to CNN Money (Fortune):•  U.S. unemployment hovers around 8%, job postings requiring social media skills rose 87% from 2011 to 2012, topping13,000 in one month alone earlier this year.•  Among Fortune 500 companies, 73% now have company Twitter accounts and 66% have Facebook Pages (FB).•  Corporate America is racing to apply social tools to everything from building customer relationships to connecting teams of employees around the world.•  Analysts estimate that $1.3 trillion in value stands to be unlocked by new social technologies. Source:
  8. 8. My Work & Mission: ì  To help your college or university launch a networking social media strategy for students ì  To create accredited courses for this specific area ì  To launch and teach those courses
  9. 9. Why me?*Teacher*InstructionalDesigner & writer*Managed 2,500graduate students*Currently teach socialmedia classes*Launched and managed 1stgraduate career/advisingprogram for NLU
  10. 10. Over 900 universities and colleges have visited my e-zine..ED News Daily since June..
  11. 11. I know how to usesocial media to getresults and helpothers findsuccess..
  12. 12. Out of 3 million Linkedin members, you will find my name listed first via mycareer field during a search..   I can teach you and your students how to do this..
  13. 13. You may find others tweeting about me..
  14. 14. Or I may be teaching a class about social media to our nextgeneration..
  15. 15. Most of all.. •  This is my passion •  I believe in this mission more than anything •  Our students are our future and they need our guidance
  16. 16. Contact me today to let me know how I can help you, yourcollege and/or university! Thank you! ì  Linkedin: ì  Twitter: ì  ED News Daily: