application morphology prevention treatment diagnosis symptoms mechanism biofertilizer rhizobium microscope nitrogenase enzyme symbiotic nitrogen fixation instrumentation mushroom reproduction economic importance of algae fungi bacteria air microbiology dna polymerase transcription in eukaryotes ames test detection of mutation expression of mutation occurrence of mutation stages of mutation history of mutation what is mutation disadvantange advantages dna vaccine for hiv dna vaccine for cancer mechanism of dna vaccine history dna vaccine composting ex-situ bioremediation in situ-bioremediation bioremediation types of radiation isotopes radioactivity decay radioactivity examples of hypersensitivity antibody mediated hypersensiti cell mediated hypersensitivity types of hypersensitivity hypersensitivity epidermiology corynebacterium diphtheri pathogenicity botulism clostridium bacteia application of transposones insertion sequence types of transposition jumping genes transposones trp operon lac operon operater gene structural gene pramoter gene gene regulation copy choice breakage & copying breakage & reunion holliday model types of genetic recombination genetic recombination natural resources mechanism of mycotoxin structure of mycotoxin mycotoxin types of mycotoxin zeralenon aflatoxin ideal character cult microorganism history of microb microbiology mushroom preserve (murabba) mushroom recipes canning of mushrooms drying of mushroom mushroom pickle mushroom soup production of mushroom dairy industry food industry antibiotics microbes transgenic microorganism transgenic animal transgenic plant genetically modified organism phosphate solubilizing microorganism siderophores mycorrhiza azospirillum azotobacter types of biofertilizer biofertilizer company importance of rhizobium mass production as a biofrtilizer pseudomonas putida superbug gmo biodegradation of hydrocarbon lactophenol cotton blue staining nucleus staining flagella staining spore staining types of staining staining ultracentrifugation sedementation coefficient types of rotor principal types of centrifugation centrifugation sodium potassium pump function ultrastructure composition plasma membrane structure phage plasmid principle of chromatography types of chrometography chromatography lyophilization preservation technique pour plate spread plate streak plate pure culture technique viarl pesticide bacteial biopesticide microbial pesticide biocontrol agent biopesticide application of microscopy principle of microscopy types of microscope molecular basis of nitrogen fixation asymbiotic nitrogen fixation biological nitrogen fixation cultural characteristics aspergillus absorption law spectroscopy types of spoilage food borne infection food spoilage economic importance of protozoa classification of protozoa general character protozoa button mushroom agaricus structure of rhizopus general characteristic systemic position saprophytic fungi rhizopus p factors affecting microbial activity in rhizospher rhizosphere effect phyllosphere rhizosphère cell membrane pilli & fimbrae flagella cell wall of bacteria ultrastructure of bacteria morphology of bacteria reproduction in algae pigmentation in algae classification of algae characteristics of algae types of heterothallism heterothallism yeast alpha factor trisporic acid antheridiol & oogonial sirenin sex hormones in fungi classification of fungi nutrition in fungi characteristics of fungi anerobic media aerobic media transport media differential media enrichment media enriched media selective media defined media complex media simple media composition of culture media types of culture media culture media code is non overlapping code is degenerate code is triplet genetic code red rot of sugarcane late blight of potato tikka disease of groundnut fungal disease root nodule association lichens mychorrhizae competetion predation parasitism ammensalism proto corporation commensalism mutualism negative interaction positive interaction microbial interaction cryptococasis aspergillosis pneumonia diptheria meningitis sars smallpox influenza air borne disease air sampler assessment of air qulity aeroallergens airspora virus in industry in medicine beneficial & harmful use of fungi economic importance of fungi teresstrial ecosystem pond ecosystem energy transfer types of ecosystem food web food chain biotic and abiotic component of ecosystem ecosystem scope of microbiology
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