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Systemic Design Toolkit


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Kristel Van Ael, Philippe Vandenbroeck, Annelies Thoelen and Peter Bertels

Published in: Design

Systemic Design Toolkit

  1. 1. Through design thinking, Namahn helps organizations tackle complex problems, particularly those that involve both people and technology. We developed a coherent set of methods to support the co-creative design of solutions. Systemic design toolkit main actors hypothesis insights variablesleverage points design challenge 1 Rich Context scope ideas touchpoints concepts implementation briefing and strategy 2 Actors Map 3 User Insights 5 System Map 6 Value Proposition 7 Intervention Strategy 8 Paradoxical Ideation 9 Serious Play Scenario 10 Activity Model 11 Intervention Map 12 Transition By Design Actants4 verified concepts