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Overview of IBM Endpoint Manager V9.0 announce

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  • Patch Management Product Benefits Reduction in patch and update times from weeks and days to hours and minutes Increase first-pass success rates from 60-75% to 95-99+% System administrator workload reductions of 75% or more Assured compliance with internal and external standards/requirements Product Features Patch capabilities for multiple platforms: Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac OS X 3 rd Party Windows applications (Adobe, Java Run Time, Mozilla, QuickTime, Skype etc.) Automated self-assessment, no centralised or remote scanning required Real-time reporting on patch deployment: When deployed, who deployed them, and to which endpoints Ability for custom patches for in-house or other vendor patches Lightweight agent (<2% of CPU on average)
  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile devices brochure - Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software -
  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile devices brochure - Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software -
  • Adds additional protection by extending and enhancing platform support for Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 & Server Core 2012 support, full support for IE 10, real-time toast notifications in “Windows Store Applications” and the Start Screen, and data loss prevention support for “Windows Store Applications” Faster and more automated detection execution through improved performance of MSI installers, automatic full disk scan of storage devices on insertion, and VDI performance enhancement for updates Simple and quick access to enhanced threat information through integrated access to the Trend Micro Threat Encyclopedia from the CPM Logs and the Anti-Thread Toolkit to quickly identify, analyze, and fix a wide range of threats including viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware.
  • IBM Endpoint Manager V9.0

    1. 1. + IBM Endpoint Manager v9.0 Overview
    2. 2. IBM Endpoint Manager v9.0 Platform Enhancements• New security configuration options for managing internet connected computers and mobile devices as well as native encryption capabilities to enable even simpler setup of secure data transfers and password management policies. • Data is encrypted per targeted endpoint and is stored in encrypted form in the database, ensuring only the intended party is able to decrypt the information.• Expanded platform coverage option to deploy the Enterprise Manager server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and DB2 in addition to existing support for Microsoft Windows and SQL Server configurations.• Newly supported agent platforms in V9.0 include Solaris 11, Debian 6, and Ubuntu 12.04 in addition to previously released support for Mac OS X 10.8, Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Server 2012.
    3. 3. Lifecycle Management• Includes enhanced software distribution capabilities • Allows end users to self-provision software by selecting from a list of administrator-approved applications • Maintains and updates applications lists quickly and easily for self- provisioning and for enforcing required application policies Dramatically • Retrieves software package block error codes automatically for reduced patch enhanced troubleshooting and reporting capabilities cycles and • Migrates orphaned software packages increased first-• Deeply integrated bare metal and operating system re-imaging support pass success • Provision Windows operating systems from bare metal through the rates Endpoint Manager infrastructure • Enables administrators to seamlessly trigger deployment of applications and configuration policies post imaging to complete the provisioning process and provides full customization capabilities for Multi-platform desktop personalization support (Unix,• Has expanded remote control capabilities Linux, • Supports internet brokered connections for complete remote control Windows, Mac functionality regardless of connection type OS X)
    4. 4. Patch Management Supports hundreds of• Enhanced AIX patching capabilities give administrators the option of installing updates from Network File System (NFS) shares or from the local thousands of file system endpoints• Expanded Solaris patch content now includes support for Critical Patch Updates (CPUs) in addition to existing support for patch clusters and Reduce security individual security, recommended, and configuration updates and compliance• Addition of patch support for CentOS 6 operating systems risk by slashing• Addition of native dependency resolution for Ubuntu utilizing the apt-get remediation tool cycles• Enhanced offline patch management for virtual machines, complete with network quarantine and schedule power on and power off capabilities Gain greater• Enhanced audit capabilities for ESXi hypervisor host patch management visibility into• Delivers host-guest relationship reporting for virtual environments patch• Adds patch support for Windows non-security updates, specifically for critical compliance updates and Service Packs. Patch online and offline virtual machines
    5. 5. Software Usage Analysis• IBM Tivoli Asset Discovery for distributed is now supported as part of IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis. If you purchased IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis licenses and are current with Software Subscription and Support, you will be entitled to IBM Tivoli Asset Discovery for distributed for use as part of IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis . • IBM Tivoli Asset Discovery for distributed helps you maintain an up-to-date inventory of installed distributed software, hardware, and software use data and is the recognized IBM product, together with the IBM License Metric Tool, for providing audit reports for products that are licensed under the IBM Passport Advantage Virtualization Capacity (sub-capacity) licensing.• Adds support for the Common Inventory Tool component to identify and discover software products based on signatures across operating systems . 5000+• Adds the Software Knowledge Base Tool component for managing complex Software publishers software signature definitions and differentiating between software identification and software usage signatures across operating systems for IBM, non-IBM, and custom applications.• The Software Use Analysis server now uses the Tivoli Endpoint Manager Analytics component which now provides: 105,000+ • Advanced searching and filtering criteria Application signatures • Table view aggregation of collected software scans and raw usage data for easy out of the box navigation and filtering • Data export into common separated value (CSV) and portable document format (PDF) format files on all views and reports for improved consumability.
    6. 6. Security and Compliance Continuous enforcement of security• Expanded coverage for Center for Internet Security (CIS) security benchmarks for Windows and UNIX operating systems policies• Enhanced reporting functions including save to PDF and scheduled report options Host-based• Simplifies management of updates to customized security configuration vulnerability management policies assessment with a 99.9% accuracy rate Define and assess client compliance to security configuration baselines SCAP certified for FDCC
    7. 7. Mobile Device Management• Self-service portal for end-user management of mobile devices • Simplifies setup through seamless integration with Active Directory and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (AD/LDAP) • Enables end-users to issue wipe, lock, and reset password commands from the portal• Customized enrollment options • Supports authenticated enrollment through AD/LDAP integration • Adds a custom end-user license agreement or enables customization of the enrollment process through organization specific question sets • Supports bulk distribution of certificates Apple iOS• Enterprise Application Store Google Android • Quickly and easily deploy applications to mobile devices • Directly import applications into the Enterprise Application Store from Nokia Symbian Worklight Application Center Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT, BlackBerry
    8. 8. Mobile Device Management• Consolidated management for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Windows RT, BlackBerry, and Symbian devices • Deploys advanced iOS profile options including Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Credentials, Access Point Name (APN), web clips and enterprise Wi-Fi profiles • Enrollement Protocol (SCEP), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Address bring (LDAP), Credentials, Access Point Name (APN), web clips and your own device enterprise Wi-Fi profiles (BYOD) • Extends key management functionality for Android devices through support of NitroDesk touchdown and Samsungs custom enterprise Manage enterprise APIs and personal data • Enables administrators to locate lost devices through location separately services for iOS• Security compliance Leverage a single • Detects unlocked or jailbroken device infrastructure to • Ensures mobile security compliance through standard checks for manage all Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks enterprise devices
    9. 9. Core Protection• Expanded platform coverage to include support for Windows 8 and Windows 2012• Adds optimized Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Smart Scan to ensure proper resource utilization for virtualized environments• Added integrated access to a Threat Encyclopedia to learn more about detected threats• Added data protection add-on module to prevent sensitive data loss Single Console Cloud-based Protection Anti-virus Anti-malware Personal Firewall Data Protection
    10. 10. Server Automation• Enables you to automate complex data center tasks through advanced task sequencing capabilities• Helps provision and manage virtual servers• Supports creation of new virtual machines from templates Manage the• Provides the ability to create and manage instances and profiles for WebSphere lifecycle of data Application Server and IBM DB2 center servers Thousands of automation scripts Patching for multi-tier server applications Supports both physical and virtual