How Microsoft Technologies And Windows Vista Improve Supporting


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Windows Vista includes many advances that help IT organizations lock down the desktop environment and prevent user-generated configuration conflicts. We will explore how to take advantage of the advanced capabilities in Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2008, and System Center application suit to reduce disruption, minimize help desk calls, and ensure maximum uptime for desktop users. In addition, learn how remote-assistance capability in Windows Vista can enable troubleshooting remotely, making problem resolution much more efficient.

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How Microsoft Technologies And Windows Vista Improve Supporting

  1. 1. CLI-304 Welcome
  2. 2. How Microsoft Technologies ® Improve and Windows Vista Supporting and Maintaining the Desktop Level 300
  3. 3. What Will We Cover? • Windows Vista Advances • Standard Software Deployments • Client Monitoring and Management • Securing the Desktop
  4. 4. Agenda • Advances in Windows Vista • Deploying Standard Configurations • Monitoring and Managing Clients Proactively • Securing the Windows Vista Desktop
  5. 5. Preventing and Diagnosing Prevent Diagnose Network User Account Diagnostic Control (UAC) Tool Disk Shadow Diagnostics Copy Reliability and Windows Performance Defender Monitoring Network Problem Access Reports and Protection Solutions (NAP)
  6. 6. Improving Reliability Resource Exhaustion Prevention Automatic Recovery
  7. 7. Managing Remotely Remote Remote Management Assistance (WinRM)
  8. 8. demonstration Preventing Configuration Changes and Solving Problems Remotely Configure Windows Defender   Resolve a Problem with Remote Assistance
  9. 9. Agenda • Advances in Windows Vista • Deploying Standard Configurations • Monitoring and Managing Clients Proactively • Securing the Windows Vista Desktop
  10. 10. Why Create a Standard Image? Client Computers Single Windows Vista image
  11. 11. Creating a Custom Image Windows OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) or Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) Tools for Windows Vista SP1 Image Capture • Files Removal Tool (Vsp1cln.exe) • Sysprep Windows Vista SP1 • Boot-Critical Driver Tool (PostReflect.exe) Windows PE Media Disk Imagex.exe Postreflect.exe Windows Vista SP1.wim
  12. 12. Windows Deployment Services Rapidly Deploys Windows Operating Systems Service Pack Updates Windows Replaces Remote Windows Server 2008 – All Vista Installation Services (RIS) Editions Many Enhancements Windows Vista – All Editions Windows Server 2008
  13. 13. Deploying to a Large Organization Deployment Scenarios • Centralized deployment • Distribution points • Branch distribution Deploying Windows Vista SP1 • Packaged and advertised • Software update feature
  14. 14. Application Virtualization Applications are virtualized per instance Applications do not get installed or alter the operating system Tasks process locally on the host computer
  15. 15. Deploying Software Automate System Deployment Securely Update System Infrastructure Manage Physical and Virtual Environment
  16. 16. demonstration Deploying Applications with System Center Configuration Manager Deploy Microsoft NetMeeting with System  Center Configuration Manager
  17. 17. Agenda • Advances in Windows Vista • Deploying Standard Configurations • Monitoring and Managing Clients Proactively • Securing the Windows Vista Desktop
  18. 18. Managing with Operations Manager End-to-End Service Management Increased Efficiency and Control Management Packs Cross-Platform Management
  19. 19. demonstration Monitoring Windows Vista Clients Monitor Vista Client using System Center  Operations Manager
  20. 20. Agenda • Advances in Windows Vista • Deploying Standard Configurations • Monitoring and Managing Clients Proactively • Securing the Windows Vista Desktop
  21. 21. Securing with Group Policy Manage User and Computer Environments Enforce IT Policies Simplify Administrative Tasks Implement Security Settings
  22. 22. Advanced Group Policy Manage Group Policies Windows Vista Security Guide
  23. 23. demonstration Managing Group Policy Configure Group Policy by using Microsoft  Advanced Group Policy Management
  24. 24. Session Summary • Built-in reliability features in Windows Vista can prevent help desk calls • Standard operating system and application deployments helps reduce down time • Managing Windows Vista helps prevent and resolve issues quickly
  25. 25. Where to Find More Information? Visit TechNet at Also check out TechNet Edge and TechNet Spotlight Or just visit for additional information on this session
  26. 26. Supporting Publications For more titles, visit
  27. 27. Training Resources Course ID Title DSK-16 Windows Vista Client Manageability For more training information
  28. 28. Become a Microsoft Certified Professional • What Are MCP Certifications? Validation in performing critical IT functions • Why Certify? WW recognition of skills gained by experience More effective deployments with reduced costs • What Certifications Are There for IT Pros? MCTS, MCITP
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