$8.44 billion                                         75                                                   Worldwide reven...
Rethink the way you work.Regus Corporate Workspace Solutions is dedicated to helpingglobal organisations realise the full ...
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Regus Case Study: Google Portugal


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A case study of Google Portugal as a Regus client.


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Regus Case Study: Google Portugal

  1. 1. $8.44 billion 75 Worldwide revenues Locations worldwide Client Solution“The great benefit of It’s hard to believe that Internet company Google uses Regus worldwide for convenience.being with Regus is Google has only been around for 13 years but It provides everything needed to set up ait’s so easy to expand in that time it’s grown phenomenally. business from scratch, with centres that areThey increased the size the same quality anywhere in the world. Regusof our workspace by From a dotcom start-up in a friend’s garage is also highly flexible in helping businessesgiving us another room in 1998, the search engine giant – co-founded succeed by tailoring services to suit the client.and taking down a by Larry Page and Sergey Brin – is now awall – doing everything household name, with offices in 75 locations The Portugal sales team was already in aover a weekend. Every worldwide and revenues of $8.44 billion in Regus centre outside Lisbon when spaceday they evolve their Q4 of 2010. became available in the city centre at Avenidaservice as they learn da Liberdade where the team’s clients aremore about how we based. But the right location was only halfdo things differently in Challenge the solution.Google.” Despite its size, Google retains a start-up entrepreneurial approach to business. Its The team wanted the office custom-made toDr Paulo Barreto employees, or Googlers, are encouraged to Google’s specification. Regus took down a wallCountry Manager share ideas in informal working environments to incorporate the meeting room and openedGoogle Portugal that inspire innovation and are centrally located up space for a football table and massage chair near public transport. – two common items in Google workspaces. Any new office opening anywhere in the world must be in the city centre and include Another Google policy is providing free food to workspace that shares consistent and often Googlers. Without a restaurant on-site, Google unusual elements – such as pool tables and set up an agreement with two restaurants huddle areas. Google’s facilities management locally and asked Regus to take care of the strategy is also to outsource all its workspaces administration, checking the bills and until they are outgrown and need their paying them. own office. Google in Portugal also created a special So when Google’s local sales office in Portugal website about the company that Regus staff had to relocate, its team needed workspace access to reply to external requests that met this unique corporate policy. for information. As Regus learns about Google’s unique work- style, it has evolved its service to suit – meeting the client’s aim of creating comfortable, consistent workspaces where ideas flourish and can flex as the team grows.For more information please emailfutureofwork.uk@regus.comwww.regus.co.uk
  2. 2. Rethink the way you work.Regus Corporate Workspace Solutions is dedicated to helpingglobal organisations realise the full potential offered by alternativeworking models. In short we help enable radical transformationsin the way they do business.With a global network spanning 500 cities and 85 countries, Reduce infrastructure costs up to 60% and removewe are the world’s largest provider of innovative workspace leases from your balance sheetsolutions. And by tailoring these solutions to our customers’ Establish an instant presence in new marketsneeds we enable them to grow revenues, reduce costs,increase profitability, become more agile and provide great Empower your people, reduce their commute andworking environments for their people. increase their productivity Provide globally consistent standards for yourThe world of business is changing, and so are the ways distributed workforcebusinesses work. Organisations are under pressure todo more than improve efficiency – they must increase Create great working environments for your peopleproductivity with fewer resources. to collaborate and work more effectively Enable professional mobile working practices,This is why most of all Fortune 500 and FTSE 500 wherever your people arebusinesses are Regus customers.1100 locations | 85 countries | 500 citiesFor more information please emailfutureofwork.uk@regus.comwww.regus.co.uk