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Regus at a glanceWhat we do                                                            Our 2011 numbersRegus is the world’...
The key attributes                                A global companyof our business1. A well-established and consistently   ...
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Regus at a glance 2012


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We are the world’s largest provider of flexible workplaces

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Regus at a glance 2012

  1. 1. Regus at a glanceWhat we do Our 2011 numbersRegus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workplaces.Over a million customers a day benefit from our locationsspread across almost 100 countries. With our ever £1.16bn £50.6m 4.0p Turnover Operating profit Earnings per shareexpanding range of innovative products and services weenable people to work their way whether it’s from home,on the road or from an office. £86.4m £188.3m 12%Where we do it Invested in growth Net cash position Increase inRegus is a global organisation with business centres dividend (to 2.9p)in 95 countries. We were founded in Brussels in 1989,are currently headquartered in Luxembourg and have amajor management, research and development centre in Our marketGeneva, Switzerland. Our shares are listed on theLondon Stock Exchange. 3.1bn 1.3bn 12.8bn Workers in the Mobile workers hours wasted byWho we do it for world by 2013 commuters in theMore than a million customers including half of the US each yearFortune 500. 66% 55% of workers would of all office desks 59% consider a paycut are unoccupied of workers have for more flexible during the the right tools to work conditions working day work anywhere US$19,000 US$5,000 “The Regus solution allows us to enter new Typical annual cost of a Typical annual cost of a markets quickly without taking on the costs desk in a western city Regus work anywhere and risk of establishing our own infrastructure. centre location Businessworld platinum card It also makes our real estate operation more efficient, since we only have to deal with one company to get set up…” Fred Franz, Senior Director of Worldwide Real Estate and Facilities, Polycom, Inc. “We founded the new Heinz office in Regus because the services, from reception to facilities management, allow us to concentrate on the business and on growth. We also like the atmosphere in the town centre offices and the friendly Regus staff, who help us with small-scale administrative services.” “The great benefit of being with Matthias Wilberg, Commercial Director Regus is it’s so easy to expand. of Heinz in Switzerland. They increased the size of our workspace by giving us another “It’s now easy accessing and going to the office, doing room and taking down a wall – my calls and meeting customers… there’s a new doing everything over a weekend. airport at Umhlanga, a 10-minute drive away, and Every day they evolve their service I’ve already met up with a customer flying in. as they learn more about how we Regus has made business simpler for me.” do things differently in Google.” Dereen Dulai, account executive Dr Paul Barreto, in the Kwa Zulu Natal region Country Manager, Google Portugal. To find out more please visit
  2. 2. The key attributes A global companyof our business1. A well-established and consistently Americas EMEA UK APACstrong performing Mature Centres £431.8m revenue £274.3m revenue £187.6m revenue £139.7m revenuebusiness with a strong cash generation 579 centres 323 centres 159 centres 162 centresand demonstrable year-on-year 475,000 customers 315,000 customers 115,000 customers 105,000 customersimprovement. 2,483 employees 1,610 employees 976 employees 960 employees2. An exciting and fast growing NewCentres business with a commitmentto achieving a global network of 2,000locations by 2014. 1,200 550 953. New growth through Third Place Locations Cities Countriesavenues will be comparable to ourexisting business, evidenced from ourcurrent partnerships with Shell, SNCF 6,500 1 millionand NS Trains. Employees Customers4. Global network; our scale, breadth anddepth are compelling to organisationsof all sizes and in all market sectors. Third Place5. Our investment in new product working locationsdevelopment enables us to continually Motorway Servicedevelop innovative services for our Stations Hotels Librariescustomers.6. Unique industry knowledge ensuresinnovation is customer needs driven. Airports Third Place Cafés First Place Second Place7. Highly diversified income streams; from (Office) (Home)large to small companies representingmore than a million customers. Outside Spaces Business Centres8. Any requirement is addressable; froma start-up to a mobile worker Regus has Rail Stations Suppliers’ Locationsproducts and facilities for every customer.Our products and services A typical Regus Business Centre1 Coworking is encouraged by open plan space at a low cost for businesses which are starting to grow.2 Collaboration spaces for teams of all sizes to 2 meet and collaborate. 11 33 Serviced Offices are highly adaptable and fully equipped to be able to move in today and start working.4 Meeting Rooms provide the very best in flexible meeting 1 space bookable by the day, half day or even the hour. 85 Business Lounges are convenient work-ready environments 4 providing peace, support and dedicated resources.6 Video Communication including state of the art 10 Telepresence studios, enable face-to-face meetings without the usual travel expense and downtime.7 Think Pods are designed to be used for any length of 6 time from one hour to a day, providing privacy in the shared space of our business lounges.8 Disaster Recovery is a variety of fixed and virtual spaces 9 to help organizations of any size resume operations 5 following a workplace disaster.9 Virtual Office provides an impressive business address and phone number anywhere in the world. 710 Day Offices offer quiet private space for a few hours or a full day with all the Regus services.11 Branch Offices with business support, local knowledge and a customer base are an ideal way to expand into new markets. To find out more please visit