Global CloudTransformation: Settingthe Stage for Success                     The Agile                     Enterprise
The Agile                                                                                                                 ...
Global Cloud Case Study  Company                                                     the entire region online. In addition...
embarking on a broader, global rollout is to      there are the more tangible differences inclearly communicate a vision a...
Salesforce: Single vs. Multi-Org?  Should your company leverage a single instance of           Collaboration Needs  Salesf...
The Case for Global Cloud Governance  What Is Cloud                   Put simply, cloud governance is the policies, proces...
example, considering new types of devices         What talent is needed to fill key roles?                                ...
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Global Cloud Transformation: Setting the Stage for Success


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Making a strategic move to the cloud means
companies need to be prepared for a new
way of thinking and operating. Moving to
the cloud isn’t—and shouldn’t be—business
as usual. It’s a switch that demands fresh
attitudes in defining what an implementation
is and a completely new way of working. A
global cloud transformation can be complex
and overwhelming for a company that is not
adequately prepared. To achieve success, it is
imperative that the technology aligns with both
a clear executive vision and crucial business
processes. Equally as important, the company
needs to commit to a change strategy
that enables everyone, from executives to
individual users, to engage the new system and
understand its role within the organization.

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Global Cloud Transformation: Setting the Stage for Success

  1. 1. Global CloudTransformation: Settingthe Stage for Success The Agile Enterprise
  2. 2. The Agile Enterpriseintroduction platforms ultimately offer a more flexible and scalable way to meet today’s businessMaking a strategic move to the cloud means challenges (vs. on-premise solutions). Becausecompanies need to be prepared for a new cloud technologies have removed many of theway of thinking and operating. Moving to “We can view market burdens of ongoing hardware and applicationthe cloud isn’t—and shouldn’t be—business maintenance costs, IT departments are freed share for any givenas usual. It’s a switch that demands fresh to focus on business innovations that canattitudes in defining what an implementationis and a completely new way of working. A ultimately fuel company growth. product, and we canglobal cloud transformation can be complex But without a broader company change, track product tests. It almost goes withoutand overwhelming for a company that is not the benefits of the cloud will not beadequately prepared. To achieve success, it is realized. Success is dependent on makingimperative that the technology aligns with both a commitment to become a more agile saying that the Gatesa clear executive vision and crucial business enterprise. An agile enterprise not only senior leadership team has embraced theprocesses. Equally as important, the company embraces flexible technology, but alsoneeds to commit to a change strategy establishes processes that promotethat enables everyone, from executives to continuous innovation, leaves room for a little reporting capabilities ofindividual users, to engage the new system and chaos, guides users to embrace change and Salesforce and is eagerunderstand its role within the organization. to continue to use it as collaboration, and leverages a multi-sourcingBluewolf has a proven methodology that resource strategy to match ongoing innovationenables enterprises to set the foundation for to the pace of business (something Bluewolf a solution for navigatingreal change and ultimately achieve success. calls an “ elastic workforce”). Transitioning our commercial salesBest practices, developed over a decade of interests.” to the cloud is not a single project, but anhelping hundreds of companies with complex, iterative journey that must include a methodglobal implementations, provide a validated to execute, measure, and sustain innovation Karl Moritz, Senior Viceroadmap to achieving company goals with within the organization. President Global End-Marketthe cloud. Strategy, Gates Corporationcloud technology and the Characteristics of an Agile Enterpriseagile enterprise Promotes continuous innovation in processes.Cloud computing has the potential to Leaves room for a little chaos.promote significant cultural changes across a Trains people to embrace change andglobal organization. By moving to the cloud, collaboration.executives are embracing a vision that the Remains iterative through elasticold way of doing things is not an effective resources.strategy to keep up with the pace of change in Embraces flexible’s business environment. Cloud-based join the agile conversation 2
  3. 3. Global Cloud Case Study Company the entire region online. In addition to customizing Based in Denver, Colorado USA, Gates Corporation Salesforce for the needs of each region, Bluewolf also is a world leader in industrial engineering and transferred all of the data from the previous CRM manufacturing. The company employs over 14,500 solution used by Gates and coordinated on-site, end- staff and has operations in all of the world’s major user training localized for each country. markets, including North and South America, Europe, Languages Deployed Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. English, Spanish, German, French, Italian Challenge Number of Currencies Deployed Because of an inability to efficiently generate metrics Thirty-six on customer interactions, sales personnel could not easily view the status of leads. This deficiency delayed Results the time it took to close many deals. Gates wanted Gates improved efficiency at managing and following to standardize global reporting and metrics for five up on leads, which led to the ability to close proposals different regions (Northeast, Middle East, South more quickly and generate increased revenue. America, Asia and Europe) while giving regions ability Because managers can now see how well sales reps to customize processes. pursue leads, Gates created a follow-up incentive program, and, since that time, the effectiveness of Implementation strategy prospect follow-ups has improved greatly. Gates Gates Corporation decided to deploy Salesforce leadership has recognized the value of Salesforce to globally. Using a Bluewolf Blueprint, the company the extent that the team has re-purposed the global, gained a clear vision of requirements, timelines, internal, and professional sales training program and costs. Bluewolf began by deploying Salesforce to not only include onboarding to the solution, but in one region at a time, with each region building positions Salesforce as the centerpiece of their sales out customized processes that matched local reporting strategy. requirements. To ensure the success, Bluewolf deployed pilot tests within each region before bringingcommon global cloud Siloed operations and platformsimplementation challenges Though a company may be global, manyGlobal cloud implementations present of its international business units and ITenterprises with unique challenges that add departments operate autonomously. Multiplecomplexity and scale to any typical cloud applications and tools, used for the sameimplementation. After more than a decade of purpose across the globe, make it impossibleexperience helping thousands of companies to get a holistic global view of the businessimplement successful cloud projects, Bluewolf from a reporting perspective. This reliance onhas identified common challenges unique to legacy systems can complicate integration,global transformations: and is especially true when the company has grown by acquisition. A critical step before join the agile conversation 3
  4. 4. embarking on a broader, global rollout is to there are the more tangible differences inclearly communicate a vision and collaborate language, currency, security, and compliancewith appropriate stakeholders. that companies may not review and plan for during the initial phases. Cultural differences No clear goals can be a major reason why global cloudAlong with communication and collaboration, implementations fail if they are not takensome companies establish vague goals for into projects such as “a 360-degreeview of customers” or “more visibility into Time zonessales pipeline.” But without defining a clear If regions need to work together andset of measurable business objectives and collaborate toward a common goal, thentheir corresponding strategies, it is difficult time zones become a barrier to gettingto build the right supporting processes. It is the work done. A team in Brazil may havenot uncommon for there to be misalignment to wait for a response from a team in thebetween the overall goals expected by United States that is five hours behind. Also,corporate, and the specific strategies, many companies underestimate how muchactivities, and key metrics employed by on-site work is needed for a global clouddifferent regions and business units. Lack of project to be successful. Cutting costs inleadership alignment around key business this area may not be effective because it isgoals and how each business unit will measure often the relationships that are built duringand achieve them, is a major reason why implementation that drive how the project willglobal cloud implementations fail to produce fare beyond go live.impactful results. Data migration Cultural differences This is a major issue even for single regional orFrom simple communication methods to business unit cloud implementations. Whendistinctions on how each region trains and a company looks at a global implementation,adopts new technology, regional distinctions data migration becomes increasingly complex,can have a more profound effect than many including data in multiple languages, differentcompanies realize. For example, though leader address formats, disparate data sources, andrankings and dashboards effectively promote the quality of the data. Compliance aroundadoption in the United States, they may not data quality within specific regions can alsotranslate as well in Japan where goals are complicate global cloud implementations.always set at a group level rather than an Since data is the foundation for any cloudindividual one. These issues tend to be the application, it is imperative that dataresult of not taking the time to effectively migration and ongoing management isgain buy-in at the beginning of the initiative, considered upfront.across the global organization. Additionally, join the agile conversation 4
  5. 5. Salesforce: Single vs. Multi-Org? Should your company leverage a single instance of Collaboration Needs Salesforce or implement a multi-instance strategy? When a common customer exists, leveraging a Throughout our 12 years in this ecosystem, we have single org can make it easier to share data between established a point of view that there is no one-size- geographies and segments, achieve company-wide fits all approach. It is critical to step back and look collaboration with applications like Chatter, and better at your organizational processes, objectives, and align marketing, sales, and service processes. In cases culture holistically before determining how to roll out with geographically segmented customer bases or a global footprint. Below are some decision criteria to business lines that don’t need to cross-sell, they can consider: autonomously operate in multiple orgs. Organizational Structure Flexibility Is the enterprise currently centralized or Agile custom development with Salesforce is easier decentralized, and will this change in the near with the multi-org approach since there is direct future? In terms of technology, are the backends regional control. Not only can different groups centrally controlled? Detailed analysis of operations use different editions, but there is also no risk of is critical, especially for companies that grow impacting other business segments, so less time is through acquisition. spent gaining buy-in. A single org requires a strong globally focused governance strategy and changes to Global Reporting Requirements modules, fields, and workflow must be agreed to by Having a single org makes it easier to generate a and/or communicated to all business units. 360-degree view of customer data, forecasting, and real-time executive reports. It is still possible to Data Concerns and Admin Capabilities establish global reporting under a multi-org approach, Regulatory compliance, data security, storage, system however master data management strategies become integration, and even sheer data volume can all increasingly important and additional work is needed. impact the ideal choice in org structure. Company culture also plays an important part. If an enterprise Business Process Synergy is driven centrally from a global headquarter, a single When business units share similarities between management hub or administrative strategy may be products and sales processes, a single org approach preferred. If the company operates with more regional can deliver operational efficiency and visibility. autonomy, an approach that provides localized However, mandating standardized processes globally control might increase the administrative burden, but can be challenging, as it requires not only evaluating ultimately make a company more responsive. and prioritizing real business drivers, but also strong change management to transform cloud implementation Establish clear goals and metricsbest practices Why is the organization moving to theAlong with common challenges identified cloud globally? What business goals will thefrom helping clients with global cloud technology support? The more specific theimplementations, Bluewolf has developed a set goal, the easier it will be to design processesof best practices that have been proven to set that support it. For example, a goal to increasethe stage for success: revenue by 10 percent within two quarters is very specific. As one strategy, leadership could agree to focus existing sales reps on cross- join the agile conversation 5
  6. 6. The Case for Global Cloud Governance What Is Cloud Put simply, cloud governance is the policies, processes, and framework for Governance? continuing to innovate on live global cloud applications. The objective is to establish global system stability and to ensure changes are made rapidly with clear business benefits. The Importance Without cloud governance, the organization will strain to keep pace with user of Cloud requests, adoption, market shifts, and new releases. A governance strategy can Governance help your company create an established method to filter and prioritize change requests to ensure that they deliver global business value. The Role Enterprise IT departments are generally process and quality experts, and it of IT makes no sense to take away what IT does well. Instead, the conversation should be about adapting traditional governance strategies to leverage the unique benefits of global agile cloud development. Cloud governance is unique from traditional governance models in its ability to encourage IT to partner with business leaders and innovate at the pace of business. The Role of The business plays an equally important role. Since they are customer facing, Business they provide the context for business users and lead efforts to innovate in ways that produce employee and customer value. Leaders work together to define clear, measurable goals and help communicate the importance that the cloud and deployed processes play in driving organizational value. The Key to successful cloud governance is the establishment of a global Governance governance board. The board is comprised of both executive and regional Board departmental stakeholders. Executive stakeholders work on high level innovation and strategy, while departmental stakeholders ensure enhancements are value-added. The pace of business change combined with the rate of innovation that cloud technology brings to market, means that the vast majority of companies may only realize a subset of the benefits promised. For a more in depth look into Bluewolf’s unique approach to cloud governance, please review our white paper, Cloud Governance: Empowering Innovation at the Pace of Business.and up-selling opportunities. Technology regional needs and how do those differ fromand processes can enable this strategy corporate’s needs? A clear understanding ofby highlighting such eligible customers. how the enterprise operates globally helpsAdditionally, by making the right KPIs visible define a method to execute. Contrary tovia real-time dashboards, leaders can the methods of traditional consulting firms,effectively coach the activities and behaviors Bluewolf does not recommend organizationsthat dictate success towards executing the move their entire enterprise to the cloud insales strategy. one big-bang approach. Instead, we advise adopting an iterative process by which more Understand the enterprise and more valuable systems or functions areHow does the whole organization operate? migrated. Developing a roadmap of whatCentralized or decentralized? How do can move and when, will help define thisthe regions operate, and on which tools new journey of operating in the cloud. Theand systems do they rely? What are the plan might also include ancillary factors for join the agile conversation 6
  7. 7. example, considering new types of devices What talent is needed to fill key roles? why bluewolf?since many users operate off-site. Successful rollouts require a dedicated system When undertaking a global administrator, project managers, business cloud initiative, it’s important Communicate, communicate, communicate analysts, developers, stakeholders, and other to work with a company thatAny change can lead to confusion. Build a key roles to support the application. A flexible has experience. For over astrong business case to get buy-in at the team that can objectively operate inside decade, we’ve been deliveringhighest levels and this support will help mute and outside the organization, and offer new on the promise of the cloud, bringing agility to the mostany broader cultural resistance in the long insights and skill sets can be the difference competitive companies aroundrun. The CFO must be educated on a shift that between unforeseen events and keeping the world. As the only salesforce.reduces capital expenditure, but necessitates costs down. com partner in the world witha stream of operating expenditure. The IT team Platinum Consulting status onmust be involved in the process of assessing Define change management three major continents, we canworkloads and workflow, and helping to select It is critical to win the support of end-users. provide enterprises with 24x7 global coverage and deeperpartners. Legal counsel might need to be With strong education and coaching programs, local expertise across America,consulted on service-level agreements or advocacy can be built from the ground-up. Europe, and Asia Pacific. Ourdata privacy and protection. Procurement will Determine the best training methods based on global clients work with ushave to be educated about the very different cultural preferences, languages, and regional because we:needs with regards to IT spending, both needs. Users in Canada may prefer e-Learning Are dedicated to drivingupfront and ongoing. modules whereas users in Europe tend to rely transformation across an on classroom training. It is a good idea to hold enterprise’s culture and Create a Cloud Governance strategy round tables with power users and top team processes—not just the technology.First, companies need to ensure that there players to decide how consistent changes and Thrive on transparency,aren’t breaches to rules or laws under which training will be communicated. accountability and agility—they operate. With the cloud, a common we flex with your needs.concern for global companies is around Apply new, yet proven,compliance regarding how data may travel summary processes across theinto other countries or regions or where More companies are looking to the cloud to customer lifecycle, and use take efficiency and competitive advantage to efficient team models tocertain levels of privacy need to be protected. reduce resources.Second, companies need a framework the next level. A decision to implement cloud Are a pioneer in offeringfor making decisions and a process for technology across the globe means the entire multi-resourcing modelsexecuting against those decisions quickly. enterprise must be prepared because the as one global partnerCloud technology offers an infinite amount challenges can be complex and overwhelming. for consulting, managedof possibility and changes available to users, Technology alone is never the answer, but services, and IT staffing. when technology aligns with crucial business Offer Bluewolf Beyond, awhich can quickly get out of hand on a global program to help managescale. Cloud Governance establishes rules for processes, a fundamental shift in business change and innovation posthow to set priorities for enhancements or occurs. Bluewolf’s experience, proven go-live.changes to the technology based on the value methodology, and focus on agile business Have built the strongestthat change brings to the global business. processes enables global enterprises to change strategy, eLearning, achieve transformational success and beyond. and training organization in Put the right team in place the industry by focusing on user-driven innovationTalent is a huge factor in determining the that matters.success of any global cloud implementation. join the agile conversation 7