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Regus at a glanceWhat we do                                                                                           Our ...
Our strategy                                                    A global companyGrow mature revenues and marginAchieved pr...
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Regus at a glance


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Regus at a glance

  1. 1. Regus at a glanceWhat we do Our 2012 numbersRegus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workplaces.Over a million customers a day benefit from our locations spreadacross almost 100 countries. With our ever expanding range £1.24bn £90.2m 7.5p turnover operating profit earnings per shareof innovative products and services we enable people to work theirway whether it’s from home, on the road or from an office.Where we do it £175.3m £120.0m 10% invested in growth net cash position increase inRegus is a global organisation with more than 1500 business dividend (to 3.2p)centres across some 600 cities. We were founded in Brussels in1989, are currently headquartered in Luxembourg and our shares 1.35m 243are listed on the London Stock Exchange. customers up 37% new locationsWho we do it forMore than a million customers including half of the Fortune 500,as well as hundreds of thousands of start-ups, small and mediumsized companies across every sector.Why customers choose Regus Our market “Simple, cost effective and does not 3.1bn 1.3bn 72% require a long term commitment. workers in the mobile workers of workers say Regus makes setting up in a new world flexible working country risk and hassle free.” makes them more Wolfgang Gollub, Senior Manager, productive administration – general affairs Toshiba Europe GmbH 12.8bn 66% 90% hours wasted by of workers would potential cost“The great benefit of being with commuters in the consider a pay cut saving from Regus is it’s so easy to expand. US each year for more flexible flexible vs fixed Every day they evolve their service work conditions work as they learn more about how we do things differently at Google.” “ Flexible working both meets the needs Flexible WorkingDr Paul Barreto, Country Manager, of employees and improves companies’ Can your compan compete without y it?Google Portugal capacity to serve customers…and, in doing so, it secures competitive advantage.” “We needed instant availability on flexible terms, a prestigious location and high BT: Flexible working – can your quality offices that were in keeping with our company compete without it? own quality image. We looked at a number of buildings and providers, but nothing came close to Regus.” “ There are strong indications that Bernard Carey, Director, BMW orkin g employers can improve the ible W s Flex n Bou owardft and Vansoort rn e productivity of their employees des T Attitu dy by Micro Research R by allowing them to work flexibly.” so ep“We chose Regus because the range A stu y Summ ar of services allows us to concentrate Bourn e, Microsoft: Attitudes to on business and growth.” flexible working Vanson yees in ch firm emplo any, t resear part-time , Germ marke or France ted by 00 full-time, Finland, conduc 1,5 ark UK. study, among m, Denm d and the ned a working giu missio a, Bel itzerlan t com ards flexible ies: Austri Sweden, Sw crosof ntr in, 1, Mi itudes tow an cou al, SpaMatthias Wilberg, Commercial Director, y 201 att Europe y, Portug In Ma explored in 15 rwa which roles rlands, No -based the office Italy, Ne d, IrelanHeinz Switzerland EXECUTIVE O FFICE OF THE COUNCIL OF E PRESIDENT CONOMIC A DVISERS “ The best available evidence suggests “The Regus solution allows us to enter that encouraging more firms to new markets quickly without taking on consider adopting flexible practices the costs and risk of establishing our can potentially boost productivity, own infrastructure. It also makes our improve morale, and benefit the U.S. real estate operation more efficient, economy…it is critical for the 21st since we only have to deal with one century U.S. workplace to be organised WORK-LIFE B ALANCE AND OF WORKP THE ECONO for the 21st century workforce.” MICS company to get set up…” LACE FLEXIB ILITY MARCH 2010 Fred Franz, USA: Executive office of the President, Senior Director of Worldwide Real Estate Council of Economic Advisers – work-life balance and Facilities, Polycom, Inc. and the economics of workplace flexibility
  2. 2. Our strategy A global companyGrow mature revenues and marginAchieved primarily through addition of new Americas EMEA UK APACcentres, but also through incremental new Revenue (m) £533.9 £301.2 £195.9 £211.8revenue sources. Lower relative overheads, Centres 689 338 150 234improves margins. Employees 2,701 1,668 881 991Expand our networkInto new markets; both in-country and newcountries, only growing in existing locationswhere we have excessive demand. 1,500 600 99 7,100 1.35mAccelerate product and service innovation Locations Cities Countries Employees CustomersConstantly innovate, responding to, as well asanticipating, customer needs.Our approach to new product development isreferred to as ‘Only at Regus’.Maximise the strengths of our brand andnetworkGrowth of the network drives awareness andinteraction. Continued investment in focused,targeted local marketing to attract newcustomers.Strengthen managementMake sure we have the right people in the rightplaces; empowering local management anddelegating decision making.Control overheadsAchieved through operational excellence, scaleand innovation.Our products and services A typical Regus Business Centre 1 Serviced Offices are highly adaptable and equipped to be able to move in today and fully start working. 2 Coworking is encouraged by open plan space at 2 a low cost for businesses which are starting to grow. 11 1 3 Collaboration spaces for teams of all sizes to meet and collaborate. 4 Meeting Rooms provide the very best in flexible meeting space bookable by the day, half day or 3 even the hour. 8 5 Business Lounges are convenient work-ready 4 environments providing peace, support and dedicated resources. 10 6 Video Communication state of the art studios, enabling face-to-face meetings without the usual travel expense and downtime. 7 Think Pods are designed to be used for any length of 6 time from one hour to a day, providing privacy in the shared space of our business lounges. 8 Workplace Recovery is a variety of fixed and virtual 9 spaces to help organisations of any size resume 5 operations following a workplace disaster. 9 Virtual Office provides an impressive business address and phone number anywhere in the world.10 Day Offices offer quiet private space for a few hours 7 a full day with all the Regus services. or11 Branch Offices with business support, local knowledge and a customer base are an ideal way to expand into new markets. To find out more please visit