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Regus Customer Case Study: TomTom


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Regus Customer Case Study: TomTom

  1. 1. 40 Global markets Client Solution“Every time we open a TomTom is the world’s leading supplier of Pankaj’s six-strong team is part of TomTom’slocal operation we start location and navigation products and services, Iberia region, which already uses Regus spacewith Regus because which it sells in 40 countries. It was founded in Prague, Istanbul and’s easy. Instead of in 1991 and listed on the Amsterdam Stockthe complexities of Exchange in 2005. When the country manager for Portugal wasstarting a business in looking for a base to start up a business foura new country, such as The company is divided into four business years ago, he had three Regus centres inmanaging the facilities, units: Consumer, Automotive, Business Lisbon to choose from (today there are four).you just start working.” Solutions and Licensing. A centralised structure, with headquarters in Amsterdam, “I would have chosen the same centre – RegusPankaj Parshotam,marketing manager, enables the business units to stay lean, flexible Quinta da Fonte,” said Pankaj. “It’s not farConsumer, TomTom and close to customers. from the city, easy to get to for clients and it’sPortugal a pleasant place to receive people. We also use the meeting rooms to talk to clients and for Challenge internal meetings for local people and those When TomTom opens a local operation it coming from outside, such as Amsterdam.” usually starts up in a Regus centre. So when the Consumer unit set up business four years With everything in TomTom centralised in ago in Portugal, the sales and marketing team Amsterdam, a small team like Pankaj’s is free to followed a real estate strategy that’s tried and act like any start-up and get down to business tested and proven to benefit the company. straight away. “It’s so easy with Regus – we start up with a In addition, the beauty of the company’s small team of sales/marketing and one support, workspace strategy is that it does away with all and when the operation grows we move to the complexities usually involved with starting another, bigger place of our own or maintain up in traditional office space. Regus – it depends on what’s needed,” said Pankaj Parshotam, marketing manager, “If we had to take over the complex processes Consumer – Portugal. in different countries of having an office and maintaining it, it would be very different,” said Pankaj. “With Regus, we do not have to focus on the details and the secretaries help our team a lot; emailing and faxing for us. As a small team in a small country, it’s easier to have the facilities provided and everything ready. The quality of service is very good.”For more information please
  2. 2. Rethink the way you work.Regus Corporate Workspace Solutions is dedicated to helpingglobal organisations realise the full potential offered by alternativeworking models. In short we help enable radical transformationsin the way they do business.With a global network spanning 500 cities and 85 countries, Reduce infrastructure costs up to 60% and removewe are the world’s largest provider of innovative workspace leases from your balance sheetsolutions. And by tailoring these solutions to our customers’ Establish an instant presence in new marketsneeds we enable them to grow revenues, reduce costs,increase profitability, become more agile and provide great Empower your people, reduce their commute andworking environments for their people. increase their productivity Provide globally consistent standards for yourThe world of business is changing, and so are the ways distributed workforcebusinesses work. Organisations are under pressure todo more than improve efficiency – they must increase Create great working environments for your peopleproductivity with fewer resources. to collaborate and work more effectively Enable professional mobile working practices,This is why most of all Fortune 500 and FTSE 500 wherever your people arebusinesses are Regus customers.1100 locations | 85 countries | 500 citiesFor more information please