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Techcomm is Marcomm (Writers UA)


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Convergence is here. What we create in #techcomm applies to #marketing (and #sales, #hr, and many others).

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Techcomm is Marcomm (Writers UA)

  1. 1. Get To Know Each Other Bernard Aschwanden Content is Content: Marcomm IS Techcomm 09:11 1 @aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS
  2. 2. Before We Begin 09:11@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 2 @AdobeTCS
  3. 3. Who The Heck Am I? 09:11@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 3  Bernard Aschwanden  A past President of and founder of Publishing Smarter  Help teams make the case that content is the key business asset with a focus on how content makes or breaks a relationship
  4. 4. Content is Content 09:11@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 4
  5. 5. Tech Content MUST BE Part of Your Marketing 09:11@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 5
  6. 6. The Informed Consumer 09:12@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 6 Post-Purchase Evaluation Purchase Decision Evaluation and Selection of Alternatives Information search Problem recognition
  7. 7. Where Tech Comm Comes In 09:12@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 7 Post-Purchase Evaluation Purchase Decision Evaluation and Selection of Alternatives Information search Problem recognition
  8. 8. Pre-sale (Marketing) Post-sale (Tech comm) 8 Content Convergence 09:12@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS
  9. 9. Convergence Summary 09:13@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 9 Marketing Technical End users Identify end users early, target content for their needs. Provide an always-on dialogue aligned with end users. Multi-channel publishing Provide content in appropriate formats, including HTML, PDF, and applications. Level of technical detail Always high-level, now increasingly technical. Always technical, now increasingly focussed on higher level, including users’ business goals. Type of content Articles, blogs, tweets, case studies, whitepapers, advertising, promotions, etc. Integrated marketing communications helps customers understand what the product does and decide if the product solves their problem. Books, guides, and topics, where the aim is to provide a library of content to help users understand and use the product.
  10. 10. Post-sales: Tech comm Differences Do Exist, But It’s ONE Customer 09:13@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 10 Pre-sales: Marketing End Users/ Customers/ Potentials
  11. 11. Seamless Consistent Experience 09:13@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 11
  12. 12. Integration matters 09:13@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 12
  13. 13. DITA for Different Readers 09:13@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 13
  14. 14. Let’s Make It Friendly 09:13@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 14
  15. 15. Publish DITA with Content Filters 09:13@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 15
  16. 16. Build Your Own Based on DITA 09:13@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 16
  17. 17. Go Further 09:13@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 17
  18. 18. One User. One Set of Content. 09:13@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 18
  19. 19. Output Could Apply To All 09:13@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 19
  20. 20. Filtered for the Base 09:14@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 20
  21. 21. Filtered for the Luxe 09:14@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 21
  22. 22. Implementation 09:15@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 22
  23. 23. Expanding on the Experience 09:14@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 23
  24. 24. The Right Content, The Right Place, The Right Time 09:11@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 24 Page Header Content Body Content Marketing Body content pulled from marcom. Conceptual or informative, and related to page specific messaging. Tech Comm Body content pulled from tech comm. Task, concept, or reference, and related to page specific messaging.
  25. 25. Mix. Match. Repeat. 09:11@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 25
  26. 26. Conclusion 09:11@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 26
  27. 27. Final words 09:11@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 27
  28. 28. 09:11@aschwanden4stc @AdobeTCS 28