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Creating amazing content max edits

  1. 1. CMB Partner Office Hours Today’s Presentation: ―Agency process for creating quality content‖ With special Guest Reed Overfelt | Square2Marketing Every Tuesday & Thursday @3pm Eastern
  2. 2. What is the CMB Community? A team of inbound marketing agencies that sell and deliver services using the Content Marketer’s Blueprint.
  3. 3. Today’s Schedule 15 minutes: Slide Presentation 45 minutes: CMB Partner Open Q&A
  4. 4. After the Webinar Webinar recording, slides and blog article
  5. 5. Today’s Question How can small agencies create quality blog content for their clients?
  6. 6. Amazing Content Without The Hassle Need content to fuel your marketing? Tired of searching through thousands of freelancers? Try Penrocket! It’s AMAZING content without the hassle. © 2013 Penrocket . All Rights Reserved. In today’s world of inbound marketing, the difference between success and failure starts with high quality content. Gain the competitive advantage and start publishing content your buyers love with Penrocket.
  7. 7. What is GREAT Content? Let’s face it! Quality content matters. Great content needs to be:  Professionally edited  Checked for authenticity  Based on live interviews with subject mater experts  Checked for Plagiarism  Written by experienced industry writers.  Checked for spelling & grammar  Optimized for search and social media 8  Checked for readability Amazing Content Without The Hassle │ © 2013 FullQuota. All rights reserved. © 2013 Penrocket
  8. 8. Content Dos: • Focus on your target buyer! Create content that speaks directly to their needs, wants and desires. • Find the right SME (it’s harder than you think). The right SME understands your market and your buyer. Use the SME to guide your content with value-added commentary and feedback. • Hire a professional writer. While it’s tempting as a marketers to create your own content — don’t! Hire trained writers who understand how to ask the right questions, summarize and create the content your target buyers want to read. • Know your competition. Who are your biggest competitors? Decide if you’ll use articles that mention them. What about reviews or market comparisons? Will you use those? • Know your keywords. Use these keywords to guide your content selection. • Use the right tools. A curation tool like Trapit will help you more quickly and easily source content. Look for other tools that can make this process easier and more successful. • Show your unique point of view. You’re an expert. You have an answer for your buyers’ business challenges. Share it! • Write simply and plainly. • Set deadlines, but be flexible. Creating awesome content takes longer than you think. Set deadlines for SMEs to give you articles, for writers to write them and then leave yourself some time to review them before you put them online. 9 Amazing Content Without The Hassle │ © 2013 FullQuota. All rights reserved. © 2013 Penrocket
  9. 9. Content Don’ts: 1. Don’t be boring. 2. Don’t forget about grammar. It matters. A lot! 3. Don’t pick a SME who travels or is just too busy to put time and effort into the project. 4. Don’t forget to schedule time with your SME each week. 5. Don’t let the SME decide what kind of content to give you. Be clear – you need at least 5 articles a week on a variety of topics. 6. Don’t just wing it – follow your plan! Set clear expectations with all your key stakeholders at the beginning of the process. 7. Don’t use content from the same one or two sources. Mix it up! It’s more interesting for your readers. 8. Don’t just call your documents “Blog #1” or “Cloud Blog #4.” Set up a naming convention that is straightforward and easy for everyone to understand and use. 9. Don’t just start the process and then never critique it again. You have to continually tweak it. 10. Don’t be afraid to try new things. A new headline style or newsletter category will keep things interesting and fresh. 10 Amazing Content Without The Hassle │ © 2013 FullQuota. All rights reserved. © 2013 Penrocket
  10. 10. Content Ideas: Tip Sheet: Create a tip sheet that outlines how people could use your product or service to help them with their problem or need. For example, if you're a plumber you could create a tip sheet on ―How to Troubleshoot a Clogged Drain.‖ Top 10 Industry Trends: Document the 10 latest trends impacting your industry this year. Write a short summary on 10 new industry developments or write what you think will be the 10 biggest changes to your industry during the next year. Checklist: Create a checklist of steps people could take to solve the problem that your product/service solves. For example, if you’re a moving service, create a packing checklist visitors can download. Common Questions: Write down the 10 or 20 most common questions and create a tip sheet or guide that answers each question. Question and Answers: Go to LinkedIn Groups and find every question and answer that relates to your industry. Compile them in an eBook format. Kits of Material: Compile some of your related eBooks, guides, tip sheets and blog articles into a compelling Downloadable Kit offer. Case Studies: Show off your leading customers and share their successes with future customers. Video record their testimonials for even more content and to build credibility. Offer the case studies as free downloads. 11 Amazing Content Without The Hassle │ © 2013 FullQuota. All rights reserved. © 2013 Penrocket
  11. 11. 9 Steps to Creating AMAZING Content: Step 1: Identify one or more subject matter experts (SMEs). This will be the person that your editors will interview on to write your blogs and whitepapers. Step 2: Set up an orientation call with the SMEs to go over the writing process, the types of content we’ll cover and answer any questions the SME has. Step 3: During the orientation call Schedule the first interview with the SME. These interviews are usually 30-45 minutes long and cover three to five blog topics. They are held weekly or monthly depending on the volume of posts. Step 4: 2-3 days before the interview, have you editor an email to the SME with a list of the curated articles and the original blog topics that they will discuss on the interview. 12 Amazing Content Without The Hassle │ © 2013 FullQuota. All rights reserved. © 2013 Penrocket
  12. 12. Step 5: Editor and the SME meet for the interview to discuss the curated articles and original blog topics. Step 6: A writer then writes an original blog post using the SME’s commentary and any relevant secondary sources. They also write the curated blogs, which feature the SME’s commentary and a summary of the curated article. Step 7: A editor edits the blog. Step 8: The finished blogs are sent to your customer or account team for approval. Step 9: We then rinse and repeat every week or every month! 13 Amazing Content Without The Hassle │ © 2013 FullQuota. All rights reserved. © 2013 Penrocket
  13. 13. Amazing Content Without The Hassle “Penrocket is for marketers who are "mere mortals" -- normal people who are just struggling to keep pace with the demands of creating routine, relevant and quality content.“ Matt Howard CEO, ZoomSafer Amazing Content Without the Hassle. Planned. Targeted. Written. Optimized. Published. © 2013 Penrocket . All Rights Reserved.
  14. 14. Next Session: rd Thursday January 23 @3pm ―Creating Consumer-Centric Websites‖ Special Guest: Eduardo Esparza | Market 8 Signup at: