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How PR can boost your business


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Did you know that 8 of 10 companies fail? Companies are often focusing on product devolopment and sales, forgetting about importance of communication. In this presentation we show you how PR can boost your sales and revenue!

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How PR can boost your business

  1. 1. How PR can boost your sales and revenue
  2. 2. 92% of people trust earned media consumers trust earned media PR generates 10 to 50 times more conversion 80% people prefer article than ad as a info source
  3. 3. Public Relations sales and product, forgetting Companies are focusing on Truly exceptional PR has direct impact on company revenue. PR isn’t panacea for financial changes. But with it you will gain several key outcomes. about importance of PR.
  4. 4. PR outcomes
  5. 5. Branding A consistent public relations program will help build general awareness of your product, service or brand and will supplement any direct marketing and advertising efforts.
  6. 6. Visibility A lot of small and medium size businesses can’t gain traction in marketplace. It’s not business model that’s problem. It’s lack of visibility. PR increases your visibility in media, internet end search engines.
  7. 7. Third party promotion Your prospects and clients are very sceptical about marketing messages. But if third party is talking about you, people will listen. In end of the day you’ll gain more credibilty and spread your message.
  8. 8. Employee morale When your PR campaing launch you can be sure to see proud company Employees burst with joy to be engage with newsworthly activities. Motivated employees generate more revenue than unmotivated ones.
  9. 9. Damage control Any business interacting with public will get to the point when damage control is needed. Crisis managment is PR team work. Unsolved problems may have a great impact on your business and destroy trust you earned.
  10. 10. Different kinds of PR
  11. 11. Kinds of Public Relations Media Relations Newsletter Special events SEO PR Media Tours
  12. 12. Media Relations media you can gain coverage. With estabilishing relations with and offer credibility. It helps to to sustain integrity
  13. 13. Media Tour spokesperson to travel around. This strategy involves company attending events. giving interviews and
  14. 14. Newsletter method of keeping individuals A newsletter offers an excellent and achievments. updated about you company
  15. 15. Special events to a consumer appreciation They might be anything or running a discount. day, market day, hiring a brand,
  16. 16. SEO PR will boost your visibility Combining SEO and PR negative articles or comments. in seach results and help to „hide”
  17. 17. PR tips to boost your business
  18. 18. Frame out your story Without communication, without story, without a strategy you can’t gain trust on the market and build your brand. Don’t let someone else tell your company story for you.
  19. 19. Respect your money A public relations campaign may be executed with less budget than majority of ad campaigns.
  20. 20. Build a media network Make contact with journalist and become their trusted information source. You can boost your media relations by knowing your journalists better. Try to build a media base, send friendly e-mails and compelling pitches.
  21. 21. Build your brand journal Gather or press releases and press kits in one place. It will help journalists with research and boost your SEO. Remeber to optimize it for social media and make sharing easier.
  22. 22. Sustain regularity Even the best of public relations campaigns seldom produce results overnight. Plan your campaing from a six month to one year and set certain goals.
  23. 23. Prowly will boost your PR PR will boost your business
  24. 24. Try us for free or request a demo: