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  1. 1. “GOOGLE” The electronic Earth Holding all of us1
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Google is a web search engine that brings whatever information you need in world wide web in the form of web pages. • Google Search is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web. • Google Search was originally developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brine in 19973
  3. 3. GOOGLE The Vision To make search engines so powerful they would understand "everything in the world". The Mission To organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful. The Focus Google continues to focus on innovation and on the user experience.4
  4. 4. Google’s Philosophy o Focus on the user, and all else will follow. o It‘s best to do one thing really well. o Fast is better than slow. o Democracy on the web works. o The world is a wonderful R&D Lab. o You can make money without doing evil. o There‘s always more information out there. o The need for information crosses all borders. o Great just isn‘t good enough.5
  5. 5. Internet World Stats6
  6. 6. Geographic Analysis7
  7. 7. Nielsen’s Tops of 20118
  8. 8. TOOLS ( PRODUCTS) Web Standalone Communication & Search Applications publishing Maps Ad Words Editor 3D Warehouse Ride Finder Gmail Notifier Blogger Analytics Hello Pack Calendar, Docs& Directory Photo Screensaver Spreadsheets Google Mini Picasa Dodge ball SMS Secure Access FeedBurner Search Mash GTalk Gmail, Orkut SketchUp YouTube Advertising Desktop Reader AdSense Extension Mobile Products AdWords Blogger Web Blogger Mobile Audio Ads Comments Calendar Click-to-Call Browser Sync Gmail Grants Dashboard Widgets News TV Ads Send to Phone iGoogle Toolbar Reader Maps Mobile9
  9. 9. Desktop products  Earth -Virtual globe that uses satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS over a 3D globe.  Gmail/Google Notifier (Alerts the user of new messages in their Gmail account.  Google Dictionary  Picasa (Photo organization and editing application, providing photo library options and simple effects.  Picasa Web Albums Uploader An application to help uploading images to the "Picasa Web Albums" service It consists of both an iPhoto plug-in and a stand-alone application.  SketchUp Simple 3D sketching program with unique dragging interface and direct integration with Google Earth.  GOOGLE Talk10
  10. 10. Desktop extensions  Blogger Web Comments (Firefox only) Displays related comments from other Blogger users.  Gears  Send to Phone.  Toolbar Web browser toolbar with features - Google Search box, phishing protection, pop-up blocker11
  11. 11. Mobile products  Google Mobilizer Makes any web page mobile-friendly.  Mobile search  Google Notebook  Mobile Updater (BlackBerry only) -Sync for BlackBerry  Android Platform -Android platform including external libraries, applications, hosted services)12
  12. 12. Commercial Products (BUSINESS PRODUCTS) AdSense Advertisement program for Website owners. Adverts generaterevenue. AdWords Advertising product, and main source of revenue. AdWordsoffers pay-per-click. AdWords Website Optimizer Tool for testing different website content advertising campaigns. Click-to-Call Calling system free at Googles expense from search resultspages. Grants -Scheme for non-profit organizations to benefit from free Cost-Per-Click advertising on the AdWords network.13
  13. 13. Communication & Publishing  3D Warehouse Google 3D Warehouse is an online service that hosts 3D models of existing objects, locations .etc.  Blogger  Calendar Document, spreadsheet and presentation application, with document collaboration and publishing capabilities.  FeedBurner - News feed management services  Friend Connect  Orkut  Groups Web and e-mail discussion service and Usenet archive.  Reader  SMS Channels (Google India Only)  Questions and Answers (Google Russia Only)  YouTube14
  14. 14. Development  Android Open Source mobile phone platform .  App Engine A tool that allows developers to write and run web applications.  Code Site contains Open Source code and lists of their API services.  OpenSocial APIs for building social applications websites.  Subscribed Links  Web Toolkit An open source Java software development15
  15. 15. Mapping  Maps Mapping service that indexes streets and displays satellite and street-level imagery, driving directions and local business search.  Mars Imagery of Mars using the Google Maps interface.  Moon NASA imagery of the moon.  Google Sky An Internet tool for viewing the stars and galaxies  Ride Finder Taxi, shuttle search service, using real time position of vehicles in 14 US cities.  Google Transit -Public transport trip planning through the Google Maps interface.16
  16. 16. SEARCH  Web Search  Alerts E-mail notification service  Base Google submission database,  Book Search  Catalogs Search engine for over 6,600 print catalogs  Checkout  Directory (Google China)  Experimental Search  Finance Searchable US business news, opinion, and financial data.17
  17. 17. Accessible Search  Image Search  Language Tools  Life Search (Google China)  News Archive Search  Patent Search  Product Search (Previously Froogle) Price engine that searches online stores, including auctions  Scholar  Search engine for the full text of scholarly literature  Sets List of items generated when the user enters  Suggest Auto-completion in search results18
  18. 18. Statistics  Analytics Traffic statistics generator for defined websites, with strong AdWords integration. Based on the statistics.  Gapminder Data trend viewing platform for statistics accessible on the internet in an animated, interactive graph form.  Trends Graph plotting application for Web Search statistics  Zeitgeist Collection of lists of the most frequent search queries. There are weekly, monthly and yearly lists, as well as topic and country specific lists.19
  19. 19. Other Products  Google Search Appliance Hardware device that can be hooked to corporate intranets for indexing/searching of company files.  Google Mini Reduced capacity and less expensive version of the Google Search Appliance.  GOOG-411 Googles directory assistance service, which can be used free of charge from any telephone in the US and Canada.20
  20. 20. core features in Google Instant: Dynamic Results - Google dynamically displays relevant search results as you type so you can quickly interact and click through to the web content need. Predictions - One of the key technologies in Google Instant is that it predict the rest of the query (in light gray text) before finish typing Scroll to search - Scroll through predictions and see results instantly for each as you arrow down.21
  21. 21. o Google plans to launch glasses with a heads-up display by the end of 2012 o They will include a display, mere inches from the wearer’s eye, streaming real-time info about your surroundings, similar to the various augmented reality applications we’ve seen on smartphones. o The data will be fetched through a 3G/4G data connection, and the glasses will retrieve information through GPS and several sensors.22
  22. 22. o The glasses will be integrated with other Google products, like Google Latitude to share location, Google Goggles to search images and identify what is being looked at, and Google Maps to search for nearby places. o For example, if a user is wearing the HUD and looking directly at a bar, that bar could choose to display an ad telling the user about its real- time offers. o According to the report, the glasses are expected to start selling at the end of the year at a price of between $250 and $600 — about the cost of a smartphone.23
  23. 23. ‹#›
  24. 24. Growth - List of Google acquisitions2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2Web Technologies dMarc Xunlei Phatbits Broadcasting– Adscape – Video Urchin S/W Inc. Radio Advertising Game advertising Dodgeball Trendalyzer Reqwireless Measure Map Tonic Systems Current Comm. Group Upstartle Marratech Android @Last Software GreenBorder Skia Orion Panoramio Akwan InfoTech Neven Vision FeedBurner AOL (5% stake) - JotSpot PeakStream Internet YouTube- Video Zenter Sharing Grand Central – VOIP Endoxon
  25. 25. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Analysis Weakness Analysis 26
  26. 26. Threats Analysis Opportunities Analysis Google Yahoo Microsoft Traditional Other Software Pay Per Use office advertisement domain Apps. Internet Ads Office Suites27
  27. 27. HOW GOOGLE WORKS • Googles success is mainly due to a patented algorithm called PageRank that helps rank web pages that match a given search string. • The exact percentage of the total of web pages that Google indexes are not known. • All the other competitors use keyword- based methods of ranking search results28
  28. 28. GOOGLE IN 3 ASPECTS Technology Business Society29
  29. 29. TECHNOLOGY ASPECT  Google consists of three distinct parts for fast parallel processing.  Googlebot, a web crawler that finds and fetches web pages.  The Indexer that sorts and stores the resulting index of words in a huge database.  The Query Processor, compares the search query to the index and recommends the documents that it considers most relevant.30
  31. 31. GOOGLE Technology overview Relevance Technology that determined the ―importance‖ of a webpage by looking at what other pages link to it, as well as other data. Comprehensiveness • Google launched in 1998 with just 25 million pages, which was a small fraction of the web, then. • Today Google index billions and billions of webpages, and our index is roughly 100 million gigabytes.32
  32. 32. Google security and product safety Reporting security issues Google allows to report security issues regarding your personal Google account. Android and Security Google defend Android users from malware and other threats difference for users‘ security. • Expanding Safe Browsing Alerts to include malware distribution domains • Protecting data for the long term with forward secrecy33
  33. 33. 34
  34. 34. SOCIAL ASPECT35
  36. 36. Google mobile world Android : Open Source O.S  Android Developer Challenge: Contest for developers to create new applications for Android  Open Handset Alliance: Common initiative of 34 mobile phone industry players (manufacturers ,suppliers and distributors) aiming at spreading Android37
  37. 37. online environment Launching of Google Gears: Open Source project allowing an offline use of online applications Claimed ambition of becoming a standard and encouraging online languages as opposed to offline programming languages38
  38. 38. AdWords skill with Individual Qualification Professionals looking to update and demonstrate search skills to employers can study and certify to become Individually Qualified in Google AdWords • Improved knowledge & practical application of AdWords tools • Globally recognized stamp of approval certifying essential AdWords knowledge • Showcase specialist knowledge through advanced exams covering search, display, reporting & analysis― - AdWords Certified Partner -39
  39. 39.  Google Trends, compare the world‘s interest in your favorite topics. Google Trends shows users‘ propensity to search for a certain topic on Google on a relative basis Google Trends also shows how frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories, and in which geographic regions people have searched for them most. Google Trends analyzes a portion of Google web searches to compute how many searches have been done for the terms you enter, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time (Search Volume Index)40
  40. 40. Additional features of Google Search application Quick Access to Google. • Search by voice.* Speak your queries instead of typing them. • My Location. Avoid typing your current location when searching for nearby businesses (e.g. "pizza" or "starbucks"). • Autocomplete. Search and get a list of predictions displayed in a drop-down menu below the search box. • Search history. Quickly search again for queries you recently performed.41
  41. 41. Google Public DNS: 70 billion requests a day and counting o Google Public DNS is a free, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service, that you can use as an alternative to your current DNS provider. o DNS acts like the phone book of the Internet. If you had to look up hundreds or thousands of phone numbers every day, you‘d want a directory that was fast, secure and correct. o Google Public DNS has become particularly popular for our users internationally. Today, about 70 percent of its traffic comes from outside the U.S Google Public o DNS‘s goal is simple: making the web—really, the whole Internet!— faster for users.42
  42. 42. GOOGLE STRENGTH FACTORS Data mining •The web offers the opportunity to exploit and analyze a very large amount of data Openness •Content and services must be open and interoperable to favor audience circulation43
  43. 43. Uniqueness in Google SEARCH  Speed, Accuracy, Objectivity and Ease of use.  Fit between their technology and the consumer behavior.  Page Rank technology – Orkut merged  Solved the scale up problem  Positioned as ―Fastest Crawling Technique‖  Keeps the search ―Up to date‖44
  44. 44. Facts About Google Google knows weather! Simply type in the weather operator, followed by the name of a location. You can also type in a zip code for more specific results45
  45. 45. Google Knows What Time It Is! If you need to know the time in another time zone, all you do is type ‗time‘ in Google‘s search bar, followed by the location. If a location name is ambiguous, multiple results will be shown.46
  46. 46. Google’s Got A Calculator. Google is great for relatively simple arithmetic calculations, including square roots, logarithms, order of operations, and trigonometric functions such as sine and cosine. Google calculator also defines various constants such as e and c(speed of light). The calculator can also perform just about any unit conversion that I can think of, from temperature to weight to pressure to length. And both American and metric units are supported47
  47. 47. Google has a built-in currency converter Typing in other currencies such as the Euro, or the Yen. You can look up phone numbers by simply typing them into the search field. All numbers that are in the phonebook will be retrieved.48
  48. 48. Google Maps’ Street View Helps Fight Crime! Police use Google‘s Street View product to locate and rescue. Using the GPS coordinates of the cell phone (obtained from the cell phone carrier every time the phone was activated), police were able to retrieve street view and satellite images which enabled them to survey the area ahead of time and guess which building, exact location So with help from Google, a crime can be averted.49
  49. 49. Google Wallet $ - Pay Everything in the Electronic World - o Google Wallet is a new application powered by the Android software that literally converts your mobile phone into a mobile wallet. o It is packed with cashless and card less purchase capability of electronic transactions without using the credit card. o It operates to comply with the electronic transactions supported by NFC tagged electronic devices o The presence of NFC tags Near field communication (NFC) in mobile equipment allows transactions minus the electronic passage or reading or the credit card o NFC tags records everything about the credit card of the consumer.50
  50. 50. GOOGLE’s NEXT STEP  Launching Offline application  Powerful technological force 1.0 2.0 Shrinks the World 3.051
  51. 51. References: Websites Books The Google Story - David A.Vise52