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Don't Google it. Social It!


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Biggest social fail? Facebook search. Greatest social feature? Facebook Graph Search. Is SEO dead? No, till people want to search - anything, anywhere. Social SEO is on the rise and I show you why and how use it for your success. Social SEO experiments unveiled.

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Don't Google it. Social It!

  1. 1. Don't Google it, Social it! Pavel Ungr, SEO consultant @pavelungr @necodymiconer (cz only)
  2. 2. What did people say about my presentation?
  3. 3. SEO is expanding SEO UX Content Social Analytics
  4. 4. Google needs SOCIAL Backlinks are inconclusive, results could be corructible. It is all only about the budget. Therefore search engines needs different signals about quality websites.
  5. 5. Why SOCIAL for SEO? SOCIAL helps indexing SOCIAL helps ranking SOCIAL helps visibility
  6. 6. SOCIAL needs Google Social media fails in searching.
  7. 7. Why SEO for SOCIAL? SEO knows how to optimize profile SEO knows the topics and target group SEO knows right keyword
  8. 8. Why SEO for Open Graph? Every search needs SEO.
  9. 9. Social signals in search are important, but … Some people are sceptical We need experiments!
  10. 10. Tasty Placement: Social signals
  11. 11. Results: Social promo methodics Position rise/fall in SERP 100 Google+ followers 14,63 300 +1s 9,44 70 Facebook shares, 50 likes 6,9 50 retweets 2,88 1000 Twitter followers -1,22 No social activity -0,11
  12. 12. What we need to know to admit, that social signals are working? Indexing only through social media links
  13. 13. Social media indexing test Facebook URL Twitter URL Google+ URL
  14. 14. Social media indexation test • 22 shares, 25 comments, 6 likes Facebook URL • 19 retweets, 7 replies Twitter URL • 31 shares, 4 comments, 9 +1s Google+ URL
  15. 15. No backlinks
  16. 16. Fraked aggregators! (Twitter) (Twitter) (Twitter) (Google+) (Google+) (Google+)
  17. 17. Experiment starts 1.6.2013 Dates of indexing URL 10.6. 10.6. 4.6. N/A 2.6. 8.6.
  18. 18. URL 2 44 3 N/A 4 3 Position in site:domain.tld Amazing surprise Results on
  19. 19. Control test for sixteen days No social No links No indexing V češtině na
  20. 20. Results Google index all Google is #1 Seznam ignores Twitter Social activity improves ranking
  21. 21. Takeaways
  22. 22. Social signals work
  23. 23. Google+ is the future
  24. 24. Use SOCIAL for support your websites Use SEO for improving SOCIAL media profiles
  25. 25. Questions? write me or @pavelungr @necodymiconer (in czech only)
  26. 26. Credits: • • m/ • • • • • • Other SOCIAL SEO sources on my Delicious: