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DFWSEM Metrics to Show Your CEO Ruth Burr


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As online marketers, we start reaching our users way, way before they actually reach our site. So why are we so focused on on-page when it comes to analytics? My presentation from the 2013 DFWSEM State of Search conference discusses how to measure marketing analytics and sell it internally.

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DFWSEM Metrics to Show Your CEO Ruth Burr

  1. Metrics to Show Your CEO Ruth Burr Senior SEO @ruthburr 1 11/18/2013
  2. This is Not What We’re Doing. 2 @ruthburr
  3. So Why Are We Doing it Here? 3 @ruthburr
  4. Google + Brands = BFF 4 @ruthburr
  5. Google Users + Brands = BFF 5 @ruthburr
  6. So Let’s Build a Brand! 6 @ruthburr …or start a band.
  7. Sessions, Not Searches $ 7 @ruthburr
  8. Campaigns, Not Channels 8 @ruthburr
  9. 9 @ruthburr
  10. OK But How Did It Go? 10 @ruthburr
  11. Google Analytics Assisted Conversions 11 @ruthburr
  12. To Infinity, and Beyond Conversions 12 @ruthburr
  13. Speak Your CEO’s Language Starring CEO Dog 13 @ruthburr
  14. “I Built a PR9 Link” 14 @ruthburr
  15. “I Got a Mention in the Media that Drove Traffic and Sales” 15 @ruthburr
  16. “I Grew Our Twitter Followers by 15%” 16 @ruthburr
  17. “We’ve Increased Reach and Engagement by 20%” 17 @ruthburr
  18. “Our Competitors Have More Linking CBlocks Than We Do” 18 @ruthburr
  19. “Our Competitor’s Brand Gets Mentioned Way More Often Than Ours Does” 19 @ruthburr
  20. “Maybe It Was All Branded Search?” 20 @ruthburr
  21. SO? 21 @ruthburr
  22. Thanks Everybody! 22