Does google+ help in building seo


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Google+ gives you an added advantage and strong SEO support. With higher rankings on search listing, fetch your business optimum profits by putting no extra effort and time.

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Does google+ help in building seo

  1. 1. In this www (World Wide Web) era, everyone is compelled to extensively use the internet. Everybody has become internet savvy. Once you get habituated, you search for different terms and their utilization. How often have you googled (or used Google) for searching something?
  2. 2. Since its launch Google Search has transformed our lives. Google search has become inherent part of our life, it is always at our disposal to answer any questions that we may have –  What is SEO?  How does it affect the search results?  What are the things that help/affect SEO?  What is Google+?
  3. 3. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. — It’s the process that improves and promotes websites/web-pages in order to increase visitors from search engine. — Accurate SEO helps you to get thousands of visitors, incorrect efforts bury your site/page deep in the search results.
  4. 4. Social destination and social layering on top of Google products and services. Google+ was born very recently. Now it’s crawling towards fitting as one of the most vigorous social destination via millions of accounts. It is poles apart from other social platforms.
  5. 5. • Google+ has emerged as a powerful social platform having much influence on Google search not only because it’s Google product but because of very construct of it. • Google+ provides direct impact on Google by gaining enriched data from users.
  6. 6. • When you create profile on Google+ and look out on web simultaneously, Google follows the footprint of your interests and identity information. • Your sharing, interests, likings and +1’ing get reflected in social signals as we know it is of prime importance for search engines.
  7. 7. Social signals help to build web influence by attracting more and more followers. Large numbers of web followers are the brightest testimonials. Having outstanding social profile will prove authenticity of the web and will lead to more social signals.
  8. 8. Social signal influences PageRank in search engine. Social signals improve the number of valuable inbound links on your web. Google+ authorship and its social layer provide you wide range of social signals which in the end improves SEO.
  9. 9. In conclusion, The obvious advantage of Google+ lies in the fact that it is a part of Google family. Having Google+ account will benefit you in all aspects of SEO and better search rankings will help your business fetch good results. It is a well-known fact that having fewer contacts with big potential is more important than having large number of contacts with less potential. Habitual give-and-take with potential contacts is the key to manage SEO.