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entertainment of digital     industry
point of view on the effects
     nnual theatre revenue has
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Digital entertainment industry; a point of view.


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Covers the effects of the online space on the entertainment industry, and how advertisers can reverse the detrimental trend that is now being faced. Assigned in creative planning - taught by Justin Cox - the assignment was to choose any industry and analyze the affect from digital.

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Digital entertainment industry; a point of view.

  1. 1. entertainment of digital industry A point of view on the effects nnual theatre revenue has by paris daniell reached a flattening trend, while other entertainment 
 sources take part in consumer mindshare. Marketing costs are a large portion of a movie’s budget, and Causing a shift in theatre experience. big time studios such as Warner People treat the movies as a social Bros are looking to digital as a experience. Higher ticket rates, better way to stretch their ad dollars. home theatres (price, picture, and Tertiary entertainment sources pause button), forced advertising, are a result of the internet, making and less freedom are all detracting digital a complete game changer elements in the theatre experience. for the entertainment industry. People now see their home theatre Theatre audiences are highly as a main source of entertainment; digital and connected. Now the the digital television is becoming the movie industry must find where ultimate home theatre, with streaming they’re at and have a relevant and content such as Netflix Watch engaging conversation with them. Instantly features - a cost efficient Using the online space can reduce 8.99 a month for an unlimited amount ad spend with better consumer of streaming movies on demand targeting, in comparison to a high including one mail-in DVD. reach low frequency medium such as T.V. The film industry must 
 focus on the experiential element of the movies; and make their advertising social, on 3-D movies are a niche filled only by theatres, for demand, and engaging. now. Drawing audiences for unique experiential The catalyst for digital movies at a premium price. Though competitors like interaction with a movie LG’s 3-D televisions threaten this sweet spot. theatre is based on impulse and related to local Piracy and the internet; how has showing times and an audience’s spare time. the film industry countered the Using digital as a platform for advertising must not threat? In the past national and only include social, but other elements of the online international film releases were space. For instance, Facebook connect, twitter, staggered – providing an extended Google Buzz, Integrated Sales, etc, can be integrated income window. As a result of internet piracy – the into rich media ad’s and enable consumers to get film industry has had to release movies on a global friends to go to the movies with. De-siloing online level. Preventing the rug from being pulled under advertising is the first step to a stronger digital the studios before release. Many argue that piracy campaign for films, but it will take strategy that is in is a result of the industry itself – because of an line with consumer needs. environment they have created in interest of greed. . april 2010 . entertainment industry P.O.V.