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Digital Trend Report on Online Content Browsing


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Digital Trend Report on Online Content Browsing

  1. 1. DIGITAL TREND Publicis Modem Content exploration – Done digging in a traditional manner Saturation of content – It would take 412.3 years to view all of the material on YouTube (as of March 17th 2008). The indigestible amount of content on the web is changing the way digital participants see new content; or the lack thereof. The discovery of new content and information began with the printing press– a means to concentrate and disseminate amongst the public. Today’s equivalent of this on the web is Google’s search browser – a place where 90% of user’s begin their search amongst a sea of information – but this method of discovery is still very limited due to the flow of information. Browsing behaviors are evolving with the introduction of social networks and micro-blogging; digital participants are now sharing and discovering new content via peer to peer interaction. Rather than venturing out in a sea of information, they rely on product reviews, tweets and Facebook updates to provide them with relevant digital news. Share worthy situations. Publish content that’s worth sharing. No longer does an audience want to strictly read a tech journalist’s review article, instead frequent and quality interaction in the places where the audience How can this trending topic be applied? operates will promote sharing and improve messaging reach. Enhance exploration. Create experiences around the discovery of content, instead of creating new content that Best practices – will be lost amongst an oversaturated environment. This is not the best practice for every digital campaign, but can A great example of content exploration was created for be extremely effective when applied to relevant audience the 52nd Grammies - interests. Users are using sites such as Travel ready messaging. If an audience finds value in the and to aggregate relevant content and content your brand provides, they will want to share place it in one place; this is another example of content it. Creating content that can live across many online exploration and discovery. destinations by using API’s such as Google’s Open Social will maximize viral efficiency and allow for a more ‘always on’ campaign. January, 31, 2010