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[yellow tail] wine, consumer persona


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A persona is an archetype that represents a consumer segment. Attached to a persona is empathy, allowing advertisers to understand the needs, wants, fears, and goals of their potential audience. With secondary and primary research, this POV has been developed on a insights that are human.
This is my final for creative planning, taught by Justin Cox. Enjoy

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[yellow tail] wine, consumer persona

  1. 1. mellow [yellow tail]® persona " " Wine accompanies the times when I mellow out. It's artful and puts me in a beautiful place. Andrea Parker • 28 years old • Mother and Wife by Paris Daniell Biography Needs Aspirations Andrea is busy living the life of a young • Connection; family, herself, friends. Create peace. mother. Her two year old son Caleb keeps her • Passion; interests, art, shared. Within the family and her life. Bringing sanity occupied during her day, going to play groups • Time; routine, family, balance. to hectic days requires a balance of relaxation several times a week and running dozens of • Escape; relaxation, quality time, peace. - Andrea treasures this time but often lacks the other miscellaneous errands. Often she is wealth of time to do so. taking pictures of her son, and the local events What she fears Creative individuality. surrounding her. Andrea attended SFSU as a Disconnection. Maintaining connection Andrea wants to be recognized for her photography photography major, leaving with her associates requires certain balance. and express her. Defining her tastes and interests is degree and an engagement ring. • The connection to family is very also shared with Bradley. Bradley came into her life soon before important to her, and she is always she graduated - offering her an Air Force Be an influencer. striving to be a better mother and wife. lifestyle, Andrea enjoys traveling and welcomes Maturing into a more experienced mother, she • Andrea's friends are also important the adventure. Bradley's job as a MP doesn't to her, as they are the ones she spends seeks to be seen as a source of advice. require moving often. Currently, their home is much of her time with. Get culturally seasoned. in Monterey, Ca. Both Andrea and her husband • She fears that she may lose connection She seeks influences from places that are exotic and have lived in California for most of their life, and with herself, as a creative, she indulges exciting - where she can grow as a photographer. see it as their home state. in defining her image and tastes. Paris Daniell [.com] mellow [yellow tail] persona • p. 1
  2. 2. mellow [yellow tail]®