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Digital Trend Report on Social Media Support


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Digital Trend Report on Social Media Support

  1. 1. DIGITAL TREND Publicis Modem Bored with discussion boards – migration of conversation Delivery of customer service has changed throughout time, but has always strived to provide customers with satisfaction before, during, and after the purchasing process. Online support through discussion boards has been a mainstay in customer service systems, but now these destinations are becoming stale and un-able to reach customers with questions. There has been in shift in how people look for support. Customers are moving their support related concerns from discussion boards to social networks. This migration could be considered a matter of convenience. When a customer is searching for answers, they look for the most convenient solution to their problem. Typing a question into Google can result in two things; it will lead you to a possible answer after a lot of digging, or you will find a place where you may ask your question after a lot of registering. This scouring experience is inconvenient and consumers are leaving behind this practice behind for a simpler solution – asking their friends for help. This new trend of behavior samples the idea of crowd- sourcing - Taking a task that is normally given to an employee and assigning it to a large group of people Exercise your advocates. Brands can harness their advocates through an open call. Looking for help from people in and use them as customer service representatives. These numbers rather than specific individuals is reliable and advocates are already answering questions and sourcing considerably easier for consumers, making it their first brand provided information for more complex problems. move when seeking support online. The response time is quicker than if it were from an employee and the advice comes generally from firsthand experience. How can this trending topic be applied? Watch and learn. Since these conversations are traceable and measurable, brands can look at social support as a new Create a social support destination. Because the source of information. Watching for trending support conversation and questions have migrated, so must topics can allow companies to keep these issues in mind a brands communication channel for support. The for the next product that launches. discussion board or forum isn’t obsolete, it‘s just less convenient. Keeping these boards open creates a source of raw info, but the real interaction is happening within social networks and micro-blogs. January, 31, 2010