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  1. 1. Carlota López Gutiérrez 1ºV
  2. 2. CANADA• Extens from theAtlantic Ocean to thePacific Ocean andnorthwards into theArtic Ocean, to thesouth, it borders theU.S.
  3. 3. CAPITAL CITY• Ottawa is thecapital.•Its name meansbusiness.•Ottawa is thethird cleanest cityin the world.
  4. 4. GEOGRAPHY • Large forests and huge plains. • Near to the frontier with U.S are The Great Lakes.
  5. 5. RELIGIONS• There are no officialreligions because thecountry declared itself“secular”.•Most of thepopulations areprotestants.•Catholicism ispracticed mainly in thearea of Quebec.
  6. 6. CULTURE• Mixture of themulticultural diversity thatover time has developedits own identily.• Canadian traditionalfestivals: The Carnival inQuebec, the MontrealJazz Festival, and thestampede Calgary.
  7. 7. FOOD • Canada has typical food like poutine (potatoes with cheese). • Chicken and beef pies are very popular.
  8. 8. PLACES TO VISITArea de Charlevoix (Quebec) Nigara Parkway