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Nova Scotia Presentation-Microsoft


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Nova Scotia Presentation-Microsoft

  1. 1. Nova Scotia Scott Shearer
  2. 2. Location • Canada • One of thirteen Canadian Provinces • Island off of the Atlantic coast Nova Scotia
  3. 3. Nova Scotia Itself• Capital is Halifax and is built right on the Atlantic Ocean.• Provincial Population of 945,500, as of January , 2012.
  4. 4. Nova Scotia Itself• Nova Scotia contains 3,800 smaller islands, as well as the main island of Nova Scotia.• Halifax has a population of roughly 400,000.• One of the smallest provinces, but has second highest population density.
  5. 5. Climate• The climate ranges from 26ºF to over 75ºF between the winter and summer.• It is known for freezing rain.• Receives nearly 70 inches of precipitation a year.
  6. 6. Geography• Seven Regions• Halifax, founded in 1749, is the capital of Nova Scotia.• Only 88 miles wide and 360 miles long• 34,175 square miles in total
  7. 7. Geography• The highest point is White Hill Lake, 1738 feet, in the Cape Breton Highlands.• Over 3,000 lakes• Largest lake is Bras d’Ors Lake in Cape Breton.
  8. 8. Culture and History• First settled by the Mi’kmaq First Nation 11,000 years ago.• Vikings arrived in 900 A.D.• Next Europeans arrived with John Cabot in 1497.• First settlement occurred 100 years later by French at Port Royale.
  9. 9. Culture and History• Prior to the American Revolution, many people loyal to the Crown moved to Nova Scotia.• Officially joined the Dominion of Canada in 1867.• Nova Scotia has a large Scottish population.• Nova Scotia means “New Scotland” in Latin
  10. 10. Nova Scotia Today• Nova Scotia, Halifax in particular, is the center of economics for Atlantic Canada.• Nova Scotia has its own parliament with 52 representatives.• Its location makes it a center for immigration.
  11. 11. Nova Scotia Today• Heavy reliance on fishing, though reduced fishing has affected Nova Scotia’s economy negatively.• Mining, forestry, agriculture and manufacturing are large parts of its economy.
  12. 12. Nova Scotia Today• There are large Irish, Arab, French, German, Dutch, and of course, Scottish communities.• Immigration is part of Nova Scotia’s past and is expected to play a large role in its future.
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