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Functional areas


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Functional areas

  1. 1. Paige Shirley
  2. 2.  Finance will keep a record of all moneycoming in and going out of the business.They have responsibility for securing financesfor future expansion and paying staff andsuppliers. Cash inflow Cash outflow Capital
  3. 3.  Human Resources - ensures the business hasthe best staff for the job and that they areable to work effectively in a safe environment. Recruitment Retention Training Conditions of work Work Representatives: Health and Safety
  4. 4.  Customer Service will help the customerbefore and after a sale has been made byproviding information, givingadvice, providing credit facilities, deliveringgoods and providing after-sales support. Information Customer Support After Sale Support Customer Advice
  5. 5.  Operations have the task of producing thegoods or service in the most efficient way.This is done by making best use of thebusinesss staff, machinery, building and rawmaterials. Getting the right materials/equipment Planning Production Monitoring Production Monitoring Budgets Providing Services Monitoring Quality
  6. 6.  Marketing and sales will try and maximize thelevel of sales by carrying out market researchand promoting the goods or service througha motivated sales team. Market Research Market Analysis Market Strategy Sales Team
  7. 7.  Administration and ICT support ensure thesmooth running of the business on a day-to-day basis. They have responsibility for clericalduties, cleaning, computer and softwaresupport, security and health and safety; Clerical Work Cleaning and Maintenance Technical Support Security
  8. 8.  Research and development will help thebusiness remain competitive by developingnew goods and services and updating theexisting ones. New Product Development Research into New Products Experiment with New Ideas Improving Existing Product