E mental Health Conference - Welcome & Programme


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E mental Health Conference - Welcome & Programme

  1. 1. WELCOME E-Mental Health:Harnessing the Power of Digital for Better Mental Health NHS South of England (East) Monday 18th March 2013
  2. 2. House Keeping• Toilets• Fire Drills & Exits• Wi-Fi Connection• Car Parking #ementalhealth• Helpers for the Day
  3. 3. Time Speaker & Topic10:00 Chair Welcome10:20 Ali Mousa Why Use Digital Technology in Mental Health?10:40 Paul Irwin – Director, TryLife The Role of Technology in Youth Services11:00 Jenny Hyatt – CEO, The Big White Wall Delivering Best Practice in E-Mental Health11:30 Refreshments and e-Mental Health Exhibition11:50 Rebecca Cotton -Deputy Director, Mental Health Network, NHS Confederation The Policy Context & Future of E-Mental Health12:10 James Seward – Managing Director, Buddy App Psychological therapies in the Digital World: The Buddy App12:30 Buffet Lunch in Main Foyer
  4. 4. Time13:00 E-Mental Health Exhibition, Live Computer-based Demonstrations Opportunity to View & Create Your E-Mental Health Videos13:45 Interactive Workshop Session (6 Questions on 6 Tables)15:00 Feedback & Postcard Pledges15:15 Question Time Debate with: Ali Mousa James Seward Paul Irwin Jenny Hyatt Rebecca Cotton16:00 Sarah Amani & Katrina Lake Closing Comments16:15 Closing
  5. 5. 09:30 Icebreaker & Ground Rules:• Pair up with someone you don’t know• Write down 2 true statements and 1 lie about yourself• Share the 3 statements – have your partner guess which is untrue.• 5 ground rules for the day
  6. 6. 13: 45 Interactive Workshop• The person with the stress ball has the floor• Wait for ball before adding your ideas• Use post it notes for additional thoughts/ideas• Please use markers & pens to draw & convey ideas• You will have 10 minutes for each question/table;
  7. 7. 15:15 Question Time Debate• Write one question you want answered & debated by the panel about E-Mental Health.• Chair will ask panel members to comment & debate• A cartoonist/live scriber will use caricatures & drawings to capture the main points in real time.
  8. 8. 16:00 Pledges• List one thing you have learnt/gained from the session• Write down one thing you will do in the next week as a result of the above• Use the postcard to write down your pledge• These will be posted to you in a week• A chance to share your pledge with the group
  9. 9. Thank You E-Mental Health:Harnessing the Power of Digital for Better Mental Health NHS South of England (East) Monday 18th March 2013