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Mindful Service

  1. 1. Mindful ServiceA service for 16 -25 year olds West Surrey – Sharon Snape Telephone – 07771976770Email – Sharon.snape@sabp.nhs.uk East Surrey – Elaine Fynn Telephone – 01737773089 Email – Elaine.fynn@sabp.nhs.uk http://www.sabp.nhs.uk/services/young-persons
  2. 2. The Mindful Service for Surrey sits within the Specialist Services Portfolio of theChildren’s and Young Peoples Services for Surrey and Borders Partnership NHSFoundation Trust.Mindful was created to promote engagement of hard to reach, hard toengage young people aged 16 -25 with emerging to moderate mental healthdifficulties who were not accessing traditional mental health services forvarious reasons.The service is an outreach service based in Guildford and Redhill.
  3. 3. • To provide signposting, consultation, assessment, intervention, training and liaison as appropriate for presenting concerns.• Consultation and training is aimed at enhancing the confidence and competence necessary to deliver an intervention provided by others, involved in the mental health care of young people.• To work alongside and target non statutory and voluntary services.• To raise awareness and increase knowledge of mental health needs in young people.• To provide training and workshops for staff and young people.
  4. 4. • To provide added value not already met by traditional statutory mental health services.• Not to duplicate services already being offered and provided.• Providing a mental health service that is not provided elsewhere for a group of young people who have a high level of need.• Prevention of long term mental health needs of this group• Partnership agency with a mental health focus for this age group.• Increasing mental health knowledge of staff involved with young people in this age range.• Increasing access & patient choice for very vulnerable young people.
  5. 5. Target Needs• Young people who are homeless.• Young people who have drug and/or alcohol difficulties• Young people in the PEET category• Young people leaving social care
  6. 6. Target Services
  7. 7. Our Aims• to prevent the potential of long-term mental health needs of this group.• to work in partnership with other agencies to ensure the mental health needs for this age group are addressed.• to educate and advise those involved with young people about mental health issues.• to increase acce.ss and client choice for vulnerable young people
  8. 8. • Community, out-reach based service which is informal, flexible, accessible and non-stigmatising.• Flexibility in venues and meeting times, including out of hours if required.• Flexibility and ongoing attempts to engage if appointments are missed.• Close collaboration with other services involved in the young persons care.
  9. 9. Challenges• Two workers covering a large area• Prioritising workload• Expectations of non statutory services• Partnership working• The need for a flexible approach• Engaging ‘hard to reach’ young people