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How to apply new patch on siebel


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How to apply new patch on siebel

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How to apply new patch on siebel

  1. 1. How to apply new patch on Siebel Create Siebel Image Patch folder 1- After Unzip all the files provided in the Patchset to a directory, open cmd then set JAVA_HOME path where you can find it inside Siebel directory 2- Go to Patchset directory and run command snic.bat to create require Siebel Image patch folder 3- Click next
  2. 2. 4- Select Create a new image or add product 5- Type patch directory without any space 6- Select require OS
  3. 3. 7- Based on Siebel binary home installed select your image requirement such as Siebel Enterprise ,,,etc. 8- Create Siebel Image patch file finished successfully
  4. 4. Apply Siebel Image Patch Folder on Siebel Binary Home 1- open cmd then set ORACLE_HOME path 2- Go to Opatch directory and run command opatch lsinv to verify patches applied 3- Result as you can see there no any patch has been applied, so under opatch directory apply command opatch apply Siebel_Image_path (run cmd as administrator) 4- Opatch apply finished successfully, so to verify apply command opatch lsinv