Enterprise Beacon Object Hive - Siebel Version Control


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Siebel Version Control Object Based (non file based)
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Enterprise Beacon Object Hive - Siebel Version Control

  1. 1. Object Hive Siebel Version Control Enterprise Beacon, Inc. sales@enterprisebeacon.com
  2. 2. Why Version Control? • Siebel developers continuously make changes to Siebel objects • The smallest changes often introduce new defects • The quickest way of finding these defects is by inspecting the recent changes • These problems get compounded with multiple developers that are geographical spread out teams
  3. 3. Cost of fixing defects The cost of fixing defects increases exponentially with every delay
  4. 4. Why Version Control? … • When employees, consultants and system integrators leave so does the knowledge of the changes made by them • Developers forget the changes made by them as time passes • Without proper version control business runs the risk running into catastrophic production defects that can not be fixed in time or not at all
  5. 5. Siebel Version Control State of the mart • Siebel repository offers Check-in/Check-out but does not keep the version history of the objects modified – Siebel check-ins OVERWRITE the previous version of the object – There is no way to find out a objects state in a previous version – The developer only has to debug based on the current state • Support for file based version control systems – SVN, CVS, Perforce, ClearCase, SourceSafe
  6. 6. Siebel to SVN/CVS integration .srcctrl.bat .srcctrl.bat .srcctrl.bat
  7. 7. SVN/CVS challenges • Is built for Versioning files not objects that Siebel is made off • Does not integrate seamlessly with Siebel – srcctrl.bat files have to be placed in Siebel tools (Client side integration as opposed to Siebel repository) • Check-ins are not atomic – Failure to check-in in SVN does not prevent check-in to Siebel repository and vice a versa • Hard to query - Files are checked based on project vs object check-in • Hard to Maintain – SVN usernames and password have to be administered and
  8. 8. Siebel Tools UI is suited for Siebel's objects -easy to query and navigate Siebel Objects -comfort zone of the Siebel developer
  9. 9. In SVN/CVS developers have to comb through XML tags and diff XML files No easy to navigate or query like Siebel tools Hard to find right sif (object vs project changes)
  10. 10. As a result SVN/CVS is rarely implemented and even rarely adopted vs.
  11. 11. Object Hive Deployment
  12. 12. Object Hive State of the Art • Uses a db repository and structure similar to Siebel Repository instead of a file based repository makes it easy to query • Server based solution – Changes are captured directly from Siebel server repository – Versioned objects are created in Object Hive repository – No deployment necessary on individual developers tools – Query and compare objects using UI similar to Siebel Diff – Powerful analytics – Does not require additional user admin, users are authenticated against Siebel db • UI similar to Siebel Tools
  13. 13. Object Hive Architecture
  14. 14. Familiar UI
  15. 15. with familiar features
  16. 16. Powerful Repository Analytics provides insight into Siebel development A feature not possible with Siebel tools or SVN/CVS Sample report for user GKING shows all Integration Objects customized by the user And how many times each object was modified by the user and new features!
  17. 17. Sample report for Integration Object ‘getJobInfo’ IO
  18. 18. User Experience Hard to use and query Rich UI, and easy to query Integration with Siebel repository None Seamless Reporting None Bar/Pie/Time line Charts Authentication None Same as Siebel Comparing objects XML diff GUI Tree Diff SVN/CVS Object Hive Comparison of SVN/CVS and Object Hive
  19. 19. ROI • Developers can quickly pin point changes that introduce bugs. Save hours and days – Tools pays for itself in reduced debugging time • Lead developers can track changes introduced by developers. Pre-empt bugs. • Managers powerful analytics, track the development accurately. Compliance. Admin keep track of changes reduce migration headaches and manage parallel development reduces risk of untraceable changes
  20. 20. System Requirements • SQL Server – Object Hive db needs to be on the same database server as the Siebel server • Oracle – Object Hive needs a db link to the repository db. • Runs on any platform (Windows or Linux) and most browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari)
  21. 21. Certifications for Object Hive 1.1
  22. 22. Are you?
  23. 23. Try it now! http://www.enterprisebeacon.com/testdrives.html 1) Register on our site 2) Launch a test drive 3) Connect using Remote Desktop Client 4) Try Object Hive free for 30 days with Labs Demo sales@enterprisebeacon.com