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Helping implementer dealing with famous siebel based system messages and errors


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Helping implementer dealing with famous siebel based system messages and errors

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Helping implementer dealing with famous siebel based system messages and errors

  1. 1. 1 Helping implementer and tester dealing with famous Siebel - based system messages and errors Written By: Mohammad Altraimat Abstract: this document aims to explain the famous messages and errors that might appear in Siebel - based system, thus helping implementers and tester generally to do their job regarding maintenance, support, and ticketing, the advice and explanation were primarily based on the author opinion and experience, I have mentioned the most probable reason often, note that you might find that some of errors applied not only to Siebel based system but to any system or other parts that have integration with Siebel (for ex: GIS, BI reports...etc.), finally we hope you contact us back to improve this document.
  2. 2. 2 Introduction: the process of system implementation is so critical; demos and training need to be on stable and free from bugs’ environment, this requires implementers make sure everything is fine, so implementers need to know something about these errors and messages, and to react to these errors either by ticketing to developer, refining configuration or even by just little action “like clear cashe, or opining new session”. Understanding how the system works, and what business impeded in system need implementers to get a look into the system and submitting cases, during this rounds one or more of the below messages or errors might appear, thus we tried to put a spot light on most common messages and errors, what the popular cause, and what implementers shall do from their side to deal with. First: some messages and explanations about: (1) Error message: “Siebel Business Applications have a preconfigured session timeout”: For security concerns - to ensure that data is not used by unauthorized person, and because servers at the end have a limit in terms of handling cases, systems show a session timeout alert after not using system for a while, this applies on Siebel based systems, and other system generally, the body of this message and the session limit can be changed by development team as requested. When session is time out take the case No, and make query to drill it down next time and proceed it, note that you can avoid this by being active, or by attention to the alert before session time out said: “Your session is going to expire. Please click OK to extend the session” and clicking ok, the default session time is 15 minutes. (2) Error message: “The selected record was modified from another user”: Sometimes you proceed a case “especially from e-service”, and you find such message at any screen, what happen probably is that you pressed next or previous button once and while loading you gave another action “probably you might pressed the same button again”, thus Siebel will prevent you from proceeding by such message even you back and next.
  3. 3. 3 Siebel perceived your case as trying to modify the value for this intended case from different user in the same time! I know it’s strange as you might be the only user for this case in that time, but Siebel used to give a generalization in such validation, Siebel vanilla have buttons that when you press on don’t have disable action, so when you press again you might give a new value in the same time, which is not accepted logically, so preventing you have a “unity of order” concept to ensure the consistency of data, you can simply take the case No, and make query to drill it down again and proceed it. To avoid this bothering issue permanently, ticket this back to user experience Team and ask them to change the buttons to be disabled as the button is pressed, or ask them to insert a loading page to prevent all actions. (3) Error message: “Received shutdown command, existing”: This error means that the server was shutting down while you worked on the case, thus you can’t do action with not working server, in such case, go to the case No, and copy it, to give it back when server is up. (4) Error message: “The server you are trying to access is either busy or experiencing difficulties. Please close the Web browser, open a new browser window, and try logging in again”: This message can appear in any time “without a trigger from user”, and it happens in either e-service or public sector, generally all the environment are up to development changes, and every time developers want to reflect any change they do compiling, this process looks like doing refresh for something to be up with the changes. All the teams must work in compatibility, and good management is must to assign a specific environment for these teams, thus the interruption will be as less as possible, in average the compilation doesn’t take too much time, but developer must remember to get the service up after each compilation, and to communicate implementers and tester each time he/she do compiling. Segregation of environments is also a key concept here, where QA, Development, and production environments all existed to eliminate such interruption.
  4. 4. 4 (5) Error message: “The responsibility of user %1 does not allow accessing view %2”: Sometimes when you click on one of links or taps, or drill down a case you find this message, in such case the user you choose doesn’t have a responsibility to access the view, recall that to build a system using Siebel you must divide it into a views, thus helping make control on who must see these views and deal with it, the responsibility is a set of views that if given to a user the user can access and deal with, It’s essentially in Siebel- based system to create a responsibilities and assign it to each existing user in logical way that ensure the impeded business, and if no responsibility given to user he will see nothing. Go to site map, and make sure the responsibility given to user have the view mentioned in the message or not, if not add it either in existing responsibility (if view is related to this responsibility), or create a new responsibility, adding this view in, and assign it to the intended user, after all open a new session to access again, and do the same every time you face this issue, don’t forget to add this update to responsibility matrix. (6) Error message: “the value entered in field %2 of buscomp %3 does not match any value in the bounded pick list %1”: This issue may be raised for one or more of the following: A- The value entered does not exist in the drop down menu :Here you have to select the value from the dropdown menu instead of writing the value by yourself B- The value is duplicated in the drop down menu :Contact the development team to investigate the reason for the duplication and eliminate all duplicated records C- The list of value cache is not cleared :Open the application in desired language, go to site map  Administration – Data List of Values then click on the clear cache button. (7) Error message: “This page can’t be displayed”, or “this site can’t be reached”: This issue may be raised for one or more of the following:
  5. 5. 5 A- The web address you entered is not correct, if you take it as copy and paste, make sure you copy it all, and make sure you don’t past it twice, and ask wither the URL you have is correct B- The environment you want to access needs a VPN connection, but you are not connected, thus you need to connect by a VPN simply C- The proxy sittings is not right, ask your system administrator what is the right sittings or have him do it for you, for example: sometimes you need to make “use a proxy server for your LAN” unchecked D- The servers are down, report this to the system administrator E- The sitting in internet option is not adequate, make sure the security level in “trusted site” tap is not high, and ask system administrator about the appropriate sittings needed. (8) Error message: An error has occurred finding your prior place in the system. Please try a new query: Siebel may take some time loading after deleting one record, thus it’s important to wait a little time in such case, what happen probably is that in such loading you might find the record you delete still shown, so you delete it again thinking you didn’t delete it, and then you might get bored so you try to get back then you found this message error. It is normal case, wait, or close the window, open the system in new session, and remind that the key in case of deleting records is to understand the way Siebel is working, which is: the delete takes time just for the first time. (9) Error message: “Your version of the Siebel High Interactivity Framework for IE, required for use of this Siebel application, may not be current”: This message is popular when you run the Siebel based system for first time on internet explorer, to fix this do the following: A- Go to tools  compatibility view sitting  add the URL / then go to tools  internet option  security  site  add the URL, close and open new session
  6. 6. 6 B- If this didn’t work go to internet option  security  custom level and make buttons enabled as system administrator recommended, close and open new session C- If this didn’t work go to tools  internet option  sittings  view objects  delete Siebel high Interactivity framework Files, close and open new session. (10) An error has occurred writing to a record, Please continue or ask your systems administrator to check your application configuration if the file problem persists (SBL-DBC-00111) This issue is usually related to database, and it’s happen for many causes, the issue source could be from database itself or by Siebel development team, but in all cases ticket this issue to Siebel development team so they can investigate and find the issue source. (11) Cannot connect to the server (SBL-EAI-04115) This message is related to server network connectivity issues, this applies on server not be blocked (by fire wall for example), and ensuring all component are working fine, report this to system administrator. (12) The query could not be run because there is an invalid character in the field '%1'. Please ensure that the value in the field is formatted correctly with only valid characters. Missing quotes around the search criteria or unnecessary punctuation will often cause an error (SBL-DAT-00403): This issue may be raised for one or more of the following: A- You may use special characters in your query such as “()”, refine your query and don’t use such characters B- The value retrieved might have special characters, this needs data cleansing, ticket this
  7. 7. 7 C- Other causes related to Timestamp expressions such as “= Today() -3”, make sure you don’t use “-” or “+” after Timestamp expressions. Second: some errors and explanation about: (13) The values are in another language: Everything is ok but all the values and labels are in other language, (for example the values are in English, while the language must be in Arabic as the URL said), this issue might happen because of wrong compilation, contact developer and ask for right compilation. (14) The System is loading without response: Sometimes you find the system loading and loading with very slow or no response, actually the possible reason for such issue is countless, but here are some of them: A- We should recall that Siebel based system becomes too slow when we try to delete some records, this happens once you delete the first record in the session, but you will not face such issue with the other records if you delete again within the same session B- And it may refers to the database itself, especially if cascade delete applied and the record deleted was like parents to other child C- Other reasons like connection error, unstable integration, and sessions limit is also possible (15) Not retrieving the data by ID, or retrieving but you can’t proceed: Sometimes you post The Id No for citizen or organization or license without any data retrieved, actually before doing so you must go back to the profile and check those things: 1- Does the Id exist in the intended profile or database or not? If not it mustn’t retrieve anything 2- Is the status for the object active or not? If not the possible validation might be not retrieving the objects related Info at all
  8. 8. 8 3- Is there a formula for the intended Id? Ask the developer, and try to reveal if match with formula or not, if not it might not retrieve probably, and it would also show a validation message about this too 4- Does the object related to other object not active, and is there any validation on the status of the other related object or not? For example: “in case of permits: is there a validation on owner to be active thus the permit owned can show its Data and we can proceed the case related, or not?” ask developer about such validation if exists, and what profile you should refer to 5- Do we have a type, area, or time validation? If yes what is it, and does it apply on our case. Remember that much of validation can be created in workflow, thus referring to development team is must anyway. (16) Retrieving approximate numeric value, or wrong numeric value: Sometimes you find a numeric value in one of existing profile that does not match with what is retrieved in the case you work on, or in the report, actually the reference in all cases is the database, and value might change as fields take a different format, for example the value 12.65 for length might change to just 12 as it take an integer format in Siebel profile, so ensuring format consistency between the database (database layer) and Siebel profile (business layer) is must. Plus of this, the reports builder might take an individual decision to calculate one value rather than retrieving it from database or Siebel profile, for example the value “stores area” doesn’t always equal to length multiplied by width as stores can take a non-squared shape, this tell us that good communication is the key between developments, analyst, and reports builder. (17) Some values not retrieved as case goes between the users: Sometimes you choose a value and save it, then when you transfer the case to another user you find those values are not retrieved at all, This issue may be raised for one or more of the following:
  9. 9. 9 a- Using a different applets for those different users, ticket the issue and wait for compiling from developer b- Other possible reason is that the intended value is not saved unless we press CTRL+S, in such case call developer to fix this issue. (18) The last design of the screens and other objects are lost: Since many clients focus on user experience, many requests is probable nowadays to change the design of Siebel screens and objects, Siebel vanilla is the raw design that come with Siebel, and CSS file created by the user experience team to change the shape, color, and the font of these objects, when these files is uploaded to the extension folder and after compiling it, we can see the design changes reflected on the environment. The case we are talking about is when the changes is lost after being applied, this actually is directly related to these CSS files we talked about, those files might be updated or even deleted especially after restarting the Siebel gateway, thus the solution is upload these right files again to the intended extension folder. (19) GIS screen is loading without a response: This issue may be raised for one or more of the following: a- GIS URL needs to be added to the host file but it hasn’t been added to, go to “c:WindowsSystem32Driversetchosts” and Make the necessary changes to the file based on system administrator instructions. b- There is an issue in GIS itself, take the token “IE: right click- view source, chrome: right click - inspect”, find the word: “token”, get the URL “beginning from http...”, and report this to GIS team. (20) The map in GIS screen is blank, or some tools are missed: This issue may be raised for one or more of the following: a- The network is so slow, check the network, or Waite little more time; especially if you access the environment through VPN connection. b- The user has not the adequate GIS responsibility, go to Siebel admin screen and assign or reassign the adequate responsibility to the intended user.
  10. 10. 10 (21) The page appeared with wrong layout in IE, and some components are not working: You might login to the system through IE and find the system with wrong layout, or you might find some component have more than its right size and not working too, to solve this: A- Go to tools  compatibility view sittings, and add the URL  close. B- Press F12  go to this icon and downgrade the IE. (22) The report shown with blank fields: The form reports (which is just like a final result for one service) have information about the case submitted, sometimes you see the report show nothing at all, The reason simply is that some required info is lost and the report built to show the intended info just if these values existed, or it’s status was active, so: a- it’s possible that developer didn’t make this value required in the service, and in such case we check with developer and making sure he/she fixed the issue, and the value became required b- It’s also possible that some actions (for example: submitting, approving, canceling…etc.) made this required value null or inactive, in such case we have to check the profile before the probable action and after it, and if we caught the scenario we send it to developer to fix the issue. (23) The QR can’t be read: The issue here that you might not be able to read the QR even it existed, this may be raised for one or more of the following: a- Issue in QR generator: and this is the integration team responsibility to fix this issue b- Inadequate report layout: recall that QR have quarter shape, then if the layout didn’t keep this feature by stretching the QR or the part specified for QR this will made QR unread, ticket this to BI team
  11. 11. 11 (24) Substituted value into one filed in the report: The values in report when tested it should be compared with values entered early in the case, it might be possible that one field have the value of other field (for example: the plate name might have the commercial name value, and vice versa), when tested, I advise to enter a distinctive and representing value in the fields so we can easily trace if the value existed is right or not (for example: we wright commercial name in the commercial name field, and plate name in the plate name field), and if we found converse value we should ticket this to BI team. (25) Null value into one filed in the report: You might find some fields blank in report where it should be filled with values, this actually may be raised for one or more of the following: a- it’s possible that developer didn’t make this value required in the service and we simply didn’t fill it b- if the report field must read something from the profile it’s possible that developer make function to update the value to be null if the user left the field blank in the cases, in such case report this to developer and make sure system retrieve the original value in the profile if it missed not null, or make sure filling this field became required if this was the proper business c- it’s possible that BI developer didn’t assign the value into the specific field, report this to BI developer, and make sure it’s retrieved d- it’s possible that BI developer entered other value which equal to null, report this to him/her, and make sure the value is retrieved well as it entered (26) Strange format value into one of date fields in the report: You might find a date value retrieved in strange format (for example: 1443.1408450704225-01-18), this actually refers to the date configuration in admin screen (for example: if we have Hegira date and Gregorian date used both in the system), go to system administration screen  Hegira date, and update info to match the Hegira date with the Gregorian date. (27) BI Header have been retrieved in the report You might find the report shown with BI Header (Header that contains oracle trade mark and other component and criteria to query by), this issue is matter
  12. 12. 12 because there is a risk that Header might enable unauthorized user to see and inquiry info they shouldn’t be able to see nor inquiry, and also it’s not also acceptable in terms of appearance and GUI, this issue is related to wrong URL provided for this report from the system, so new parameters must be sent again from developers to hide it. (28) The progress bar does not show the right screen: You may find the located screen in the progress bar different than the current screen in the service, in such case ticket this issue to user experience Team, and remember: all issues related to UX Team when fixed, we should clear cash when we test next time. (29) When we sign out and return a session time out message appeared or the system redirect you to other place: The normal case when we sign out is that system direct us to its login page, If system showed a session time out message or redirect you to other system instead this will be because of wrong URL, ticket this to developer.