Installing oracle timesten database On Linux


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Installing oracle timesten database On Linux

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Installing oracle timesten database On Linux

  1. 1. Installing Oracle Times ten In-Memory Database About the Author Osama Mustafa – Oracle ACE, a database specialist, Certified Oracle Professional (10g, 11g), Certified Ethical hacker (Penetration testing), and Sun System Administrator, author of book Oracle Penetration Testing. Publishes many articles, including Oracle database articles in his blog,Fusion Middle Ware and Oracle RAC Documentation, Including to this he is Active Member On Oracle OTN and other Groups. Twitter: @OsamaOracle. G+: Osama Mustafa. Slid-Share: Osama Mustafa. LinkedIn: Blog: Osama Mustafa Page 1
  2. 2. Installing Oracle Times ten In-Memory Database There’s No GUI For Timesten as I know, Therefore this Installation will be done using Command Line Interface, My Operating System Is Oracle Linux 6.4 64bit , TimeSten Version     Download TimeSten Software From OTN Here. 2- Upload the Downloaded file to The Server using FTP. 3- By Default the file will be look like : timesten112260.linux8664.tar.gz 4- Use the Below Command gunzip timesten112260.linux8664.tar.gz tar -xvf timesten112260.linux8664.tar Osama Mustafa Page 2
  3. 3. Installing Oracle Times ten In-Memory Database Start the Installation:- [oracle@TEST-SERVER linux8664]$ ./ NOTE: Each TimesTen installation is identified by a unique instance name. The instance name must be a non-null alphanumeric string, not longer than 255 characters. Please choose an instance name for this installation? [ tt1122 ] Instance name will be 'tt1122'. Is this correct? [ yes ] Of the three components: [1] Client/Server and Data Manager [2] Data Manager Only [3] Client Only Which would you like to install? [ 1 ] 1 Of the following options: [1] /home/oracle [2] /share [3] Specify a location [q] Quit the installation Where would you like to install the tt1122 instance of TimesTen? [ 1 ] /u01/app/TimesTen Where would you like to create the daemon home directory? [ /u01/app/TimesTen/tt1122/info ] The daemon logs will be located in /u01/app/TimesTen/tt1122/info Would you like to specify a different location for the daemon logs? [ no ] Installing into /u01/app/TimesTen/tt1122 ... Uncompressing ... Osama Mustafa Page 3
  4. 4. Installing Oracle Times ten In-Memory Database NOTE: If you are configuring TimesTen for use with Oracle Clusterware, the daemon port number must be the same across all TimesTen installations managed within the same Oracle Clusterware cluster. NOTE: All installations that replicate to each other must use the same daemon port number that is set at installation time. The daemon port number can be verified by running 'ttVersion'. The default port number is 53396. Do you want to use the default port number for the TimesTen daemon? [ yes ] The daemon will run on the default port number (53396). NOTE: For security, we recommend that you restrict access to the TimesTen installation to members of a single OS group. Only members of that OS group will be allowed to perform direct mode connections to TimesTen, and only members of that OS group will be allowed to perform operations that access TimesTen data stores, TimesTen files and shared memory. The OS group defaults to the primary group of the instance administrator. You can default to this group, choose another OS group or you can make this instance world-accessible. If you choose to make this instance world-accessible, all database files and shared memory are readable and writable by all users. Restrict access to the the TimesTen installation to the group 'oinstall'? [ yes ] Please enter a value for TNS_ADMIN (s=skip)? [ ] /u01/app/fmw/Oracle_BI1/network/admin TNS_ADMIN will be set to /u01/app/fmw/Oracle_BI1/network/admin You can change TNS_ADMIN later by running <install_dir>/bin/ttmodinstall. Osama Mustafa Page 4
  5. 5. Installing Oracle Times ten In-Memory Database NOTE: It appears that you are running version 4 or higher of the g++ compiler. TimesTen ships with multiple sets of client libraries and server binaries : one built for compatibility with g++ 3.4.6 and one with g++ 4.1.0. The installer has created links to the 4.1.0 library in the <install_dir>/lib directory and to the 4.1.0 server binary in the <install_dir>/bin directory. If you want to use a different compiler, please modify the links to point to the desired library and server binary. Installing server components ... What is the TCP/IP port number that you want the TimesTen Server to listen on? [ 53397 ] Do you want to install QuickStart and the TimesTen Documentation? [ no ] yes Where would you like to install the quickstart and doc directories (s=skip)? [ /u01/app/TimesTen/tt1122 ] The TimesTen Quickstart applications can take up to 64 Mbytes of disk space. Depending on how your system is configured, you may not want to create the QuickStart DemoDataStore directory in the default location, /u01/app/TimesTen/tt1122/info/DemoDataStore Where would you like to create the DemoDataStore directory? [ /u01/app/TimesTen/tt1122/info ] Creating /u01/app/TimesTen/tt1122/info/DemoDataStore ... Installing client components ... Would you like to use TimesTen Replication with Oracle Clusterware? [ no ] NOTE: The TimesTen daemon startup/shutdown scripts have not been installed. Osama Mustafa Page 5
  6. 6. Installing Oracle Times ten In-Memory Database Run the 'setuproot' script : cd /u01/app/TimesTen/tt1122/bin ./setuproot -install This will move the TimesTen startup script into its appropriate location. The startup script is currently located here : '/u01/app/TimesTen/tt1122/startup/tt_tt1122'. The Quickstart home page can be accessed here : '/u01/app/TimesTen/tt1122/quickstart/index.html' The Release Notes are located here : '/u01/app/TimesTen/tt1122/README.html' Starting the daemon ... TimesTen Daemon startup OK. End of TimesTen installation. Thank you Osama Mustafa Osama Mustafa Page 6