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Greta Doçi - WikiAcademy Albania


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"The goal of Wiki Academy is to improve the quality and quantity of online content on Albanian Culture to better represent Albania to the world.

The WikiAcademy will bring together active online citizens and content experts and help them develop into skilled editors to write high quality articles and source high quality photos regarding Albania in categories such as culture, heritage, social issues, geography, institutions, economy and tourism."

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Greta Doçi - WikiAcademy Albania

  1. 1. About Wikipedia ● Internet encyclopedia ● Collaboratively edited, multilingual, free ● Supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation
  2. 2. The Wikipedia Community ● Volunteers worldwide collaboratively write Wikipedia's articles ● 30 million articles 4.4 million articles in English ● 287 languages, including Albanian ● Mobile version and apps
  3. 3. Wikipedia and why it is important: ● a massive funnel of open knowledge ● access for all races, genders, social and economic classes ● published using Creative Commons licenses ● information/knowledge sharing
  4. 4. Wikipedia in Albanian ● started on October 12, 2003 ● contains 50,271 articles ● 57,611 registered users ● albanian Wikipedia is the 63rd largest Wikipedia
  5. 5. Wikipedia in Albanian: why work on it? Quantity we need more articles Quality 'ë' & 'ç' missing few photos and multimedia per article generally short articles
  6. 6. What can we do to change this? ?
  7. 7. WikiAkademia Shqiptare
  8. 8. WikiAkademia Shqiptare a tour of presentations and workshops to universities, high schools, NGOs, public administration, cultural organizations and to every place that can host these activities in Albania and not only.
  9. 9. WikiAkademia Shqiptare: goals ● promote the importance of open knowledge projects such as Wikipedia ● improve the quality and quantity of online content of articles related to Albania through... ● higher number of contributors ● better representation of Albanian culture and heritage
  10. 10. WikiAkademia Shqiptare (pilot project) Activities so far:
  11. 11. Wikipedia workshop at Open Labs
  12. 12. Wikipedia workshop at Open Labs
  13. 13. WikiAkademia pilot program Universiteti Shtetëror i Tetovës
  14. 14. WikiAkademia pilot program Tetovo High School
  15. 15. Ahmet Dakli Hight School, Elbasan
  16. 16. Jusuf Puka, Durres
  17. 17. Aleksander Moisiu University, Durres
  18. 18. @Radio Travel
  19. 19. Kostandin Kristoforidhi Hight School , Elbasan
  20. 20. Contacts Emails ● ● Website