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Presentation online2010


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Presentation online2010

  1. 1. ‘Wiki Loves Bieb’The power of collaboration between libraries and Wikimedia Karolien Selhorst Online Information 2010
  2. 2. Wiki Loves Bieb: what?• Goal: a project that aims to set up a structural collaboration between Wikimedia Netherlands and the sector of Dutch public libraries.• Partners: the Association Wikimedia Nederland, the Dutch Association of Public Libraries (VOB) and the public library of Vlissingen.• Start: January 2010; end: January 2011.
  3. 3. Wiki Loves Bieb: why?• Few online resources provoke as much controversy in the library community as Wikipedia. Some librarians hate it and say it cannot be trusted. Others love it, because it is fast, easy to use, and a good starting point for reference work. Consequently, there is no clear understanding amongst librarians about what to do with this popular virtual encyclopedia.• In order to overcome these prejudices, ‘Wiki loves Bieb’ has been launched.
  4. 4. Wiki Loves Bieb: focus• The project focuses on three themes: – media literacy or the use of Wikipedia in education; – cultural heritage or how libraries and other local heritage partners can improve the quality of the information in Wikipedia and how they can add collections; – the digital library or the library as reference point in Wikipedia.
  5. 5. Theme 1: Media literacy• Project results: – workshops/information meetings for secondary school teachers about Wikipedia; – guest lectures for secondary school pupils about the use of Wikipedia; – post project workshops for ‘mediacoaches’ on how to work with the project products.
  6. 6. Theme 2: Cultural heritage• Projects results: – a high quality Wikipedia article on Vlissingen (made with local partners and people in Vlissingen); – information meetings for local heritage institutions about how they can make their collections visible on Wikipedia; – research report on how library collections can be made visible in Wikipedia.
  7. 7. Theme 3: The digital library as reference point in Wikipedia • Project results: – Research report on the public library as virtual reference point in Wikipedia – An alternative to Al@din?
  8. 8. Wiki Loves Bieb: how?• In order to reach the project goals, a pilot project has been set up in the public library of Vlissingen during which the project products will be developed that all Dutch public libraries can use in het future.• Limitation: public libraries should be able to adopt the project products and use them in their own local context.
  9. 9. Wiki Loves Bieb: effects• In the long term, this collaboration will: – strengthen relationships between public libraries and schools, between public libraries and local heritage partners; – lead to a better visibility of (library) collections and expertise in Wikipedia; – raise people’s awareness about the use of Wikimedia’s digital knowledge products, of Wikimedia and about the use of free licenses;
  10. 10. Wiki Loves Bieb: effects• In the long term, this collaboration will: – increase the quantity and thereby the quality of contributions (critical mass) on Wikipedia; – raise awareness about the use of Wikipedia in education; – strengthen the relationship between libraries and international partners in the knowledge commons – ….
  11. 11. Wiki Loves Bieb: project status
  12. 12. Wiki Loves Bieb: future• Presentation of project results on national public libraries conference in December 2010.• Post project support: how and who?• Share experiences and project results in an international context (all products will be made available under a cc license).
  13. 13. Questions or more information? Project blog: Wiki Loves Bieb on Twitter: